What I’ll miss about Summer 2021 the most! âœ¨ðŸŒž

Hi everyone! 🥰 I hope you’re well! I’m happy to be back with another post, even if it is kinda closing off an era 😭…and now I’m crying so I can’t have been that happy to begin with! 🤣 Let us start with the elephant in the room (in my eyes anyway 👀), I was going to say “what I’ll miss the most about summer 2021” and I don’t know if I ended up going with the grammatically incorrect title instead 🤔 but I didn’t want to put 2021 at the end because I very nearly said 2031 and that creeped me out a fair bit so I decided to close the year off either end and keep an eye on it instead 😅 the future has a tendency to be a scary thing so it had to be done 🙌😂.

I was in a reminiscent mood lately and got to thinking about how quickly Summer is wanting to be left behind so I decided to further distance myself from it by cementing the deal and acting like it’s already gone (something I’ll most likely regret as soon as this post is uploaded 🌞). I planned on writing one of these last year but then it got to be too late so I guess I didn’t enjoy that Summer as much as I feel I did this one huh? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣 Anywho! Here are the things I’ll miss about Summer 2021 the most:

Knowing that the vast majority of Summer was still ahead of me! 😂 This goes for any enjoyable season and all good things must come to an end but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss those early days of excitement at the very beginning! 😔 A lot of rainy days were tolerated to reach the stage of the sun and now it looks like they’re wanting to return 🌧️. That actually leads me onto the next point:

The weather being less unpredictable 🌤️. Yeah there were some downcast days but overall it was bright and it was nice waking up to blue skies that actually stayed. The golden hour would last for much longer too but I know that won’t exactly end in Autumn so I’m very pleased! 🍁 I am scared about the colder months because that weather sets off my chronic pain now and really gets into my bones 😒. With Summer I seemed to face a lot more migraines, it’s like the other parts affected by cold before had been taking my full attention and when the sun came out my body focused on other pain so it still wasn’t a great time for flare-ups but that had nothing to do with the weather so I will miss it being warmer 🌄.

On a lighter note I’ll be sad to see BBQ days behind us as this was the first ever time my family got to experience that but what overpowers the sadness is the pure joy that it happened at all! 😂 I made so many s’mores throughout Summer and they were even better than I’d dreamt they’d be (you can see them in the photo dump I posted 😋). Days spent out in the garden together full of laughter and good food (at times abiding by the 5 second rule if something dropped on the grass 😖😣😩🤣) will never be forgotten. It all feels like such magic looking back and I’m sure powerful moments similar to that can + will occur in the next season too! 🎃

It’ll be hard not to miss the excitement of planning for my family members birthdays which are now all complete (altho I’m waiting for some last bits to arrive for my sister’s birthday which happened last Saturday to do something special for her). Since the main day is now out of the way I can now share with you that the theme I set up was The Last of Us (the kitchen was sporting contrasting iridescent decorations because she loves that stuff too 🤣). I painted a lot of signs and really had fun with hiding the gifts in that apocalyptic world. The day had a lot of hidden surprises and I ended up pretending to be a clicker (a far gone zombie) which could have gone all wrong (I told my family to open the door for my sister when they heard a clap but they forgot the entire plan and I clapped way more than I’d intended to and slammed a door for good measure to get someone’s attention 🤣).

My sister had an amazing time and I don’t want to forget the vibe of the days leading up to/including it because they were like no other! I can’t wait to give her the very last surprise 🎁. I might share the art I painted here in a roundup as I get the feeling I’m going to be doing a lot more painting (it got me in the mood to be all crafty again 🎨😂). My birthday is up next in early November so that definitely makes up for the loss of looking forward to everyone else’s days, I won’t lie 😏🤣.

A cliche thing to say is that I’ll miss the days staying brighter for longer but that’s only because it’s true! 🍃 Of course I’ll love the cozy darker evenings as they show up but it’s just another reminder that Summer won’t be here for much longer.

Last but by no means least, I’ll miss sitting outside on a swing chair beneath the blue sky scattered with clouds or clear with none at all (which reminds me I need to cover up that chair so it’ll get used next year!) whilst my sister played Heart radio and decorated the garden with beautiful flowers 🌼. At the tail end of Spring and beginning of Summer my dad and her built a decked out seating area on the side of our house all carefully constructed/designed by her and if I close my eyes I can recall the feeling of looking forward to it being finished at each stage and just knowing we’d spend so much time out there together enjoying it (ps. We did!).

I’d check on it all whilst the sun set after not feeling up to walking around for so very long and these moments felt even more significant because of that. I’d imagine having s’mores (at that point we were yet to even get the BBQ) and sitting out there being at one with nature 🍃😂. It was all so breathtaking and was made even better by the fact that it came true as it’s easy to think something so wonderful won’t happen, you just need one of those moments where it does to prove you wrong and I reckon that lovingly built space made our Summer! ✨

So these are the things I’ll miss the most about Summer 2021! Obviously there’s more but that’s your lot for today 😝, now it’s your turn! Name one thing you will miss about the season you’re leaving! 🌾☀️🍂❄️

Thank you for reading! 😉 I appreciate that you took the time to do so and I sense we may have bonded on a deeper level when I cried at the very beginning (on a post like this I wasted no time in getting all emotional 🤣). Time went by super fast in Summer (it feels like I only just wrote my Summer bucket list! 🤯) but unlike when that normally happens and a season speeds by, it feels okay because it was jam-packed with good times. Despite the hurdle that the colder seasons will progressively bring, I am very much looking forward to the many more positive things they’ll bring too! 👻🎄 That’s it for today’s post, I loved looking back on those times and wasn’t expecting it to be so damn nostalgic! 💫 I’ll see you all again next Friday but until then I hope you have a great weekend and an even better week thereafter 🌠 stay safe, take care and buh-bye! 🤣💕Xx

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