Why hello there! Welcome to Elsie LMC ✨ I’m Lucy and I created this blog back in 2016. It was originally an escape from my chronic pain but has since grown into so much more! I like to think that my niche is infinity and knows no bounds as things can get pretty random around here and there is something for everyone! I share poems, hauls, bookish thoughts, rants and tips that you didn’t even know you needed in your life (so you’re welcome! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚).

Elsie LMC has allowed me to join an amazing community of people who I now consider to be some of my closest friends and it’s also a huge outlet to express myself creatively.

I am fascinated by memories and the magic that binds them together and I often document them on my blog as well as going on adventures + getting lost in a good book but living to tell the tale πŸ“šπŸ’«

I love to be inspired so I hope I can share that same joy with you! Come say hi in the comments section or alternatively visit my contact page which is collab/PR friendly.

New posts every third day unless it is announced as being otherwise by me.

Current Obsession: Succulents 🌡

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Copyright Β© 2020 by Elsie LMC. All rights reserved.


    1. Hi nice to meet you! πŸ˜„ I’m sorry to hear that you have a chronic illness(s) too and I hope that blogging will help in some way like I find it does for me! Best of luck on your blogging journey! πŸ’—xx

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  1. So happy I found your blog! Chronic illnesses are hard, especially undiagnosed. I spent 6 years before I got a diagnosis of PCOS and was able to understand what was going on with my hormones. I am glad you are raising awareness! I hope they find your diagnosis soon and you are able to understand what is going on.

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