If we were “having” coffee – Bloggers edition! ✨☕ #9

Hello everyone! How are you keeping? I hope you’re doing well and are in the mood for a nice, relaxing post! Today we’re going back to those classic community chats where I would pretend to have coffee in order to fit in because I can’t actually drink it 😣. Beside me right now I have tea that is almost cold as I forgot about it but it will have to do! (Start as you intend to go on and all that jazz 🙌😌😂).

I have a bit of blogging stuff I’d love to have a natter about and why not do so with like-minded individuals? It’ll be in a similar style to past chats but I’ve decided not to link them in because they feel like they’re from another lifetime: before coronavirus! We’ll get that time back but at the moment this feels like starting afresh 🍃.

I’d really like to make a thing of these chats again because they’ve always been super fun. I honestly thought I’d already done a bloggers edition but this is actually the first 😵. These are for everyone, you don’t even have to be a blogger: for you it turns into more of a news based post cause I’ve got a LOT to announce! 📰 Sit back and relax 😂.

You’d think I’d wanna be in a cafe somewhere or a mystical venue someplace else as seems to be the usual theme but today we’re keeping it simple!…..In the shade of a huge willow tree, wise beyond our years coated with green leaves all over, glowing golden beneath the sun up above (this is as simple as it’s going to get 😂). I’ve decided to abandon my cold tea for a glass of iced water….and that’s still meant to be disguised as coffee?? We won’t think too deeply into it 😅. We’re “having” a bloggers coffee rendezvous and I just told you:

That I’ve skipped a monthly favourite’s post!! 😲 I won’t make any assumptions that people might have noticed because it’s early days in March and I could still write it, but honestly? I don’t plan on it 🙈😂. It’s crazy to me because I didn’t think I would miss any of those posts but it turned out to be a choice not to write for February! 😕

It just didn’t feel natural whenever I tried, slightly forced and then I found I didn’t really want to be putting out there what had brought me joy as that can be such a delicate thing. It can get to a point sometimes where you want to keep the good stuff to yourself, not only in isolation. People always say it’s the horrible things you keep under wraps but it can be the nice stuff too when you just want that for yourself and that is okay! 💕

If we were “having” coffee I’d ask you if there’s ever been a blog series you’ve missed additions to yourself? Did it make you stop entirely or did you keep going afterwards? I used to love writing monthly favourite’s but I think I’ve gotten to a point where they’re not as enjoyable in lockdown. Somewhere down the line when we’re out of this I could return but for now I don’t want to take note of things, I just want to experience them!

If we were “having” coffee I’d tell you that a big piece of news from me is when I use up all the media space here I’ve decided the next step will be WordPress premium!! This is a big deal because for so long I convinced myself I have to go self-hosted because that’s the direction I’ve seen others go down. Right now I can’t personally see the benefits I’d be able to reap from self-hosting compared to what premium has to offer. I want to keep the support WordPress gives and I’m not able to give my all to the design process so I’d be happy with the extra media space and change of scenery that comes with it! 🏞️ I’m excited when before it all felt daunting so we’ll see how it goes at a later date! 😄

If we were “having” coffee I’d ask: What platform do you use to blog? I’ve always been with WordPress and kept at it with this blog although I know of others who have changed their names and/or entire site before in order to start over again. There’s truly an interesting journey to look back on within every blogger! ✨

If we were “having” coffee I would let you in on a lil secret! Back when I shared my blogging plans I mentioned an idea I had about hosting blogger meetings, lemme refresh you memory…..even if you weren’t there 😂:

The only hint I can think of without giving the game away is that these meetings would be held in a less daunting fashion so they’d hopefully bring people out of their comfort zones enough to turn up but also be a step inside that so that you’ll be proud of yourself afterwards 💫 (it makes sense in my mind I swear 😵😂).

I am steadily putting more thought to this and looking at how it would become a reality!! Maybe one day you will be joining in on these mysterious meetings! 💭🌠

If we were “having” coffee I’d be dying to know whether or not your blog has opened the door to any other ventures in your life? I think with hard work and dedication it could happen to anybody, the sky is the limit unless you’re going to space 🚀 then it’s a whole lot further! 🌌😂.

If we were “having” coffee we’d shine a lot on how series have come and gone with this blog (many are being revived like this one tho…or maybe just this 😅😂) and I’ve got more on the way! This has come to fruition because I’m learning new things and unearthing what it is that I am passionate about. There’s also loads of ideas I just want to try out so we’ll see how that goes! 💫

If we were “having” coffee I’d love to know if you write any series and what your fav out of them all is!

If we were “having” coffee I would share with you how I’m determined to have a blogging space! 🙌 This’ll be my desk which at the moment is a drop off point for anything that enters my room 🙄 but I just know it could be made to work and kept at a cozy corner standard that unleashes the words within! 😲😂 Naturally I’d still blog wherever the mood takes me like I mentioned in my blogging essentials post but it would be lovely to have a space for that as well. Just so long as it’s not too cozy! 💤😴 Do you have or want a blogging creativity space? 🎨

If we were “having” coffee, what would you tell me? Any news you want to share or thoughts on blogging alongside everything going on in the world right now? Lets keep the conversation going in the comments below! 🗯️. Thanks for joining in on this chat, have a good day (I hope the sun gets involved ☀️) and I’ll see you very soon! ✨💕

In the meantime, check out my previous post: Sorting out my sleep routine! (I’m really trying 😌💤)



  1. If we were “having” coffee I would tell you I enjoy using WordPress, the personal plan for now. I have definitely started a series or two that simmered out on their own including a travel series mostly because there hasn’t been any travel! But now you’ve kind of motivated me to go back and write about more places I’ve been in the past. So thanks for that! Love this idea 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve often thought about bloggers who dedicated posts to travel and how that has been put on hold! 🌎 Ahhh that’s incredible, it most definitely doesn’t have to be a closed subject when there are so many memories traveling has given you 🙌. I hope voicing those thoughts comes naturally and you enjoy a walk down various memory lanes 🍃✨ Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! 💕


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