A haiku inspired by the very first book that made me question LIFE! ðŸ§ðŸ¤¯ðŸ’¥ðŸ“š

Breaking point noted

A light beam soaring this way

Comfort is twisted.

Hello again! 😄 How are you lovely people doing today? 💗 Okay, so maybe I should explain myself! Firstly I’ll give a little idea of what haikus are for those of you that may not already know: a haiku is a poem made up of 3 lines. The first line is supposed to have 5 syllables, the second has 7 and the third has 5 again! (Just thought I’d go into that like I normally would with these posts, we be covering all boundaries today 🙌😂).

Next, I know haikus tend to focus on nature (not that I’ve let that stop me in the past from writing about everything other than that 🤣🍃) but I thought that would be overly samey samey with last week’s blog post on climate change and two poems in a row is mad enough as it is 😂. Shameless plug there, head on over to that post and share your thoughts on the ever-changing world around us 🌍✨.

Back to the haiku at hand! It was inspired by a book I read aeons ago…well when I was little anyway and up until last night I couldn’t for the life of me remember it’s name 😓 (….yep this is an infamous last minute blog post 😂). Well now I can tell you after finally figuring it out myself, it’s……..Zero Point Four by Mike A. Lancaster!! (Spoilers ahead ⚡).

From what I can remember it was about a boy becoming stuck in-between the two phases of an alien invasion where time paused and he saw otherworldly beings take ahold of the minds belonging to everybody he knew and loved depicted as a human upgrade. Nobody died, it was just a phase that happened every couple hundred years or so and he’d gotten stuck between the dimensions of it taking place (this is my memory of it and him running around trying to make sense of things + after reading the official plot, I wasn’t far off in my mind although now I remember he wasn’t alone 👀✨).

What he felt was a grief for everything he knew and I think it just had to be accepted in the end because nothing could be done. Over time I think he just disappeared….okay so maybe that is a death 🤔. Come to think of it, the next book had it happen to another character within the next phase of it happening years later. Like an ongoing thing 😵. I recall coming across the first book in the library, reading through it + carefully taking in a reality so different from our own and instantly wanting more before checking out with it so I could become fully engulfed without the prying eyes of passers by (wow that’s a lot of words 😂). You can imagine my surprise to find book two when I returned the first one (lil me was on a roll). I’ve never wanted to re-read a book more than these and I can’t stop thinking about them! I also can’t believe younger me read that and wasn’t as creeped out as I am rn 😂.

When I wrote the haiku I was thinking about how in an alien invasion they’d be on the lookout for weaknesses where they could slot themselves into our being when breaking through the atmosphere to land and subsequently take over (I wouldn’t describe myself as a conspiracy theorist, I’m more so paranoid ☺️🤣). The light beam I envisioned wasn’t something from the book, it’s what I believe happened so quickly nobody saw it whilst their attention was captured elsewhere. In the very last line I had a lot of things on my mind surrounding the story that went down (it felt too real to even BE a story) but I think what stands out the most for “comfort is twisted” is having to finding solace in the fact that some things are inevitable. I’m not saying aliens are coming but in this book they did and nothing could be done about the course of events that occured. I can’t fully remember it all but the boy had to keep on keeping on but also acknowledge the fact that this was how things were, hence: comfort can be twisted!

I actually started writing out this poem first before I went on a Google hunt for Zero Point Four, typing in the most random of keywords because I knew the title involved numbers and I had a gist of the plot itself which has stayed with me ever since (the good books get you like 😲 and never leave 😂). I froze when I read over the summery online and realized what I’d found!! Instantaneously this post turned into less of a search mission asking if you guys have heard of it (which I still wanna know! 🗯️). Now I’m fangirling over the discovery and I can’t believe it took me so long to come across it, I mean I’ve genuinely looked before and then all it took was one night of not settling for no longer knowing for it to reveal itself 🥳 Yay for all things bookish and not so much to my haphazard sleeping patterns 😅😂.

Okay peeps, thanks for reading! 😆 Maybe you’ve read this book or you now want to do so? (I’ve gone and ruined that last part with the spoilers 😶 but not really, because there was a lot more going on in those novels and the second book is a wisp of a memory for me that I’d love to know more about). This is a very one sided relationship tho, if you know something incredible that happens within that second book, please don’t tell me 🙌 I want an element of surprise if I do get to read it again 😂. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below surrounding the first ever book that had a huge impact on you! 💥 Would you consider writing a haiku about it? Fire away and have a lovely day! Take care & I’ll see you again soon 😄💕xx

Here are some more haikus by yours truly:

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