5 reasons to surround yourself with art made easy with Poster Store! ✨

Hi everyone and welcome to a very exciting post! If you know me then you’ll also know how a lot of the things I love such as reading and this blog are powered by a sense of escape and just how magical and outlet that can be (it’s the reason I started on this journey and if you don’t know that then you certainly do now! 🤣) so when I was approached by Poster Store to work on a collaboration I was thrilled! 🙌 There is something for everyone on Poster Store with an endless amount of themes, categories and new collections of posters showcased every Tuesday. From getting lost in the deep green tones of the jungle with nature prints to remembering where you put your ticket for the Hogwarts Express (YES they’ve got prints that capture the immense world of Harry Potter!) all at an affordable price and sustainably printed on high quality paper to boot, what’s not to love?

…I won’t even wait around for an answer because there isn’t one 😏😂. Don’t forget frames too because of course they’ve got them as well in a sophisticated Scandinavian design. Their unique prints even help you to design your very own tailor-made gallery wall 😲. It’s a one stop shop and it didn’t take me long to discover what prints spoke volumes (them all!). I got lost in a void of endless possibilities, already envisioning how I’d display the wonderful pieces I chose!

Feeling super inspired to shout from the rooftops showing you the posters I picked out + why, today I’ll also share with you 5 reasons to surround yourself with art because Poster Store make it so easy to do so! At some point I bet you’ll be up on this rooftop with me raving about what is on offer here and wanting to design your very own space as well (let’s just keep it metaphorical though okay? 😅 We don’t want any accidents from over excitement 🤣). Also, keep on reading for a surprise that will ensure you’ll get your climbing gear on to come up! 🎉 🎉

A lil disclaimer before we begin is that this post is an AD! I was gifted these products by Poster Store in return for an honest review and all opinions expressed today are my own. Gosh I’m excited, let’s do this!

Scrolling through the Poster Store website with ease I was overcome by a sense of wonder due to all the detailed landscapes and quirky finds. Amongst their diverse range of prints and frames I came out on top with a bunch of photogenic scenery posters, four frames (to bring to life an interior area I had in mind) and thought provoking quotes that happen to hold a place in my heart (more on that later! ❤️). Let us begin with a print for all you bloggers out there! 🥁 I present to you, the Creative Process ✨:

Does it sound familiar? 🤣 This print is perfect for a blogging space I’m currently putting together at my desk and I plan on having it up on a whiteboard with a magnet to hold it in place! It will be the key defining piece that ties together that whole space as being where I intend to write. On that note, the first reason to surround yourself with art is because it’s fun! (It really is that simple 😂). The Creative Process poster reminds me not to take things so seriously in what always has the possibility of turning into a stressful endeavour at the flick of a switch. This print unites us all in the hilarious steps it takes to get to hitting publish on a post and instantly changes the mindset of that being a semi annoying thing into something to joke about! It wakes me up to what is important in all of this, enjoying yourself and focusing on the positives! 💫

Next up, I don’t want to keep you out of the loop any longer so I’ll start by showing you a close-up picture of what I picked out to revamp what has been a bare wall for over a year after paying homage to childhood drawings for so long. Then I’ll explain it all alongside sharing what it looks like now in all it’s glory from various angles!

Okay so there was a real thought process behind each piece of wall art I selected, including the frames which are of a great standard! Beginning with the Sailboats at Sunrise picture, this unlocks a vast amount of memories in my mind about being at my local beach where there is an area strikingly similar to this one. I could stare at it for hours on end (which is worrying seeing as it’s new home is as a wall decoration going up our staircase…I’ll try not to fall whilst in a trance! 🤣). It has captured a moment in some far off place that sparks the memory of something close to me and if that’s not magic then I don’t know what is!

