Tips: How to Get Out of a Blogging Rut! 

Hi everyone! How are you today? I’ve been wanting to write another post that might be of help to other bloggers since my Blogging Tips That Really Work so I thought: why not some tips for what to do when you are stuck for things to write about?! (Mouthful! 😬😂). It can be extremely worrying when you haven’t got a clue what to post and you want to be a consistent blogger yet at the same time don’t want to post for the sake of it and not be proud of your work, so I hope my tips can help you jump right out of your blogging rut!

Look to award and tag posts!

Find a question that you think would be fun to elongate your answer into a full on post. I did this with my Bedtime, A routine of sorts post as I felt like my answer to the question “do you have a bedtime routine?” in a previous tag was not long enough and so wanted to dedicate a whole post to it. This is my favourite thing to do when I’m in a blogging rut as you are guaranteed lots of fun writing these posts!

Start a new notebook!

Who doesn’t like the empty pages waiting to be filled with endless possibilities? (Or did I just make it sound creepy? 🙈😂). I find that starting a new notebook to write down blog posts and ideas gets my creativity going again. I am writing in a new one right now! 😂👍

Learn to steer clear of ruts in the first place! (Nearly said rats! 😬😂)

I’m with you on this one! I have to learn to grab inspiration for posts and write it down so I don’t forget it later on (sometimes it can’t be helped though as incredible inspiration comes in the bath… But why would I risk having my notebook fall into the bath? So I leave it in my room 😂 bye bye ideas!). There will never be an endless supply of ideas but preparation is key and all that!

Ask yourself why you’re in a blogging rut!

The answer is bound to be “I don’t know my mind has gone blank!” 😂 But really think about it. What kept you from running out of ideas before? What current situation might you be in that is sucking up all your ideas? Whatever the reason, would you feel comfortable writing about it? If only to get it out of your system, privately or as a post. You might inspire others going through the same thing.

Do not give up! I repeat, do not give up! (Not exactly a tip but bloody relevant!! 😂)

In these moments you not only doubt that you will ever find the inspiration to post to your blog again, but you doubt if you should be blogging at all and contemplate quitting. Remember you are not in the right mindset to be considering such a thing! Think of how Blogging makes you feel when you are not stuck for what to write. How passionate you are about it. If you don’t feel passionate then maybe it isn’t for you but this is not the right time for that decision to be made!

Ignore the endless doubt and never give up!!

Look to a blogger that motivates you!

See that post of theirs you last liked? Why did you like it? Did it make you feel good about yourself? Did you learn something? Did you laugh? (Enough with the questions! 😂) Whatever it was you took away from reading it, that feeling, use it to be motivated to make people feel the same way you felt after reading it! (Tongue tied? 😂).

Look back at your old posts!

What did you enjoy writing? What did people like to read of yours? Once you realize this, read it and try to remember what headspace you were in back then and why you wanted to put it out there in the first place.

Ask your readers what they would like to read!

Going directly to the people who will end up with whatever you publish is a good idea before posting something they might not enjoy at all. I recommend giving a suggestion list for people to choose from, otherwise you will end up writing something you don’t really want to write, in this way it is thereabouts your own idea. Only do this if you have been blogging for a while though as otherwise it looks like you’ve just started and are wanting others to think of stuff for you (people need to know your writing style/personality before they decide what they want to see more of from you).

Look at/do something that inspires you!

Look at photos/pictures, read (I bet you’ll come away with a lightbulb moment 💡 if not an idea for a review! 😂), go outside (or look out the window (poetry in the making! 😂), bake, draw, listen to music and allow yourself to take in whatever thoughts cross your mind.

Do something different!

Beauty blogger? Change it up and let people see another side of you! Book blogger/lifestyle ect do the same! It’s your blog and what you do with it is completely up to you! Don’t feel stuck for what to write because your stuck with one topic.

Put some time into something else!

I got this idea from the “do something that inspires you” tip above (an idea springs from another! 😂). Give some of your time to another hobby (as random as it may be), maybe you need some time to build up something new to write about. At least then you won’t feel like the time you are worrying about your blog is being wasted.

Don’t doubt something you wrote in a different headspace!

Those posts you wrote in the middle of the night and were proud of in that moment, but wondered what the hell you were playing at reading it back in the daytime?…you may think they look silly now but last night you were on to something! 😂 Don’t let it go in the trash with stuff that deserves to be there because your ideas most certainly do not deserve to be there!

Do not get annoyed with yourself!

Sometimes a rut is needed and your mind is begging for a break. In this time, inspiration will build up and soon you won’t be able to stop writing/typing for fear of forgetting your minds glorious ramblings! 😂

Reading this back I most definitely need to take some of my own advice when in a rut 😂 but like my mum just said after asking me if I think I will ever run out of stuff to blog about…. “there is always some !#?* in the world to write about!” 😂….yes mum so true!..thank you? 😂

Thank you for reading! 😉💗 Do you have any tips for bloggers who don’t know what to write at the moment? Comment them and we can all help eachother! I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely day!


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