My first ever cinquain poem! ✨ A challenge of sorts ⏰

Hello and hey to the pumpkins that spice up my day a latte! 🎃 I hope you’re doing well and that it’s not as rainy where you are as it is here where I am in Ireland 🌧️. For todays post I wanted to try something completely different! I’ve written poetry before (although yes that is questionable at times 🥲) but in this particular instance I wasn’t in the mood for a haiku or an acrostic, I went with something I’d never tried or heard of until I went on a search, a cinquain! 🤯 (a poem with 2 syllables on the first line then 4, 6, 8 and 2 again!).

Maybe they’re a widely known thing and I’m not worldly but I’ll gladly be known as otherworldly if that is the case. It doesn’t end with just deciding I would write one tho, oh no! Stopping there wasn’t enough, as well as trying something new I didn’t want it to be my usual written, revised and dished out poem! I decided to create this cinquain within ten minutes, beginning as soon as I could come up with a theme! 😅 The idea actually kind of thrilled me as I really want to use prompts more often, it would help if they didn’t come from my own imagination tho as I can never decide on what to go with! Well, except this time. The prompt kind of came to me as I wrote the first line which may be considered cheating what with the above rule but I’ll own up to that because I’m very happy with how the whole thing turned out! Here is my cinquain:



don’t be so scared of them.

See a bottomless pool of hope


It looks like a Christmas tree! 😲🎄 That’s the first thing I thought anyway as I’ve got another confession to make……I’ve been thinking way more about Christmas than Halloween and maybe even Winter over Autumn for that matter even tho Fall is my fav (and that line was cringeworthy yet I’m not making any moves to delete it 🙈🤣). Don’t worry tho, you’re still all considered to be the pumpkins that spice up my day a latte (and remember, they’re cute pumpkins! 🎃😂).

Back to the post as I can’t afford to stray from the point of poetry! 😱 Did you guess the theme?? I could lengthen this out and ask you to leave your answers in the comments but then if one person gets it right and I say yes you’ll all know and it’ll be a neverending stream of cheating YES’S 😨 (which doesn’t sound like a word but let it be). No…no…we’ll keep things as they are for the sake of our reputations 🤣. The theme was………….. 🥁…………..🤔





I almost forgot for a second there 😂, it was….EYES! (And when I said YES’S above that could have almost been an anagram and even a clue but it would have been too easy to unlock and I also like how YES’S reminds me of Gollum even if I’m not entirely sure if he said it or not 🤣).

I read that a cinquain is generally meant to tell a story and I guess depending on your perception of it, it does! (There are more detailed guidelines for each line but I decided they were optional and ignored them 😊). With any poem it can be taken a different way by each and every reader so that is like an infinite amount of stories (not that I’m saying I get an infinite amount of readers but you know what I mean. The possibility of how those words can be interpretated is endless depending on where someone’s head is at – PHEW! Nice save 🤣).

So the theme wasn’t Halloween based but the word broken had me thinking about dolls with glass eyes (even though I wasn’t necessarily writing about their eyes exactly, it just added to the overall eeriness I was initially unknowingly trying to set – it was weird when I realized things were being taken down a nightmarish road 😂). Unwavering leads on from that and those eyes not once breaking their gaze. I continued with insinuating that something spooky was going on when I added in scared because it could have possibly made people think that the poem is about something creepy what with the season that we’re in 👻. When I hear the word bottomless, first I think of brunch and then I think about falling and maybe even Alice in Wonderland or something way more sinister (that one clearly had a lot of thoughts going for it). Lastly I was sooooo tempted to put carefree but careless is ominous and foreboding. For all of my eagerness to shape one big metaphor for what we each see through our own eyes as we read on, I wanted to make it end on a note of: uh oh….maybe it is as disturbing as it seems because she could have put carefree, that would have been nicer 😅. Or perhaps it can still morph into something not so upsetting. In reality, in my mind (a Lucy level oxymoron if there ever was one 😂) the true meaning behind it doesn’t have anything to do with something to be terrified of. I’d love to know what you make of it? 💫

SO, the challenge!! Did I succeed in 10 minutes?? I think it was more around 15 because I needed to go to the toilet (tmi but I’m just being honest, I drank too much water but that fed the idea to WRITE! ✨). I’m going to mark that down as a pass anyway because I wasn’t even in the room so I must have done it within if not at exactly 10 when I was so YAY!! 🏆(I wouldn’t dare take that trophy away from me 😅 I wasn’t even breathing during that speech 😂). It’s not bad for a first attempt and under time constraints too if I do say so myself 😌 (that right there was the opposite of modest, class dismissed. But yeah, pat on the back for me because it’s only right to celebrate yourself and not feel bad for doing so 🤷🏽‍♀️🎉😏🤣). I you think the complete opposite and that I’ll willingly give up my pat on the back then you my friend are sorely mistaken 🤺🤣.

Aaannndd that’s it! 😄 Thank you very much for reading! ✨ I thought it’d be fun to leave you a prompt so that you can go ahead and share your own cinquain in the comments section 😆⚡. Your prompt is……….🤔…….🥁…….drum to the roll…….(no that’s not it)….……camera!!!…I feel like a lot of topics can spur on from that like maybe a double life or something being documented, a memory that will forever be treasure or maybe the situation is dire and it cannot be recovered! (You totally dropped that camera on purpose tho 🤣). Has the prompt ignited your imagination?? 💫🧠 The brain emoji weirds me out but it’s kinda Halloween-ey so HOORAY!! I’m really trying to focus on that more than Christmas I swear….😭…..give me a minute or so and I’ll be like: 🧐🤳🏽 🎄. It’s no easy feat! Anyway, I hope you have a really nice day and can get lost in writing a good prompt or two (they’re quite calming! 😂✨). Take care, stay safe and I’ll see you again soon, buh-bye! 💛🧡❤️.

Feel free to check out some of my other poems:

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Farewell for real this time! 🌊

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    1. Glad I’m not the only one who loves Autumn but can’t seem to get Christmas off their mind! 🤣🍁🙌 Don’t want to waste all things autumnal but just feel so festive right now it can’t seem to be helped! 😆🎄 Hope you enjoy both of the seasons! ✨🧡


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