Where I live I am surrounded by fields so this Dolomites Highland Cow poster brings that relaxed nature vibe indoors and not only that but it also kind of looks like my dog Toby before a trip to the groomers for his Summer cut 😂. With the next print you can almost hear the seagulls squawking as they soar over the lapping waves and that is exactly what I wanted to occur when in my mind I planned this addition to the wall pictures (this one’s called Seagulls over Ocean!). It allows you to stop and think before carrying on with your day in a much better mindset, especially seeing as I placed it somewhere everyone passes through in the house. Moving on, I’ve never been to Budapest before (now’s a good time to admit that AFTER I got the Budapest Dusk print 😂) but this bold yet grounding by nature poster immediately held my attention. Here is what they look like now that they’re up:

This leads me onto another soapbox moment so up I get 🧍🏽….pictures have the ability to harness a massive source of escapism and there’s nothing wrong with daydreaming so long as your feet stay on the ground (it’s when you defy gravity you should be worried 😂). In keeping with the above statement about pausing for a moment to reflect before carrying on, it goes without saying that there is a mighty sense of calm with each passing piece delivering its own taste of it into the fold. These posters depict a moment frozen in time that almost moves in the breeze as you watch on in amazement. In lockdown and a pandemic in general if we must look at these four walls then why not make them aesthetic with other worlds to dive into? It’s a whole lot less foreboding when you’re surrounded by such beauty! 😍😅

Art can comfort you during these difficult times and it shows that there was a before and there will be an after. You may have been to these places, you can go there now through being given a glimpse into them and you can go there in the future as well. Pick a framed escape and jump right into that destination! Poster Store has shown me through the beauty of these prints that there is hope and that may sound cliche but it doesn’t feel it (so there 😏✨🤣). I’m for sure using some severe manifestation techniques right now in wanting to go to the places these posters highlight (I don’t even know if I’m joking or not 😂). Each piece on what I perceive to be my family’s very own gallery wall is even better than I imagined it would be and well suited to it’s frame. I decided to alternate between two shades when it came to the frames themselves and switch things up in sizing too so that the two A4 picture frames are almost held together either side by the larger (30x40cm) frames. There is a soft finish over both of the walnut frames clear windows which creates a calm haze over the art within and the lighter oak frames have a shine to them that calls attention to the clear blue sea in the Seagulls over Ocean print! 🌊). I’m over the moon with it all!

Perhaps you noticed, these prints are tied together by shades of orange and blue which I dreamt of suiting this part of the house interior and the end result has surpassed those expectations by far! 😍

Now it’s time for two prints I plan on placing beside each other under the theme of travel and adventure! (I’d like an abundance of both please 🍃🥺🤣). It is a goal of mine to one day go sailing and that’s been spurred on by not only my surroundings but also through reading about what the experience is like in the blogging community (it sounds incredible! ⛵). Although I’d more than likely be sporting those “fashionable” seasickness pressure bracelets I still want to make it happen 😂. These posters bring to mind the soul-stirring concept of the great unknown and I love how well the thought-provoking text (called Explore Dream Discover) goes with the scenic view of the boat amongst the waves named Sail!

You’re spoilt for choice with Poster Store, there are whimsical scenes of a seasonal nature full of golden hues, oranges and browns for Autumnal peeps like me 🍁. Think about it, you could have a Winter wonderland wall for Christmas or delicate flowers for Spring. Seasonal representation can really let the great outdoors in and themes can also show off your personality which is what your space should be all about! Don’t even get me started on the Summer themed posters featuring sandy beaches or if your favourite colour is pink or blue (amongst all else) they’ll cater to your needs too with matching prints that would really brighten up any room. Needless to say, these amazing decorations make for great gifts to treat yourself and/or others! 🎁

More quotes are up for discussion now and with both I opted for them to be 13x18cm, a cute postcard size! This Oh baby it’s a wild world print brings me back to the day I went to see my favourite band Bastille live in concert (who have an album called wild world and reference it throughout), that was the night my sister and I waited outside in the rain afterwards to meet the singer Dan Smith and got to do so before returning to a broken down car and having to push it out of the parking lot 😐 but hidden amongst that after the concert we went to get a bite to eat in a cafe a short way down the street where the original song by Cat Stevens strangely began to play! 🤯

