If we were “having” coffee #10 ☕✨

Howdy!….That opening line might sound random but I’ve been going around saying it a lot for some reason so why not integrate it into blogging life too? 🤣 How are you doing? Are you in the mood for a chat amongst friends? Well it looks like you’re in the right place today because oh my god, me too! 😲😂 It’s been so long since we last “had” coffee together! I think the majority of readers now are new faces so this can be like starting off as we intend to continue and hopefully we’ll get to have more chats like these from here on out like the olden days (that I’m so intent on rediscovering as it all looks so shiny from a pandemic point of view 🤣).

I suppose if you are in fact new to these posts by me I should explain, they basically follow a similar path to other coffee conversations but “having” is in quotation marks because in not being able to actually have coffee, I like to pretend for the sake of appearances in a coffee shop and it’s always fun to insinuate I’m somewhat undercover in hiding this. So yeah, you’re accomplice! Kinda just dragging you down with me there 😏.

Things have been kind of busy lately and there are a couple of updates I’ve wanted to chat with you about, many running on from previous posts so why not do it all in one place!? ☕ This time we’re meeting outside a cafe because I want to (jokes, we’re there because it’s a nice outdoors area during covid 😅 scenic and safe 😂). Everything is spaced out well unlike the places I’ve seen where people are packed together like sardines (who would sit there in a heavily crowded space in non-pandemic days, let alone when we’re in one? The mind boggles 🤯). I miss Costa sooo much and even though irl I can’t have the sugar, with you I’m going to have a large hot chocolate with a lil cup of marshmallows on the side 😍. Think of your favourite cafe and pick a drink, it’s on the house! 💫 Here on this fresh air day, where I like to think the sun is frozen in golden hour we’re “having” coffee and I’d enquire as to what you are drinking?

If we were “having” coffee I’d talk to you about a wonderful new addition to the family!…..We got another dog!! 😆🐶 I know I’m only just after introducing Nina to you (who turned half a year old on Wednesday!) but now we’ve another little girl too, meet Bella! 🥰

You’d think “Poor Toby” who is the oldest surrounded by those two but the girls go off and do their own thing playing and annoying each other in the process so it’s working out well in that he’s happier he doesn’t have to babysit Nina so much. Bella is two years old and hasn’t had the greatest of starts in life so when we got the call from our local shelter last weekend we wanted to meet her even though we’d originally thought Nina the pup would be the last addition to the fold after my dog Ruby passed away. Within 24 hours she was home with us and she’s settled in nicely! There are some crazy moments of course but it feels like she was meant to be here all along and it’s like she senses it too with how loving she’s being so early on. When they’re all sprawled out asleep it’s a silent mission not to wake them up I’ll tell you that much 🤣. When I first planned to write this post I had no idea I’d be writing about a dog called Bella but there you go! Life happens in mysterious ways ✨.

If we were “having” coffee I’d ask if you have any pets? 🦎 We’ve also got Bertha the cat and the only one who hasn’t learnt to stay away from her yet is Nina but she will! Bertha ain’t looking for no friends in the dog department 😂.

If we were “having” coffee I’d share how more than ever before in this whole thing I wish I could be with family overseas. There are loved ones I wish I could comfort in what they’re going through more than just over a phone and events happening that I wish I could be there for. It’s just one of those things but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

If we were “having” coffee I would ask how you’re coping right now? 💗 Sometimes you can be going along feeling okay and then it will hit you. Whether it’s feeling good, bad, someplace in-between or unable to place on the order of things and not really understanding how you feel. Your emotions are valid and I sincerely hope you’re doing okay in all of this 🤗.

