My favourite YouTubers!

Hi everyone! How is your weekend going? (That is if it is the weekend where you are aswell? 😂🙈). Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite YouTubers at the moment! I don’t know if this list will introduce you to some unfamiliar faces as I don’t get to dive below the surface of YouTube as it eats up my credit being on it full stop 😂 these YouTubers may not all be hidden but they are indeed gems! I hope you like them too and we can have a lil chat about them!

Jaack Maate

The first video I watched by Jack was his review of Zoella’s advent calendar last week after hearing word of how funny it was on social media. I think he is hilarious and although I feel like I’m slighty betraying Zoe in saying it, I’m certainly not going to lie about it! Jack said what the majority were and still are thinking in regards to the controversy surrounding the product as a whole whilst it in no way made me less of a fan of Zoella 😂 His videos are extremely engaging and truthful and as strange as it may sound I’m glad that he chose this time to review a sticky subject or else I wouldn’t have found him!

Mel Mercer

Mel’s videos are incredibly aesthetic! I love her style and am just captivated by the amount of work (for example, visual effects) that goes into her channel. My favourite videos by Mel are her fashion lookbooks as she has a very unique style yet wears it in a way that intrigues you to do the same thing.

Titanic Sinclair/Mars Argo/Poppy

How do I explain these three? Well, I first saw a video of Poppy being viewed on Vlogglebox (which is the YouTube version of Googlebox where we basically watch other people watch tv highlights of the week on the TV themselves if you didn’t know already 😂 I’m a fan of Googlebox and although I don’t watch every single episode I enjoy the ones that I do! Anywho back to the post! 😂). They showed a clip of a video by poppy where she said “I’m Poppy” on repeat until it engrained itself in your brain and the people watching were slightly unnerved by the whole experience whereas I immediately wanted to find more out about the mysterious Poppy. I can’t possibly explain all there is to know about her, especially since the videos can be interpreted in so many different ways but I think they are about how the character who is a popstar has sold her life choices away on a record deal and is slowly retreating further away from her real self allowing us to worry for her safety (but of course this is only my opinion! 🙈😂) Each of her videos kind of mirrors the personalities of the people we view as celebrities today. There is something that can be taken away with you from every single video and they are for some reason very relaxing as well as hypnotic and eery.

Titanic sinclair directs Poppy’s videos and has a channel of his own that also has some interesting content that makes you really think about the world we live in.

Although I know less about her and she is no longer in the scene, I can honestly say that I have a little obsession with Mars Argo 😂 I truly believe that her characters story links in with Poppy’s, not only judging by the references in Poppy’s videos but in a lot of other things that match up but are too difficult to think of as it all kind of makes your brain want to go on a retreat away from being so suspicious 😂 Mars used to make videos and music with Titanic (my favourite is “Using You”!!) and was quiet similar to Poppy in the way she acted. I think that Poppy was her replacement but is beginning to see stardom is not all it’s cracked up to be but it’s too late and her story may take a matching route as Mars did in leaving when she had the chance as it all became too much pressure. These three have been in my YouTube life for a long time now and have opened a door in my mind that I had no idea existed 😂 (for me this is the shortest description I could do of them! 😂).

Those Rosie Days

I found Rosie’s channel only the other day and I was gradually making my way through her videos before I realized what I was doing… binge watching YouTube!? Using up my credit!?..and then I thought MEH it’s worth it! 😂 Her videos are lovely, relaxing and down to earth. On the day I discovered her channel I tweeted about her and she replied too! 😆 (Thus proving the lovely and down to earth part! 😂).

Demi Donnelly

I can’t remember when I found Demi’s channel but I know that after the first video I watched I hit subscribe without a moments hesitation! 😂 She opens each video with a welcoming “hi cherubs!” which immediately let’s you know you’re in the right place 😂 and is then her usual self in making me laugh as well as listen to her posts that are on a more serious level. I love YouTubers that have the ability to make you feel as though they are in the same room as you and also want you to feel that way as if you are more than just their fans.

My sister Kate

Back when Kate started her channel she did makeup videos and then had to stop for a while because of college whereupon she decided to return doing videos that are for everyone and anyone and show a lot more of her personality. My favourite video of hers is her Pie – wild thoughts parody which now means I don’t sing the original version of the song anymore as Kate’s one is extremely funny 😂 Kate has also started vlogging which you can check out HERE! 💕


I’ve mentioned before that my sister and I grew up watching the fictional character Fred Figglehorns videos 🙈😂 his high pitched voice never annoyed us, it just made us do our own little sketches copying him and to this day we still quote him for a laugh and have kept the videos we saved to our PlayStation. When we discovered Fred he had been going for years and little did we know he would still be going for a while and have his own movies but now his videos have stopped (let me know if this somehow isn’t true! 😆😂). I now follow Lucas Cruikshank’s channel (who was Fred) and also his younger brother Jacob too (who looks exactly like him 😂).

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 Do you like any of these YouTubers too? And are there any YouTubers you think are worth me loosing the rest of my data over? 😂 Let me know and have a lovely day!


  1. I LOVE MEL MERCER also,yes,there’s this youtuber called HelloXrYANwho is hilarious,do check him out.Also,i realised i’ve written the same blogpost on my blog too!I’d be glad if you’d check it out and show some love huehue<3

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    1. 😂😂 I will check out her videos! (I’m sure I’ve come across her profile on Twitter before but never thought to find out what kind of content she has up! 😂) Thank you for reading! 😄💕

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