Puddle rings in the summer – A poem about climate change ⚡

Do rainy days mark the end of Summer

With a scar that cannot be undone?

Should thunderous broken stretches of silence be allowed

Or simply forgotten as soon as the moment passes?
It is inconsequential to think about a varied season where this isn't wrong.

Washed away with words about the usual wacky weather to make us feel better

When in reality it's not right.
I yearn for a thesaurus of options because there isn't one answer alone,

so that I can describe what I feel as I watch

a beautiful yet seemingly uncontrollable scene because I know more can be done.
 When a name given to puddles sounds so lavish and rich, why isn't the occasion celebrated?

Maybe because no one will be around to figure it out.

I feel like I can never pull the words from within my mind to voice how certain things get me thinking so when this poem came along I was quick to write it down (especially seeing as I haven’t actually written a poem in so long 🤣). I won’t pretend to know everything about climate change. I’m forever learning more and more. It’s scary because it’s impossible to not see what is going on and so very easy to hear the calm remarks of tHAt’S jUsT tHe IRish WeaThEr (insert wherever you are if elsewhere because it can’t be just here!) when that’s not always the case or at least not anymore when it changes so rapidly from one forecast to another.

Fires, floods and other not so incidental incidents that aren’t as far away as you’d have hoped, not that they’d be wished for at all and this poem highlights something small in comparison to those events but it’s still noticable at the same time. At risk of sounding like a broken record or like I’m fear mongering, I will instead admit that I want to do better.

I want to make better choices and I intend to not hold back on breathing air to these statements and intentions because no harm comes from speaking or acting out on stuff that needs to be said and not ignored. I’m going to make a conscious effort to implement behavior that doesn’t diminish the environment into my life and I’m hoping it will become something that is second nature to me. I also want to become more aware of what is going on and not in a way that makes me fear setting foot outdoors incase I trigger a long line of events (I’m envisioning when Homer Simpson went back in time + that whole butterfly effect thing where he stepped on the bug and nothing was ever the same again 😂).

Part of me has the strong potential to push down any ideas I may have but the me that is showing up today doesn’t feel like something so trivial as a poem can do nothing. Perhaps it will fan a much more positive flame than the aforementioned within others who are the same and have a want for a better future for not only us but also those who don’t have a say or even exist yet. Acknowledgement is key and I’ve always found that putting out these thoughts to the universe not only gives a certain drive to taking impactful steps, no matter how big or small but it also could possibly show others that it’s never too late to do so. Everyone is here for a reason and we can all truly make a difference through showing up in our own unique ways, united ✨.

Thanks for coming along on this journey and reading! I appreciate it and would love to hear your thoughts on the poem + how to approach climate change in a not so all consuming manner (I’ve always thought it’s something that has the possibility to scare people off and I’ll admit, I have occasionally avoided joining in on the conversational side of things because of how it can be approached as either a nothing to worry about kinda thing or too much up the other end with someone implying THE WORLD IS GOING TO END….It could but that just sounds so final and as though nothing can be done. I like a happy medium where I can feel needed and productive 😂🙈.

Of course there are loads of things for people to be stressed about these days but I also believe that this doesn’t have to be worrisome in order for us to do something about it. It surrounds us all in not just the bad times but the good as well, nature’s enchantment is a real motivation in that things don’t have to be at their worst for us to get going. A viewpoint like that can be a ray of light (even on the rainy, thunderous days), bringing people together and seeing that trying is striving. Anyway, I’m not sure what’s a little or a lot but that’s me for today! 🤣 Share your words of wisdom and let’s empower each other to carry out actions that will make a difference, because there’s no reason why they won’t. Stay safe, take care and have a wonderful day people! ⚡💗💗

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