My Winter Bucket List 2020! ❄️

Hello! 💙 How are you doing? Before I begin I’d just like to mention that the 13th marked my 4 year blogiversary!! 😲🎉 At first I thought a nice way to celebrate it would be to incorporate it into whatever post was going up next (this could have been that moment 😂) but then I realized it’s not something to be put in for the sake of it so as soon as I recieved that WordPress notification telling me the good news I had a rant over on instagram about it! I’d love if you could give that a read….now, where were we? 😅

Oh yeah, tis bucket list time! It feels too soon to be writing about this and yet I might actually be late 😌 (and to think I was going on about jumping into Winter early back on my Autumn bucket list 🙈😂🍂). It’s been a while since I last paid attention to how fast the year has gone but I guess Christmas is that pivotal moment that makes you stop and notice.

It definitely feels like the colder months are here and in that side of things I haven’t been able to enjoy it but don’t get me wrong, Im not a hater of Winter because every season has things to give (and I’m a taker of free goods so 🙌😂).

This is a time when “simply no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” has never been more relevant (despite not wanting that snow to come ☃️). Days get dark early on but the sky isn’t always 100% paleness, a lot of the time it’s blue. The sun sets in a different direction (when it decides to make an appearance 🙄) and I don’t always catch it from my usual perch. Its okay though because the lights on our Christmas tree make up for it harnessing a different kind of magic and nostalgia ⭐.

I’ve been going around asking myself what I would like to do in winter and I feel like it’s such an up in the air season because it’s starts this year but the majority takes place in 2021. This makes me feel like I shouldn’t load this post with festivities because it will be over soon but that’s not the point! I shouldn’t waste the opportunity to talk about Christmas stuff so I’mma include it all 🤣🎄.

I’ve tried to keep this neat in that Xmas type stuff goes under one heading and then general ideas will hopefully see the rest of the season through! ❄️ Here’s what I want to do in Winter:…

Eat foooood 🍝

Not that I don’t already but there are so much more possibilities around this time of year 🤗☕. Spell check really wanted me to say footloose instead of food back then but it’s not the time for it 😂. I shed a little light into this when I revisited my Autumn bucket list but I have to be careful with sugar! 🍭 So far I’m doing really good and I am determined not to let it affect the festive season as there are still loads of options out there! (Sugar free isn’t good for me either so I gotta meet somewhere in the middle with foodstuffs 😑).

I’m wishing for loads of dark chocolate from various brands, basically just a good selection for Christmas because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties 🙌. What’s your favourite chocolate? I surprise myself in saying that I can go without for a long time but every now and then I’ll have a little treat. I wouldn’t necessarily say I love dark but it’s better than nothing and I want to make smart choices in life 😂.

Have fun with festivities 🎁

I got a ticket for a pantomime livestream that takes place on the 23rd so my family are all going to sit down with some popcorn and enjoy it! 😋🍿 I truly think that aside from not going out to do christmas shopping which is a shame as walking down a fairylight lit street/center is fun, this year might be full of more activities because we want to make it good after the year that was 2020 and will put the effort in to make that happen 😌.

Last Christmas we were all unwell so it was unavoidable in not getting much done and although my health is not in a good place it can still be enjoyable through want of just that! 😄 I’m on a mission to find new things but I did realize (I’m probably the last one in doing so!) that if you Google “Christmas” chrome has created games that come up when you press on the badge logo! I think there’s a different game every day including elf maker where I did just that, all leading to a Santa tracker on the 24th 🎅.

Then arts & culture have a thing where there are a few famous festive paintings that they’ve removed the colour from, they’ve added a panel of colours to pick and choose from and you tap to add them to different areas (you can get to it through that link!). Its how I’d imagine more simplistic colouring apps to be but I honestly wouldn’t know because my phone doesn’t have the space for them or anything else really and I don’t know what to get rid off 😕…. anyway, unnecessarily deep conversations over 😂. I haven’t checked on arts & culture for anything else so there is most likely more available but I felt it’s good to know about anything that’s readily available to keep peeps entertained and excited! 🎄

In keeping with festivities I’m going to continue to watch movies! I’ve loved all I’ve seen so far (Elf and Arthur Christmas are already favs but a new one for me was Fred Claus the other day and it’s hilarious! 😂). I want to watch more that haven’t been advertised as much as them and channel 5 has been great for that so I’m excited to see what’s on! What festivities are you going to take part in this year? Go on, get me excited 🎄😂.

Crafts 🖌️

I found a diy version of crackers in the BBC goodfood magazine and can’t get them off my mind 😂. Its described in a confusing way but often if I don’t think too deep into stuff like that it becomes clearer so one of these days I’mma settle back with some cardboard loo roll (that’s what it uses and I’ve been getting everyone to save them 😅) and give it a go! It won’t have a proper snap but maybe there’s a substitute for that 🤔. I also still want to crochet which keeps getting put off because of hand pain, I won’t rule it out tho because things might turn around and I’ll wish I could revisit it at a later date 💫. Anything crafty that I do will later be chatted about here so I won’t limit myself to those alone!

Get better at planning for my bujo earlier 🎨

This is more of a goal than a bucket list item but I’d really like to plan out bullet journal spreads far in advance because I’m often late in getting them done 😅. Maybe it’s just the way things are for me but I want to give it a worthwhile shot anyway!

Try to do something meaningful everyday ⚡

I won’t pressure myself into making this happen, it will happen in a pacing style!

Embark on new ventures 🌌

This is for after Christmas when that seasonal excitement has died down and something is needed to replace it (I wanna be ready for those new year blues 😂). My long-term bucket list has built up at a rapid rate, a lot of it is dependent on health and not even this pandemic because it’s stuff that can be done at home. There are loads of limits and things that try to get in the way but that just means I need to find a way around it and make things happen at an achievable level.

I won’t beat myself up if these things can’t happen because it’s all for fun anyway. Imma be practical with a productive mindset and try to keep realistic (that’s gonna be the biggest goal of all and the most difficult 😂). They say to treat everyday as though it is your last but I think it’s okay to acknowledge that tomorrow can be better.

And finally, it goes without saying that I want to have fun! 🎆 I won’t revisit that one because no matter what happens, I will! Fingers crossed anyway 🤞😂. Thank YOU for reading! 😊 Pray tell what is on your bucket list? 😜 I hope you have a wonderful winter (or whatever the season may be where you are 🍃) and are able to enjoy it for what it is/find ways to make it fun so as to get through ✨. Take care and I’ll be back soon 💞.

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