It’s all going to be okay…I’ve got Coraline candles now 😌 – a haul! 😍

Hello! 😊 How are you on this “fine” day? ✨ (It doesn’t deserve to be without the quotation marks because tis raining…it’s not fine and sarcasm is the only way through 😂). I’m smitten today because I get to write about something that really excites me! Yet again that sounds like writing doesn’t usually get me like this but for good reason this feels significantly better and heightens that seemingly un-heightenable mood (new word alert excuses any red lines that may or may not appear beneath that 😂). Unless you’ve already seen these over on Etsy, you’re about to witness beauty in it’s purest form, feast your eyes:…

Avert your gaze if at all possible. I gave into temptation and recently purchased a load of Coraline candles I’ve had my eye on for a long time and I’ve never be as un-disapointed as I am right now (I could say satisfied but un-disapointed makes you think whether or not I’m saying it right and that’s what it’s all about, I keep your mind active if anything else 😂).

In the past I’ve held back on lighting beautifully scented candles because I didn’t want to waste them but nowadays I just go for stuff, what’s the point of having it if not to use + enjoy it?? (The eternal question I ask my past self 😑). You can stare at it but it’s probably glaring back at you, we must use these things for their true purpose!

Now, where to start when the listings are equal parts amazing?? Let’s go for the one that calls bluff on that last sentence, my favourite candle is called the Other Mother and it’s by Beautifullynovel (it won’t let me link the shops so copy and paste if something takes your fancy 🌠). I was actually given an extra 4 oz for free with the two scents I ordered by way of two pots as opposed to one per candle 😆 (I’m making no sense with explaining this but I heard the word extra and things just went up from there 🌈).

When I first saw that there was a vanilla poundcake candle my quizzical side took ahold and I questioned what this has got to do with my beloved Coraline 🤔 but then it clicked: It sounds exactly like something the other mother would bake to entice Coraline to come back to her 😲. In that moment of initial confusion which didn’t last long tbh (it’s associated with my fav thing, sounds like it’s good enough to eat and ships here) I knew I was gonna get it! 👏

Let me tell you something…it smells of biscuits 🤤🍪. No joke! It’s that type of unexplainable goodness that shouldn’t be in the form of something you cannot eat because I want to. Everything about this candle is perfect, the scent is unique and at a whole other level than any other candle I’ve ever crossed paths with (you don’t have to take my word, I’m no candle connoisseur, but you do need this in your life! 🙌). Also, the button eyes ontop are CUTE (I’ve only lit one of the two poundcake pots so far and I was amazed to see the lil black buttons melt away 😍).

Blueberry cobbler is next because its the another candle from Beautifullynovel (blue with silver glitter sprinkles in the photo up above) and I’m really trying to be neat today. From this same shop I was also given three samples of tealights revolving around various novels (yes this was the best day of my life 🙌😂).

Now it’s the mango milkshake candle by Mysteriesofmayhem. If you want to see a close up of this beauty that has to be done as a short gif, I’ve put it over in my insta story/saved to product highlights so have a look there (I was in no mood for intricate details when I took the group shot 😂). Now that you’ve done that, can we just have a moment of silence to acknowledge this candle before I ruin it and carry on………….thank you. It deserved that. It’s a blue molten pool of glitter, I mean, come on!! 😌

I think, no, I KNOW that it was Coraline that made me try my first mango milkshake and I’ve never looked back (except just then when I was recalling that time 😶). This was the first candle I came across out of all on this list and my very first order out of the bunch too 😄. I also got given a freebie in the form of a peach wax melt which screams summer in the sweetest way so I’ll most likely be slapping it on my wishlist (fancy way of saying shopping list there because if you want anything in this life you gotta get it yourself I tell you 🙄 my birthdays too far away now 😂).

I can’t stop looking at the glittery outside, it’s so captivating 😵. The candle itself smells like coconut and then the mango hits you! I’m pretty sure I had it lit for a good while the other day but even that didn’t make it noticably lose itself volume-wise, that’s high quality ⭐😂.

Banana nut bread is another recipe I could envision the other mother baking 🍌. It’s from Cinematic Candle Co. and is very nice, not as powerful as the others but I don’t know if I’d like it to be on that level because banana can get a bit sick and overbearing even if the baked element does add something different into the fold. With this being toned down and mellow I find it perfect! It’s one I’d use if I didn’t want to notice a scent too much but clean the air with a calming atmos at the same time.

And last but most definitely not least (I can prove it!) is blueberry cheesecake 😍 from Luna Love by Corinna. This one was advertised as smelling like Coraline’s hair and not to sound creepy but I like to think it does (sure it adds something to the viewers experience like 4D 😂). I will say that the ink on the sticker does come off very easily (I was wondering why there were dark fingerprints inside on the wax 🤔…they were mine and my hands were a bit of a mess 😅), but when the candle itself is so beautiful, that doesn’t even matter!! ✨

I absolutely love it! Originally I thought it had a slight vinegar smell to it but once lit that highlighted the blueberry and the combination was just bellissimo 😘 (YAY! go Google mic, you got it. Now just understand me when I speak my native tongue which equates to the rest of this post 😐 I only wanna go back for the basics 😂).

So what do you think!? My Coraline doll got in on the action and was a neat addition to each photo like a lil model! 💃 Anything you’ve got your eye on? I can only find one more etsy shop that ships (keep saying that) and I’m thinking of using this stuff up first before going ahead and ordering from there! The prices/cost on these wracked up quite a bit with delivery charge but with wanting them for so long & not feeling good I thought why not? I want them, I’ll get them and I’ll save them because they’re too good (no! 😓 I’m not like that anymore…or at the very least I’m trying! 😂).

Thanks for checking this post out! It was a load of fun to chat about my haul, I’ve been sat here sniffing them for all the details 😌. Okay so one more question cause I just realized the fragrances are all edible 🙈: what foodie scent listed above would you take with you to a desert island? It’d most likely be your last ever dessert so no pressure 🏝️ who ever heard of being rescued? 😂. We should do a desert island themed post actually! But yeah, for now I leave you with that and not ramble on (I won’t run before I can walk….and I almost said that the other way round, I’m tired 🤦). I’ll see you soon, have a lovely day, take care ✨❤️

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    1. Ahh cheers! 🤣 It all does Coraline justice, I’m amazed by how interconnected the fragrances come across despite being so loosely tied to the film. I’d recommend them all but most definitely the vanilla poundcake, it’s incredible! 🙌✨💞

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