MORE things I’ve been up to in isolation!

Why hello there 😉 How are you keeping? ❤️ I saw that you guys really enjoyed the post where I told you about what I’ve been up to in isolation and since then I have done MORE stuff so I’m coming back at ya with another post. I feel like I’ve lost so many days due to my chronic pain and so this is what I got up to directly before it really set in.

Before I get into the post I just want to say that these are ideas for what to do if you’re bored but in the mood to do something. It’s great if you are being productive right now but it’s also completely okay if you’re not feeling up to it (heck, I’m not right now as things have gone downhill since I compiled both of these lists). Even when I was well and able there were times when I either just wanted to lounge back with no intentions or I craved productivity but mentally couldn’t bring myself to do anything, it’s an undescribable feeling but I reckon I’m not the only one experiencing it so yeah, try not to put yourself down for the way that you’re coping.

You are doing the best that you can given the current circumstances. We’re all going to find it difficult to adjust to life after all of this, let alone now so don’t feel like not being productive during this time will dampen your chances of returning to the “norm”. As even when this is all over there will still be preventative measures in place, Your un-productiveness won’t hold you back (I hope that makes sense 🤔). Let’s get on with it! 😂

Video calls!

I came up with the idea for my sister and I to have a video call baking session with our aunt and so it’s going to happen tomorrow on Zoom!! We’re so excited and can’t wait 😄 The plan is to make Brookies! (They are a combination of brownies and cookies and if you haven’t already done so then you NEED to check them out 🙌😋).

Yesterday was my first time using Zoom as we called our aunt to plan what to make and what I will say is that I’ve always thought that half the fun of a video call is realizing that I can see someone in another country at this exact moment in time but noooooo that’s not always the case when your call lags and you can hear words but the person on the other end of the call isn’t speaking anymore 🙈😂Hopefully this problem doesn’t persist into our baking sesh tomorrow but I suppose we’ll be focusing on the task at hand anyway 🤷 Wish me luck as I think we might make it into a competition! Mum and dad will judge ours and my uncle and Nana will test my aunt 🏆 Things have just gotten serious 😂


Both the crossword kind and the finicky pieces you fit together type but mostly the latter of the two 😂 A friend sent me a BuzzFeed quiz on what activity I should do in isolation and I ended up getting “puzzles” which must have been a surefire hint to get around to finishing the one my sister and I started a week or so ago 😂

Doing eye exercises

Before isolation started I was due to have an eye test because my eyesight is continuing to rapidly decrease but it had to be cancelled so I have decided to do as much as I can to strengthen those muscles! I’m working hard on them and hope to notice a difference somewhere down the line 👀🙌

Listening to Music

I listen to music almost every night (the only nights that I don’t are when my mp3 dies and I forget to charge it…in fact I need to right now! Daytime rolls round and I tend to forget 😂). Check out my feel good playlist to see a lot of the songs that I listen to the most (even though that post is from 3 years ago, old habits die hard 🤷😂). I also have an exciting post very soon about my favourite music from a certain point in time that I’m looking forward to sharing with you! ✨

Painting my arm 🎨

I remember being so excited to write about this in my April Favourite’s and now that time has passed us by 😵😂 I’ve got loads more designs that I want to try out, I just need to be in the mood for it again! You know about my unhealthy relationship with phases, this blog has seen me through them and remained the one constant thing that I won’t give up anytime soon 🙌😂

Gotten back into Netflix 🍿

At the moment I’m just scanning through a couple of things but I haven’t stuck to anything in particular. Tbh I thought I’d be more obsessed with it, maybe I would be if I could watch via my laptop by my phone has the data so this is the way it’s gonna be 🤷 I always want something until I actually have it 😂 On that note, have you got any recommendations on what I should watch?

I used my punching bag for a while

It hasn’t gotten much use since I received it but I’m looking forward to when I can get my gloves back on and release some pent up frustration (I didn’t realize how much anger I actually have within me until I took that first hit 😳😂). I don’t like this emoji for some reason: 😳. It’s really irritating me 😦…I might just print it out and stick it to the punch bag 💭😂 isn’t it weird to think that you might be what someone else thinks of when they hit a punch bag? Poor emoji! Now all I feel for it is pity 😔

Listening to a travel podcast or two as well as going on virtual tours in order to escape ✨

I wrote a post on ways to see the sights whilst indoors and in it I shared what podcasts help me to escape and also what I use to go on virtual tours so be sure to give that a read if you’re finding things tough, you never know it might help! 🌍 I’ve also been gathering a bucket list for when this is all over alongside reminiscing about magical memories of places that I hope to revisit one day 🙌

Leafing through a pile of magazines

It’s so nice to have a good magazine to flick through and they can be such a great source of random information too (hey that rhymed! 😂). At the moment I like foodie magazines, one of which gave me the idea for the brookies we will be baking tomorrow! 🤤.

Building card towers

This is such a fun way to pass the time! I wrote a bit about it in my April Favourite’s post alongside sharing on socials and I got told by a few people that they only see this type of thing happen in movies and had no idea that people do it in real life…..I didn’t really know what to say to that after a while of responding, how about: Hi 👋 I’m Lucy, nice to meet you! Now you know someone who does it in reality too 😂 *tries to think of more “surprising” facts but has got nothing to give*

Playing my ukulele

It needs tuning real bad! But I still like to see what I can remember from my heyday 😂 Mostly just Hallelujah, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Chuck Berry but better than the void of nothingness that I thought would seep into my mind as soon as I picked it up 😂 (fun fact: I’m right handed but when I play the ukulele I can only do it left handed, exactly like my dad! 😵).

