This or That Tag: Festive Edition! ðŸŽ„

Why hello there my little workshop elves 💚 (okay that’s slightly demeaning I take it back, I just wanted a festive opening line 😌😂). Today I’m sharing a post that I didn’t get to upload last year because of that break I went on when I was unwell! I’ve updated bits and pieces that I thought could do with some tweaking but the majority could stay the same because I know I sure have in festive terms 😏😂. Oh wait I haven’t told you what it is yet, it’s a festive this or that tag!! 🎅 Even though the title already said it I had to announce it again because if a missed opportunity can be avoided in 2020 I’m going to make it happen 😅.

Ever since I started typing this post there has been a question at the forefront of my mind: How have I not already done this!? 😯 It seems like the obvious choice for past editions of 12 days of xmas (in 2017 & 2018) but apparently I like to make things difficult for myself by the looks of stepping past good options (NOT ANYMORE! 🙌 This is nice and easygoing 😂). Let’s get on with it:…

Eggnog or hot cocoa

I’ve never tried eggnog before so hot cocoa all the way! Does eggnog have raw egg? Because if it does, I’m judging 🤢.

Real tree or fake tree

Fake tree because the real thing would set off my sister’s allergies 🤧. It would be nice to have a fake tree that truly looks like a real one tho! 😍

Gingerbread or sugar cookie

I’m in the mood for gingerbread after making some flavoured fudge the other day! 😋

Classic candy canes or rainbow candy canes

They have to be classic when it comes to Christmas! I’m sure I’ve seen rainbow ones before but they don’t make me feel festive, they scream birthday to me for some reason 🎉.

Angel topper or star topper

We’ve always had a choice between one of two angels for as long as I can remember and the heart of the tree is George’s star (in my memory of my eldest sister who passed away ⭐).

White lights or multicolored lights

Last year I said: Multicolored lights as I can use white lights any time of the year with my fairylights but I only get out the multicolored ones around this time of year! I’m different this time round because I just love the simplicity of plain same coloured lights now! (And I’m not settling purely because it’s what we have at the moment I swear 🙌😂).

Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé

I think I’m gonna go with Michael Bublé as he has a load of Christmas covers as opposed to the sole Mariah Carey one that circulates around Christmas (no matter how much I love All I Want For Christmas Is You! 😂). She probably has loads more but you don’t hear them unless you search! 😌

2019 me: Since seeing Michael Bublé live I have wanted to get his Christmas CD but you know when you don’t want it it’s everywhere and when you do it’s nowhere to be found? Yeah, that’s the situation! 😂…..that was last year talk, I now have the CD!!! But I kinda lost it 😑. I don’t understand myself. Its got to be stored away with my other CD’s waiting for this moment and I WILL to find it! 🎶

Green Christmas tree or white Christmas tree

GREEN! 🎄 White trees are pretty but for the main tree I think it has to be green as that has all the seasonal vibes 🙌. By saying “main” I insinuate we have more than one but no! 😂 I wanted to get a small one for our kitchen but it’s too late now…maybe some tinsel could be thrown around out there to space out the festive feeling as we mostly go between there and the sitting room (glitter strands would probably end up in food knowing our luck 😂).

Snow or no snow ❄️

No snow as I don’t fancy getting snowed in again like THIS time! 😶 (Even tho that wasn’t Christmas, the fear is still there 😂). I used to want for snow but the cold has been getting to me more than it used to so no thank you! (If I be kind about it then maybe mother nature will listen 😅).

Giving gifts or getting them

I don’t know why I was so confused about this before but I said: By “getting” them do you mean buying/making them? I LOVE the whole process of deciding what to get friends/family (no matter how difficult it can sometimes be! My recent stocking fillers gift guide + tips post helps 👈😏). As goody two shoes as it sounds I prefer giving gifts as opposed to receiving them as it’s lovely to see people’s reactions to what you think they’d like + if I can’t see their reaction it’s just nice to let them know that you want to get them something 💫

…Past me sounds nice 😂. Looking back I see that getting means receiving but what I said still stands! Yeah I love being surprised but nothing feels as good as getting something right for somebody else (thats a lot of “somes’, one too many in fact 😂).

Christmas movies or Christmas music 🎶

Last year I was weird and said: Movies! 🍿 Music holds a lot of memories for me but films are great to get lost in and I don’t care if they’re not the well known ones. Sometimes the best movies are those that nobody has heard about.

Well maybe not that weird because I do enjoy never-heard of before festive films but nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to an Xmas bop 🎶. HERE are my favourites!

Christmas Eve or Christmas day

Christmas Eve because the run-up to the big day just feels magical! I wish the feeling could be bottled up ✨ (I wouldn’t sell it, I’d show off about it instead 😂).

Snowmen or reindeer

Reindeer, because they’re so cute! I get all excited thining of them flying through the sky & landing on the roof 😍. Snowmen are a bit creepy like scarecrows and Doctor Who cybermen (…wow that escalated. Those poor snowmen, who wants to be compared to an alien? 😂).

The Grinch or buddy the elf

I’ll go with the Elf because that whole movie is just hilarious 😂. I never used to pay attention to the plot but last Christmas I sat and watched it with my sister and its brilliant! She’s since got it on dvd so I’ll probably be as clued up on all the lines like she is soon enough 😌😂. Its weird there’s not an elf emoji 🤔.

Snow angels or snowmen building

Snowmen building! ☃️ One year when I was little the only carrots we could find had been roasted so our snowman looked a bit worse for wear with a smashed in nose 😂.

Sledding or skiing

I think I’ve tried sledding in our garden before but neither of the two properly 🤔 I’d love to try skiing! 🎿. It looks fun if your legs can stay facing straight ahead or else SNAP 😐 I’mma put myself off everything on my long-term bucket list by the time this pandemic has gone away and there will be nothing to do 😂.

Ugly xmas sweaters or matching PJ’s

Ugly Xmas sweaters as they last longer whereas if you buy a pair of pajamas they will be worn down by next year which I know isn’t the point but I’m just trying to be practical! 😂 (I KnOw It DepEndS on tHe bRanD 🙄. That’s my reluctant voice where I try to see another point of view, it’s not very convincing is it? 😂).

Peppermint or salted caramel

Before I said: Salted caramel 🤤. But right now I’d like some peppermint 😍.

Garland or wreath

2019: Wreath! Hopefully by the time this post goes up we will have put ours on the front door (we did and this year I made my own one through the floristry workshop I’m doing! You can see it HERE 👀).

Eating cooking’s or baking them

Baking them! I’d enjoy eating them a lot more if I wasn’t the one baking them as by then I’ve seen what’s gone into the mix and am kinda sick of the whole idea 😂.

Thank you for reading! 😉 I’m glad I didn’t post this last year because I got to add some updates here and there plus notice what has changed since then ✨ (if only I could build up posts like that in my drafts folder, it would be so much fun! I don’t have the knack for such a commitment 😂). Pick out some of the above and let me know your answers are! Have a wonderfully festive day you bunch of candy canes (wait a minute, that’s even worse 😐😔 no time for apologies, I gotta go! 😂) 🎄💚.

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