Make it go away 😖

Hi everyone! I hope you’re well ❤️ This post is a far cry from my usual optimistic self because I’ve caught a bad dose of the flu that is bordering on pneumonia (my sister has caught haemophilus influenzae so we’re guessing what the rest of us have is along the same strain). I’m eating healthily + getting my 2 litres of water a day and yet it seems to change nothing.

My body wants me to rest so that I can fight it off but I can’t get any sleep because it’s difficult to breathe through my nose and when I try breathe through my mouth air builds up and triggers my acid reflux making me feel pukey with heartburn. These last 6 nights have been terrible with only 3 hours of shut-eye when added up and I’m exhausted because of it.

I’ve taken to napping in the day as it’s far easier to breathe then but with the other symptoms it’s still very difficult. My family and I were given medicine which will fingers crossed help in the long run (update: I have a high temperature since starting on the meds, maybe because my body is finally fighting it? 🙏).

I’m desperate for relief from it. PLEASE comment with any tips/remedies for a particularly bad dose of the flu (nothing acidic as that triggers the reflux!) especially for the blocked nose side of things as that is what’s keeping me awake at night 🌃

Any help would be greatly appreciated ❤️ Have a lovely day ✨



  1. Alrighty, here’s Auntie Steph’s remedies to getting better quicker:

    – tea. Drink a LOT of tea. It keeps you hydrated and tastes good. Herbal teas are caffeine free, so stick with those. Also, Green Tea. Drink that with some lemon or honey.

    – Soups. Chicken noodle is a big on in the US, but find a soup that’s jam packed with veggies and protein to keep you full of all the good things that your body needs to fight off your illness.

    -Water. You’re already hydrating, but you really can’t have enough water when you’re sick. Especially since you’ll be spending a lot of time sleeping. That will dehydrate you because you can’t sleep and drink at the same time.

    – heavy duty meds. If you’re bordering on pneumonia, you might need more than over the counter meds you can buy in the shops. If you’re getting better on your own, then don’t worry, but if you don’t see improvement, you should see a doctor. Pneumonia is NO JOKE.

    – rest. You may feel like all you’re doing is sleeping, but it’s what your body needs to fight off what you’ve got brewing inside you. Give in to the sleep. Sleeeeeeep.

    Hope this helps!

    XO Steph

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    1. You’re a star!! Thank you so much for all of these tips, I will make a start on them by getting a good night’s sleep. Since writing this post and receiving ideas I’m already on the mend so this might be what I need to kick it to the kerb for good. Thank you so much! ❤️

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