Spending time with my kids pets

All day everyday! 🤗🐶🐈🐕 I just love Ruby our Labrador, Bertha the cat (who’s starting to actually respond to her name!….when she wants to) and Toby our Cavachon (since our family got their own ones that are more of the cavalier side we’re beginning to think he’s actually a Bichon again though 😂). Have you got any pets? Do you find that they’re helping you through this time? Aren’t they LIFE!?…sorry I got carried away there 😌😂

Working on projects (mostly crafty and not in a sneaky way 👀).

Knitting and soon to be macrame + loom weaving! I can’t wait until my kit arrives 😆 Yesterday I started back at knitting for the first time in YEARS and I’m surprised how it came naturally. Wish I could find the old one I was working on but it’s a long story…Back when I was about to do the leaving cert my sister and I sat out in the garden and she taught me a way to remember one of my geography lesson plans visually by using my knitting as an example of the cotton trade 🙄 (it was all we could find! 😂) amongst other things and when we were finished I’m sure it got put in our spare room but that has been tidied since and guess what? There’s no knitting to be found!

So I’m now using much bigger needles for the required width of the wool and I’m hoping to make a nice thick scarf 🤗😂 It’s kind of a golden ochre shade of wool that is incredibly soft with tendrils that make it difficult to know where the stitches are but I’m making it work! When that runs out I might continue the chain using silver/grey and have a stripe scarf going on but I’m not sure 🤔 I’ll probably just stick to the one colour, I don’t want to put all of my time into it and have any regrets 😂

I attempted collaging 😬

I don’t have an eye for it but that won’t stop me from working on a moodboard for this Summer that I will not only be sharing here but I want to hang it in my room as well if all goes to plan 🙌🌞 Worse case scenario you won’t ever hear about it again 😊😂

Writing using prompts

I’ve really gotten into writing using prompts lately, I find that my mind wanders to create a story a lot faster when I’m given a nudge in the right direction ✍️

Online shopping 😏🛍️

Aside from buying concert tickets in the past I’d never brought anything online before but isolation has brought out a new side in me (I’m not sure if it’s good or bad yet as I swear all of the stuff I’ve gotten so far is essential…. especially the clothes I mention below 😏😂).

Clothing photo shoots 💃

Which you will see very soon 👀 (UPDATE: you can now see it here 😄😂). It’s been a while since I’ve done anything like this, I think there was the time when I got all dressed up for Smol TK Maxx haul and try-on + also the blogging opportunity I had with Bridgewater Shopping Centre! But yeah, this one won’t be as fancy as those because it’s an indoors quarantine style shoot 😂 I can’t tell you how excited I am for it, my style is very much the same as back then but I’m trying to wear more colours throughout Summer so that is what I invested in! 🌞 Watch out for that post, it might be the next one if my indecisiveness doesn’t creep in 😂

Watching YouTube videos that I’ll learn something from 🎓

What I get most pulled in by are philosophy videos which is very different from what I used to enjoy so I think it’s time that I do an updated version of my Favourite YouTubers post. Don’t be surprised if that pops up in your reader next month, you always act like I don’t give you any warning 🙄 *changes mind completely and says absolutely nothing about it* 😂

Sitting on a windowsill and watching the sun go down

I love doing this whenever the mood may take me. These last few evenings I haven’t because it’s either been super breezy outside (despite it being really warm inside), raining like crazy out of the blue or a load of pollen has been floating about like snow and we can’t let it get into the house because of my sister’s allergies.

It’s just so undescribably nice to do and it makes me feel very nostalgic for some reason, I mean LOOK at it 😍 My senses just go crazy, I can hear birds tweeting their little heads off, a light breeze ruffles my hair whilst providing fresh air and I have that breathtaking view…😭 (Look what you’ve done now! You’ve only gone and made me cry 😧😂). My sister and I are planning on getting some sun loungers to lay back on and watch the sun go down each day so yeah, I’m going to be a nervous wreck 🌄

Face masks

I recently got a mint chocolate chip face mask by Revolution and OH MY GOD it’s good. It smells like viennetta ice cream and it’s so tough not to eat it 😓 (I will share more about it in my end of the month favourites of course!). I’ve also been using mud masks and scrubs which are a bit sore but really do draw out impurities so moisturizer sinks in and does a better job! Or at least that’s what I try to convince myself, pain is beauty and the sarcasm is real 😂

Thank you for reading! 😉 I’ve just realised that this post was mostly me giving away what’s in store for this blog regarding posts in the future 😂 I can’t wait until this lengthy flare-up passes so that I can add more stuff to the list such as going on my trampoline (don’t worry I won’t go mad and end up back here in pain, I’m getting better at pacing I’ll have you know! 😂) and maybe camping out in the garden is on the cards too 🤞 just need to get my hands on a tent as we got rid of our old one 🤔😂

Anywho, what have you been up to lately? Don’t be a stranger, let me know! (Okay I only just realized that stranger has the word strange in it 🤦 let me just wallow in embarrassment for the rest of my day and forget about the list of things I could be doing above 😂). I hope you have a lovely day! Take care 💕

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