My Top 3 Podcasts for a Rainy Night! ⛈️

Hello and hey to the pumpkins that spice up my day a latte! 🎃 Yeah I’m not entirely ready to let the intro go 😂. I was in the mood to write something cozy and reminiscent of the weather that keeps finding it’s way back out of what I thought was an endless maze (I’d like a refund on those moments of hope where I banish the rain and the sun shines through the clouds please ☺️🌦️🤣). I find that podcasts can be a great source of inspiration, motivation and knowledge so I often have plans to dive into an episode or two. I don’t get to do so a lot because I’m a nighttime listener and the lil voice at the back of my mind kicks in, reminding me that I should be sleeping. It wins with me agreeing that yes, I should be sleeping but then my night owl tendencies take ahold and podcasts are on the list with writing and flicking through recipe magazines (I got a load of festive ones to flick through and I’ve been absorbed in them! 🎄). That’s not to say I don’t have motives behind writing this post tho, oh no! In somewhat budgeting my time (I don’t know why I’m laughing because that’s like a time is money pun 🤣) and not wasting it looking around, I like to have go-to favourites so that I’m not lost on what I will without a doubt click onto ⬆️.

This takes us back to the overall, unrelenting factor at had: the rain! 🌊 Rain takes over and can be all that is heard at times and that’s all good and well (especially at night when it lulls you to sleep 😴) but I also like the idea of welcoming more nature-based thoughts into my mind whilst raindrops hit upon the roof 🌧️. I’ll have the volume up not too high, I want to make out the words but not block out the dulcet tones of the rain (it becomes less tormenting when it’s not all that can be heard) and in a way, it’s like moulding a podcast into your surroundings. It’s not an art but it can feel pretty whimsical being aware of both something trying to take ahold of your attention, learning from that an being entertained but also being mindful of your surroundings. The rain kind of makes me aware that I’m there otherwise it’s like a daydream where you lose sight of reality. The two work well together, podcasts and the rain (even tho I’m hearing myself say this and in daylight hours I couldn’t possibly imagine two things fighting for attention being at all calming. I guess it’s all in a tired state and makes more sense in the middle of the night 🎶🤣). Any-bloody-way, I want to chat about my top 3 podcasts for a rainy night and I think we should jump right in before I steer off topic because I can feel it happening! Let’s start with…….

🌞 Daily Boost 🌜

There’s nothing like midnight motivation. I may not always remember it then next morning but in that moment I feel like I can conquer anything within reason! (It’s the “within reason” that’s holding me back 🤔…don’t mind me, I’m being my own therapist 😂). I’m getting a strong sense that I’ve mentioned this podcast in another blog post at some point but that just goes to show how much of an impact it’s had on me. Episodes of the Daily Boost are SUPER motivational and the host (Scott Smith) has a very listenable approach. It comes across as though he’s speaking specifically to you and that goes a long way in driving home a message. I’ve often gone into listening feeling at a loss or as though I need to be set back on the right path and I’ve left feeling so uplifted. I’ll admit he does go on about his sponsors but it’s easy enough to wind forward and get to the good stuff. If there’s one thing you do today or in fact take away from this post, LISTEN TO THE DAILY BOOST…okay now I sound like I’m part of a cult. I’m in an eerily good mood but I’m of sound mind I tell you! 🤣.

Good Together: Ethical, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Living ♻️

A while back I went on a hunt for podcasts that would teach me more about being kinder to our planet, what myths I’ve fallen for and the truth about everyday items. I’ve learnt so much already and I often go onto the player for just one episode and I’ll be on my third before I know it (they’re not short either so THIS is my bedtime downfall 😂). I’ve tried putting my phone away in my bedside cabinet but then I’m like: what if that teeny tiny sound in the distance was a burglar breaking into the house? Sure if they came upstairs they’d get my sister first and then I’d have to live with the guilt all because I put my phone away and couldn’t call for help 😅….I was there for a moment and I didn’t like it so nope, not happening! 🤣

I want to broaden my horizons and know more, this podcast provides! It’s told me things I didn’t know about ways of life that I’d been associating myself with and that’s not in like a guilt-trip kind of way, the podcast episodes are spoken in a down-to-earth manner and I always know I’ll learn something new and not only want to make a difference, but actually do something about it.

Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran

I’m pretty sure this was the newest out of the 3 but it feels like an old favourite (smooth Lucy, real smooth 🤣). I first became aware of this podcast on the Ellen Show, I was intrigued by an interview with Barbara’s. Her personal story of working hard to get to where she is today, through setbacks and not giving up, intrigued me to seek out her podcast. I’ll admit, I’ve drifted more towards the earlier episodes as I feel like I’m missing out if I skip forward to the new uploads (there are so many!) and the motivation + tips on how to grow a business are a hella inspirational! 🔥😂 I tried taking notes but I’m the sort of person where if you tell me to just take down pointers that I can branch out from later on, I can’t help but think ALL of its important and feel the need to write it down which isn’t the way to go! This caused me to hit pause for a while before it dawned on me that podcasts are for listening, I’ll take in more information than I know. If I write things down (I’ve got to be honest with myself) I’m never going to read it again 🙈🤣. It’s just some part of me thinking I will read back and that my mind will forget the nuggets of wisdom that Barbara shares if I try to hold onto it that way but I’m wrong. Yeah I’ll forget the majority of it but key points that spark a chain of events will cement themselves in place through being a part of that moment 💫. When did it get so difficult to just listen? 😯

..Soooo there we have it! (I reached a pivotal moment of discovery and cut it short by not listening 🤣). Those are 3 podcasts that I think are highly enjoyable + beneficial! They’re not the only ones I listen to but right now, they are my main focus. I tend to only pick one when I’m in the mood and I may not even get through an entire episode before I try to be smart and sleep 💤. For all my joking around, I am really making an effort 🙌😂. My sleep routine is still up and down because I get into silly habits but it’s nowhere near as terrible as it was at the beginning of lockdown last year. If I tell myself to settle down I will, it’s just the getting to that point that is tricky 🤣. Anyway!

I want to thank YOU for reading! ✨✨ Did any of the podcasts catch your eye? (Or should I say ear?). Podcasts are such a neat idea, I’ve never thought about it before really but it’s like a way to rest your eyes and not watch someone talk but still get the information you’d like 💫🎧. Let me know if there’s any similar podcasts to those above that you’d recommend, it can be difficult to find a good podcast that’s not some big name everyone’s talking about. I’d like a real deal suggestion of something that perhaps deserves the recognition that other podcasts are receiving so let. me. know…..😂. Maybe I shouldn’t distance myself from widely recognized podcasts but I just feel like they take over and others don’t get the time of day. Unexpected rant over 🤣.

Check out those beauts if you haven’t already and share your thoughts! 💬💭💬 (I don’t know why I did that but I like it!). Click HERE to read my old podcast recommendations, I was obsessed with that lot and I’ll see you again soon under better-weather circumstances 😂☔. Until then, I hope you have a good week filled with surprises left right and center (all the directions that rain wouldn’t fall!). Stay safe, take care and buh-bye! ✨🌊✨💗💛💗

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    1. Haha 🤣🤣. That sounds like the type of podcast my sister would love! She even watches crime/murder documentaries before she goes to sleep sometimes 😅. I’d be awake nonstop for a year if I did that! 😂

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