Blog posts I loved in July!

Hi everyone! How is your day going? It’s that time of the month again!…the end πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ continuing on with the series, today I am going to show you some of my favourite posts from July! As always I love every post I hit the like button on but these are the ones I feel like I took something away from. I am so excited to write them down and have them all in one place so I can come back to read them whenever I want as they are definitely the kind of posts that you know you will read again when you need a boost! I hope you like them as much as I do! πŸ˜†

The Big Leap by Sweetbeliever – This is so inspirational! This post popped up in my reader just when I needed to hear that life is too short to not take that leap in the direction of your dreams. Throughout stages in life like nursery, primary school, secondary school and college there comes a turning point when you must make a move in the unknown direction….I didn’t really follow the straightforward​ route through no choice of my own πŸ˜‚ but in life we are all thrown curve balls, some that we must travel through, some that we can go around and others that we can take that leap from with hope being the only constant. I don’t know about you but after reading Sweetbeliever’s post I feel more inclined to follow my dreams and am surprisingly thrilled by the idea that the fear felt on this journey feels like its worthwhile πŸ˜‚

Of Colours and Emotions by DoodlingPanda –  This poem is so beautiful and entrancing. It tells a story that can be interpreted in many ways and that’s what I love, it’s so magical. As soon as I read it I knew I would put it on this list as although it is sorrowful it calmed me and took me to a corner in my mind where the words made me feel as if I was an observer of what was going on. 

Facing your fears by Emma’s Attic – This post is extremely uplifting and after hearing Emma’s story of not giving up and overcoming her fear I feel like I can do anything! *Goes and conquers a fear, comes back, reads post again and won’t rest until can go off to find another fear to attempt because is so inspired!* πŸ˜‚ Emma encourages us to “make sure we are controlling our fear and not having it control us” and I wholeheartedly believe that! 

A message about equality // tea talk by through my eyes – this post is incredibly motivational in striving to prove to us and others that we are all equal! We may be born with different surroundings but we all deserve the same opportunities and chances of freedom. No one is better than anyone else, someone may have their words heard over yours but that doesn’t mean they are more entitled to respect. This is a must read because it unites us all in trying to provide a better future!

Summer Glow by sarcasticbeautyqueen – this post is what got me in the mood for summer! It’s highly visual and paints the perfect picture of a summers day highlighting the simple things in life that make it what it is. When I went to fetch the link from Batool’s blog I also discovered another of her posts that I now LOVE  Silver Lining .. I couldn’t decide which one to put on my list so I chose both! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Crossroads by SimplisticInsights – this post reminds us that we all start somewhere feeling uncertain about whether or not we are capable. We have to remember that a starting point is a starting point (everyone who seeks an opportunity has a chance at coming out the other side) and yes we must plan for the future but more importantly live in the now as the time we are inhabiting is all that we have even the slightest control over at the moment. Read this post as my description does not do it justice! πŸ˜‚

Thank you for reading! πŸ˜‰πŸ’— This is when I politely shove you in the direction of the blogs linked above πŸ€—πŸ˜‚ GO CHECK THEM OUT! and be sure to leave them a comment! hope you have an amazing day!


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