Do you wanna know the song that creeps me out? 😩

Hey! 😊…do I sound standoffish to you? It might be down to the fact that this post is all kinds of wrong 😌. Let’s start over, Hello! How are you today? 💕 Today I’m popping on to share the song that creeps me out! (And I killed the mood again 😂). Believe it or not this is actually a touchy subject for me so I’mma let it out into the universe, digest it alongside you in the form a chat (umm yum? 😅) and then be on my not-so-merry way!

I’ve never really thought into the song that creeps me out before because I’d rather just block it out 😂. For once I’ve decided I’ll let you in first before I block it out as that seems like a productive way of going about things 🙄. I’m guessing there’s a song out there that has a lot of people feeling a particular way so with that in mind this might be more relatable than it may seem at first glance.

Okay here we go………the sound that creeps me out more than anything else I’ve heard before is…








I Get Around by The Beach Boys 😂.




No joke! 🙈 I can vividly remember it playing when I was younger, it wasn’t the first time I’d heard it and yet I sat there feeling upset thinking this song really creeps me out. It makes me feel like something bad is happening/going to happen for some reason. I think the tune is slightly allusive despite the lyrics not meaning to be that way. It’s not a bad song that’s the thing that got me back then and still does to this day. It’s a legendary tune if you’re into that sort of thing or into a lot of things 😂 but I just can’t seem to shake how unnerved I feel when I hear it.

Simply put: I just really don’t like that song + it makes me feel very uneasy for some reason 😶.

I even feel like putting it out into the universe via my blog it is somehow doing something to tarnish this space….okay maybe that’s being a bit dramatic but you can’t overlook these things 😌. In the past when I’ve been going towards an event that turns out bad, I’ll sense it within and lately it occured to me that this is a very similar feeling to that. In this context it’s luckily a gut feeling that can be placed further away at arms length so that is what I’ve done. Why torment yourself with something that can otherwise be ignored?….well I’m not doing that great a job seeing as I’m sat here writing about it 😌😂.

Either way I thought it would be interesting to know: are there any songs that cause you distress? Maybe there’s a deep meaning behind it and something occured whilst I heard this song years ago, I don’t know and I’m not sure if I’d like to 😐. Let me into your mind in an unobtrusive way and share those niggling thoughts! 😂 (But of course don’t do it if those memories are detrimental to your well-being, this is all done in jest 💞). Thank you for checking out this post, I’ll be back soon with a post focusing on a decidedly more positive subject and I will catch you then! 🌊 Take care and have a wonderful day ✨❤️.

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