Going back to find the car in a right state afterwards didn’t even bring down my mood after that because it all just felt like a memory in the making and as though we were meant to be there for it! This print is a testament to that day and I find myself smiling every time I look at it. When art has the potential to take you back to a crazy yet happy time in your life and bring back a memory you can still put yourself into, you should surround yourself with it! For that reason I’ve chosen to place it alongside the poster up next on a mirror in my room so that it’s always on show 🙌. Now, moving onto the motivational half of the photo above!…

I’ve crossed paths with these sweet words before and I found it gave me the incentive to get up and keep going! ✨ It stuck with me like no other so when I saw “Give it a try” (which is what it’s aptly named) on Poster Store I had to have it! Like the majority of the prints available from them, this piece is super versatile and I can see it being used on a vision board, part of a wall collage (both of these ideas have been on my mind lately! 🤔), stand-alone, framed or unframed. Like I mentioned above, for now I’m placing it on a mirror so it’s there as a daily reminder to never give up on my dreams (if only momentarily so that I can look at + be inspired by it all over again!).

Last but by no means least, I have a thing about places and it is my goal to cultivate a wall full of them, already I have a design of a local town that I love to go to (for privacy reasons I will not be showing it), a print showing the Pink Palace from my favourite film/book Coraline and now I’m adding Summer Sunrise to it, something I like to call an infinity destination! 🤯 This means that I know where the other pieces tell the story of but this wonderful poster is open to being rewritten by my imagination! When I cast my eyes on this work of art my thoughts are unlimited, this is fantastic because as a writer I am forever looking for inspirational prompts.

It’s true that you never fully know when ideas will hit you but they do come in various forms and you can also be aware of something that continuously delivers that spark like a wonderful picture! ⚡ I’ve found that the designs from Poster Store have shown me that you can have scenic art to go to when in need of something that is uplifting for inspirational purposes. I feel like I’ll forever be greatly influenced by this print and it’ll be the driving force behind many a blog post brainstorm. I won’t have to seek out new or as many renditions of that inspirational aha moment with it being right in front of me too! We’ll pop that on the list: Art is the best muse! It inspires you and becomes the fuel behind your passion!

Overall I was delighted with the standard and quality of what I received from Poster Store and I’d highly recommend them for a seamless experience! 🥰 The prints are rich in texture and every fine detail stands out. The frames are robust and I like how there’s an option on the website to alternatively purchase poster hangers if that is what you’d prefer over the traditional frame. It all arrived packaged safely and securely with no damage at all too. Shedding a light on sustainability I’d like to drive home the fact that the wood used in making their posters comes from responsibly managed forests with activity such as short transport routes that minimizes their carbon footprint. It’s a breath of fresh air to know that Poster Store care about our planet as well as represent it’s visual beauty in their products. I personally haven’t encountered a better place than them that offers such a vast array of options in terms of the art itself, sizing and variety of frames all at such a great price!

Do you want to know something exciting? You can get in on the fun too!! Poster Store have kindly given a 40% discount code for my readers which can be used from 16th July to the 2nd of August! Use the code ELSIELMC40 (This is not valid for ‘selection’ posters and frames and isn’t combinable with other discount campaigns) and shop away to your hearts content 💕. A huge thank you to Poster Store for this wonderful opportunity, you guys should for sure go check them out, it’s well worth a look and you’ll be amazed by what you find!

Here’s a quick recap of why you should surround yourself with art:

  • Because art can bring back memories!
  • You can let the great outdoors in + show off your personality with themes!
  • Art is a fantastic muse! It’ll inspire you to no end.
  • There’s nothing like escaping into a mesmerizing picture.
  • And above all, it’s fun!

Thanks for reading guys!! I appreciate you taking the time to do so and hope you’ve come away from this in the mood to spruce up your space with the great prints on offer! ✨ I’ll see you soon with another exciting post but until then, you know what to do: Get in the comments and let me know what your favourite poster is from Poster Store featured today! It’s too difficult for me to decide so I’ll give you full control over the matter and find myself free to go off into a trance looking at them all 😵😂. Stay safe, take care and I hope you have a lovely weekend! 💗Xx

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