Recent obsessions of mine! ☺️✨

Hi everyone! How are you doing? 🌟 First of all, why did I feel the need to add “of mine” to the title of this post when who else would the list belong to if I’m writing it?? 😐 Whatever, If we share all of these obsessions then I wanna know so that questioning the workings of my inner mind can make more sense to me 😂 (to be fair, I’d love to know if you’re into any of them actually! If so, you’re good peeps and you heard that here first 😏 you be like..umm thanks? 🤨🤣). Okay so although today’s blog post may sound simple in nature it turned out to be anything but because I had all these ideas and then my mind went blank on me so I guess that means these are the true favourites seeing as they stayed! (Silver linings I guess 😂).

These things don’t really have a time span on them like a monthly favourites would (I don’t even remember me doing them it’s been so long!! I want to get back into them but I’ve also got commitment issues and guess what always wins in the end? 🤔 Not the want, that’s for sure). If I had to guess I’d say I started liking a good few of the things I’m talking about today in the last 3 weeks so this could have been stretched out to a month but I’m not actually writing about what went on in my life that I enjoyed, this is more content related! They could be passing phases but why not document them anyway? 🤷🏽😂. The hype I’ve felt has been building in momentum so I wanna talk about them once and for all! Without further Ado, LET’S DO THIS!


Yeah I just used one of his signature phrases to lead into this and I’m not in the least bit ashamed. I’m a lot a lot of things rn but not that 🤣. My sister and I love watching other people play horror games (even when she plays them I’m the one watching because I just CAN’T). Dashi is the best! His videos have a load of jumpscares in them and his reactions are hilarious 🙌. I think it’s become a daily ritual to find and watch his videos now and I’m not complaining!


This is one of those obsessions that seems to have come out of nowhere! (But seriously tho, who expects to become a fan of something anyway? I think I constantly try think of the moment when but I ain’t gonna find it, I just gotta be glad things are the way there are because I am OBSESSED 🤣). So yeah, sorry for that minor outburst. I don’t know when it came to be that I got into BTS but one things for sure, it was recent so it’s on the list! I guess I’m army now (or maybe it’s not as simple as that 😵)…wait, is it THE army or just army?? I’ve wanted to know since I realized I’m a fan and I guess I’m gonna need to in order to be a true follower (I think too much and make things sound like a cult but oh well, the devil is in the detail! 😂). My favourite song is Mic Drop! It’s sooo good and I’m going to hate myself if I listen to it so much that I end up not liking it anymore but I’ll have to get there first to know if that’s possible 😏🤣.

Until Dawn

This is AMAZING!! Until Dawn is a ps4 game made up of choices and all of the characters are actors/actresses so there are a few recognizable faces such as Hayden Panettiere and Rami Malek. It’s super scary and that’s coming from the person who doesn’t have to hold the controller, my poor sister having to keep it still when the game commands her to do so with me chatting away happy as Larry 🙈😂. There are a load of different ways the story can go depending on the choices you make which can be a hella stressful to say the very least. It’s about keeping all of the characters alive which is difficult when a few are really annoying but the aim is to save them 😅. I’m trying to not watch any videos of people who have done that because I want the outcome to be a full on surprise 🎊. I think in the end we kept 3 of them alive 🤔 and the game let’s you go back to different chapters at the end to alter the course of events which is great, we WILL succeed!…gosh I’m shouting at you a lot today 😂.

New Bastille music!

But that goes without saying, they’re fantastic!!! Any hype I feel for BTS will never match up to Bastille for me, I don’t think anything ever will (not even ABBA and I used to be so crazy about them…okay I feel bad for saying used to be so I suppose I’m still there 😂). Their new track Thelma + Louise is a work of art and is one of those songs that feels nostalgic even tho it’s new 🤣. Despite writing the least about this obsession, it’s the longest running one I’ve ever had at being 8 years strong now and I’m smiling so freaking much over the fact that they exist and I’m on earth at the same time, not that it would stop me otherwise 😅✨. My “commitment issues” clearly have no problem supporting this band 🙌😂.

Joshua Weissman

For all you foodies out there, THIS YouTube channel is what I didn’t know I needed! It started with wanting to find a boba tea recipe but one thing led to another and I have so many different ideas for things to make now…some that I didn’t even know are possible from home really 😂. I also got a boba kit in the end so that initial video isn’t needed now but I digress! I really like the dessert videos he’s done and they keep showing in the feed so I’m forever trying to break away from procrastination but at the same time I’m secretly not wanting to by being on my phone in the first place 😅 (I’ve always been one for long sentences, you’re welcome!). He also has ‘But Better’ videos where he’ll cook stuff from places like McDonald’s but…you guessed it…BETTER. Now I don’t really think places like that can be topped because a big reason why their stuff tastes good is because it’s not homemade but we’ll let him say what he’s gotta say because his foodie creations look pretty amazing! 😋

And there we have it! (I don’t now what “it” is tho 🤔…and I don’t want my brain to focus on Pennywise either so we’ll move on!!). Thank you for reading! 😉 Let’s chat about this lot in the comments, shall we? (Ok no more puns now I’m done 🤣). Have you heard of any of the above…wait that’s a stupid question seeing as you most likely have heard about BTS 😅. My apologies for that travesty of a question. Let me do that again, Are you obsessed about anything that I’m preoccupied with too? (That’s better). Share your thoughts and I hope you’re having a really nice day wherever you are! See you soon, Bye! 🌊✨💗

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