If we were “having” coffee I’d say in a quiet tone, hoping I might go unheard out of shame that my succulent plant babies are all over the place in terms of life and death 😬. I have a new cactus and it’s super cute but I can’t look it in the metaphorical eye because it’s seen my aloe and that’s no Spring chicken so it’s kinda like getting a glimpse into your future and that can’t be nice 😅. Here’s the newbie:

I’m going to re-pot my aloe vera plant as soon as I can find a bag of soil mix I got a while back 🤔, fingers crossed that I do find it because I feel so bad for it and all the others that have to look it at! 🤞😂 Here is a post about the original plants I started out with last year! 🌱

If we were “having” coffee I’d ask if you have plants too? 🌵

If we were “having” coffee I’d go off into a trance talking about the plans I’ve in put in place for my sister’s birthday which is coming up next week! 🎉 I don’t think I have been more excited about a birthday than I am right now because so long as it comes together, I’ve can really see some happy tears on the horizon and that’s all I ask for 😂. The bar is set high after what I put together for our parents (she told me so herself 😅..😰) but I think I’ve got the cat in the bag, the poor thing 😂. I wish I could explain the theme more but she might read this so I’ll tell you about it afterwards! 😁🎂

If we were “having” coffee I’d mention that we realized Nina the pup doesn’t have any eyelashes!! I don’t know if that’s a done deal for dogs so young as It’s been a while since we’ve had puppies but it explains why it’s so damn difficult to get hairs put of her eyes. The poor things got nothing stopping them from falling in! Even tho she looks adorable without eyelashes I do hope she grows some so that her eyes are more protected as she gets older.

If we were “having” coffee I would mention that I’ve really been thinking about getting back into bullet journaling! I was looking through past pages and it just came flooding back how much fun it used to be. I don’t know if I could do every month as the reason I drew it to a close is still around (flare-ups of chronic pain in my hands) but perhaps I could do seasonal spreads instead? I don’t know, we’ll see! 💫

If we were “having” coffee I’d love to know whether or not you have a bullet journal + what pages you find useful? For so long now I’ve stuck with a simplistic planner that I don’t even know if any bujo spread I create will see the light of day. Maybe if I get some cute stationery that fear will be brushed underneath the carpet and all will be swell 🤩 (now I’m in another trance feeling compelled to look on Etsy and I’m not even gonna fight it 🤣).

If we are ‘having” coffee, what would you tell me? Thanks for checking in at the cafe that shaped into whatever place we wanted it to be ☕✨ that would make for a great place in real life! 🙌 We’ll see each other again soon but until then I’ll grab a sweet treat for the road (now that I’ve said road I want rocky road! 🍫). I hope you’re having a lovely day! Stay safe, take care and I’ll see you again soon 🌊💗xx

Here are some of our old chats:

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  1. Aw your new puppy is so cute! I wish I had a pet but I don’t. I also don’t have the green thumb to keep plants alive, but my brother is obsessed with plants and has so many!
    I really want to start bullet journaling, but man it’s so daunting I don’t know where to start. I own a journal with dots to start a bullet journal; maybe one day! I hope you get back to it too!

    Such a great update! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! It’s nice to see more and more of her personality shine through. She’s a little gem so it’s sad to think how her original owner treated her so badly and didn’t see that too. Haha your brother sounds like my sister! I have succulents on my window and she has the garden taken over by beautiful flowers 🌼. Oooh the dotted journal will have you doing it in no time! Yeah it can be daunting, I think the best way to tackle that is to jump right in when you have any free time (or if you can’t sleep, I painted in mine one night on a whim and that might have been the theme I enjoyed the most because it was spontaneous and I’d specifically sought it out in that moment). Or even sketching with a pencil holding no intentions of colouring anything in yet as that side of things will be what drives you to keep going so you can add the finishing touches. Thank you very much, I hope you start your one too! 😄💗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s so sad about her past owner, but that’s good she’s found a new home with you guys! 🙂
        Ha! Yes, he has little plants all on his window sill, but if it was up to him I’m sure he’d have a whole room full of them! 😂
        Thanks for the tips. I took it out a few weeks ago and I even started googling inspiration to make spreads… and then I haven’t touched it since. I really want to use it to help me keep track of knitting, but we’ll see if I actually do it! 😊❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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