Where did the bloggers go?

Hi everyone! I hope you’re well ❤️ A while ago I noticed that loads of bloggers I used to interact with have disappeared off the face of the Earth (just me being dramatic there but it’s partly true! 😂). Many have deleted their blogs whilst others might possibly come back 🤞It’s been on my mind in a nostalgic kind of way so I thought I’d write something about it.

It’s like that game you play when you pass people in the street and wonder what kind of a life they live. I look back on these past friendships + acquaintances and wonder where they are now, what drove them away and if they ever think of their blog anymore. Maybe they want to come back but feel like too much time has passed or that they don’t have the same ability to write as they used to.

All bloggers have lives alongside this other world we create, some probably stop blogging and don’t give it a second thought but I think a lot are pulled away by other responsibilities and wish that things had been different.

Back when I created my blog I was surrounded by certain faces and never did I once think that there would come a time when I’d be the last one typing (unless they’ve created a different blog, in which case I will find you…sure we all know why they left my stalkerish self 🙌😂).

It’s just weird that so many are gone and kinda sad but I guess that’s life. People walk in and out (virtually speaking here 😂) creating space for new faces that I appreciate all the more because of the fact that they could very well leave too.

Many of them left a lasting impact with their work and I would have liked to hear more of it as those words weren’t gibberish, they meant something to myself and countless others. I wish they could have continued to be heard.

I feel like things held a different vibe back then and a lot has changed without these bloggers even if they didn’t think (+ continue to believe) that their absence would be noticed, I’m feeling it enough to write about it. They helped shape who I am through their honesty, positive thoughts and support.

Perhaps there’s a chance that someone who used to blog is reading this and is unsure about whether or not they made a difference, you did (Even if it wasn’t planned). You haven’t been forgotten and if you decide not to reappear then know you left a mark on someone out there and be proud of yourself. Thank you for sharing your mind’s thoughts and I wish you the best of luck on all of your future ventures 💫 (hopefully one of your endeavors will involve coming back one day).

Have you ever lost contact with blogging friends? Also if you haven’t blogged in a while I’d love to know your opinion from that other perspective! Thank you for taking the time to read this, take care and have a lovely day ❤️



  1. That makes me so sad, I totally understand what you mean. I had a nice reconnection with a lady that used to blog way back in the day on Instagram! I was so happy to see hear, never ever met her but I felt like she was an old friend. It’s crazy!

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  2. I often wonder the same thing and what happened to the bloggers I used to talk to. They seem to be dropping off the WP planet like flies. On Instagram, I DM’d a couple of them and gave them my contact info, but they didn’t reach out to me after I took a hiatus from IG. I hope that they choose to come back, and that they remember that they were supported and appreciated by fellow bloggers. Some said they were bullied, and were forced to delete their blogs, which I think is incredibly sad. I think it is really sweet that you put your thoughts out into the universe. Your blog post resonated with me on so many levels! 😊💕

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    1. It’s so sad isn’t it? Hopefully those that want to come back will one day. Aww that’s so upsetting that they were bullied 😡 I hope that it doesn’t put them off returning. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment lovely! ✨❤️

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      1. The people I talked to were mostly adults. It doesn’t just affect kids and teens; anyone can fall prey to bullying. It’s such a shame that a place like WP would attract bullies. Honestly, WP is one of the most positive platforms I’ve been on, compared to other social media sites.

        Yes, I really hope that they return to WP one day. Deep down, I also hope that they will remember us and find us. I often think about them, and send positive thoughts into the universe hoping that maybe they will pick up on this vibe. Silly isn’t it? I figure that there’s nothing to lose by trying at least. Have a wonderful day, and Happy Monday! 🧘‍♀️🌱

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      2. Yeah bullying isn’t limited to a single age range, loads are targeted by jealous people. It definitely is very positive on here, I’ve had more good come my way than bad and that helps to ignore the horrible people but not always. I like to think that they will remember us, I bet they do pick up on the positive vibes sent their way 💫 thank you!! Hope you have a wonderful day too ❤️

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  3. A week ago I was feeling so bad, so anxious and low and while I deactivated my FB and stuff I thought leaving everything. Then I thought of how happy blogging makes me and that people would miss me so no I will never leave it. Taking a break is okay and I believe in quality over quantity. I also miss some bloggers who don’t blog anymore. Such a great post! Thank you for sharing ❤️

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    1. Oh my goodness would have hated it if you had left!! 😩 So happy to hear you say you will never leave now as you make this such a lovely experience through your posts and support. Thank you!! ❤️Xx

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  4. It seems blogging, like life, ebbs and flows…Since I first started blogging 7 years ago, I’ve created 7 different WordPress blogs (that doesn’t include career, leadership development, and mindfulness blogs I created inside of IBM during my 20 years there). While I try to stay regular, I also listen for what I need and follow my energy. I don’t plan to go anywhere and hope you don’t either!

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    1. Yes it is very important to listen to what your mind is trying to tell you and when a break is needed. I’m glad to hear you’re not going anywhere! ✨ Thank you so much 😄❤️


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