Hi everyone! I’m Elsie LMC, an 18 year old Londoner living in Ireland! I have always loved to write whatever comes into my mind and I dream of one day being an author and enthralling readers all over the world! 

I started my blog back in December 2016 originally wanting to get my writing out there, but I came to realize blogging is also a way to take my mind away from my Undiagnosed Chronic Illness which I would love to spread awareness about and help people in similar situations! 💗

I hope I can make you smile through my writing and my blog can be a place for you to escape into! 

Follow me for randomness, positivity, poetry/stories, hauls and a good laugh! 

I post to my blog every second day so come say hi! 👋😉

Copyright © 2017 by Elsie LMC.  All rights reserved. 


  1. i get your blog. i am disabled. m.e .asperger syndrome list health issues
    do not be afraid too say how you are feeling .why.,you talk people listen
    understand be aware like of your UN diagnosed problem
    i do a blog http;//mark-kent.webs.com

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  2. Heyy Elsie! 🙂 Your blog is so lovely and positive; it’s making me smile and earlier I was feeling so unmotivated. Thank you for just having such a wonderful site xx

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