Hello 2021! Would you like me to take your coat? 😅 It’s time for intentions! âœ¨

Hello everybody! 💞 We are now a couple of days into the new year but this is my first post so I couldn’t let it go by, I had to do something to acknowledge it in a positive manner 💫. In a recent discussion I spoke of how I’m not setting any new year’s resolutions but that doesn’t mean I can’t have intentions now does it? 😏. I think it’s always good to start the year with good intentions even if you don’t realise that you do have them, this year I’m choosing to take notice of what should always be there regardless of what year I’m entering.

Before I get into this I’d just like to draw attention to the fact that the majority of this post came to fruition with the help of the Google speaker function where I talk and it types for me so if this all comes across differently than other posts it’s because I’m chatting away quite randomly (like 😲😂) and have popped back to add those much needed emojis that I cannot function without and other bits and pieces. I will explain about why I’ve done that in another post but for now I hope you enjoy this one! 👏

It’s going to be a very mindful post in that I originally wrote down general ideas but I’m going to add more as I go along and see where it takes us because I know through speaking out loud those extra ideas will come (🤞😂). The other day I was asked what my intentions are and I instantly thought it sounded far better than resolutions it might even have pushed me further into deciding I wouldn’t set resolutions back then (hate to say it but maybe I am impressionable 😅NOOOO 😬😂).

My perception of intentions is not something you set and revisit later on like I would normally do with a bucket list or past resolutions. With these the idea is to put them out into the universe but deep down they’ll stay as opposed to solely on surface level. It’d be nice if they could happen as I know that even with just simple things like the following points, 2021 could be made great no matter what difficult things come our way 🍀.

The driving force behind these thoughts is of course motivation for a better year but also the realisation of what I’d usually unintentionally bring forward with me. It’s nice to acknowledge these ideas for once in a different manner (as I’ll admit, they are similar to past goals) and to see that even though things are different I can still try to go forward with the same mindset. Let’s get on with it, here are my intentions for 2021 read out in an affirmation like manner because they will happen goddamnit! I’m going to:

• Live in the moment but at the same time have stuff to look forward to like I mentioned here in this post about how to start the new year properly!

• Believe that things can get better when the times are tough because you are too! ⚡ I don’t physically feel strong but I don’t say I’m not because that strength shows in other ways through even just gracing the world with my presence….😴 And I’m gone again 😂.

• Treat yourself – Run away from the idea that you don’t deserve it! Everyone is going through something at the moment, not only a pandemic but maybe stuff that has continued alongside it or occured as a result. Don’t you deserve something nice after that? If you’re stuck, the answer is yes 🙌😊😂.

• Pace (I probably should have put them that one first because without that I don’t know if the other ones will work 😂).

• Dream! What’s wrong with having your head in the clouds as long as you physically remain grounded in those moments and check in from time to time to know that you’re not being robbed 💰😂.

• Let positivity guide the way but be realistic about it (this is another one from that post above, I’m basically thriving off of those ideas 😂).

• Grow and when possible and you know something could do you well, don’t say no! Be open to change and any opportunities that may come you’re way.

• I don’t like the saying live everyday like it will be your last because of flare-ups make it feel like they will be and they leave me unable to so instead I’m going to change it it and say that it’s ok to acknowledge that tomorrow could be better after all it is a second chance!

Thank you very much for reading, it means a lot that you took the time to do so and I hope you can also maybe take away some ideas of intentions for yourself! What are your intentions for 2021? ✨ I know they will come true! This is one of those lists that you just know will always be added to but there’s nothing wrong with that as it’s a positive list and if there’s anything we need more of it’s that. So that’s me off take care and I’ll see you very soon with another post where I’ll be speaking into my phone as opposed to typing into it. Farewell! 😌😂✨❤️

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  1. Love this! Beautiful, mindful list 🥰 I’m also going to try and live more in the moment! I’m a sucker for a plan and course but having something to look forward to at the same time, as you put it, might just be the answer! Thanks for sharing 😊 x

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