My Autumnal October Bullet Journal spread! 🍂✨

Howdy! 👋 (That’s a lot more me than the time I tried to say “y’all” because I’ve been watching my sister play Red Dead Redemption 2 and although I don’t know if they’ve even said that yet, it sounds western and I’m obsessed so just go with it 🤠😂).

And just why have I gathered you here today? 🤔 Well if you must know, it’s bujo time! 📒 October is on the cards and I’m ready for it (in terms of journalling anyway, all else is unknown territory). If you’ve been here for a while you might have noticed I haven’t gone for my usual title in terms of announcing these posts which is along the lines of My Bullet Journal: September Edition (sneaky link back 😏), instead I’ve decided to draw in all those Autumnal peeps by putting out there that this months spread is all that and by that I mean cozy! (A word I can’t seem to stop saying at the moment 😅🍁).

The theme I came up with is: “I’m torn” and I went with that purely because I tore up lots of craft paper that I kept back to reuse from deliveries and was in-between minds on where to take it next so it’s kind of like being torn between choices 💔 (I’m aware I go real deep with these spread ideas 😂). This idea actually sprung to mind for my September bullet journal but I wasn’t in the mood to go ripping paper up so I went for that whole line thing and I guess that means lately I’ve felt like tearing stuff up if you look at it that way 😌😂.

I couldn’t help but take it down a Fall road (just like I can’t help but alternate between saying Autumn and Fall, it’s nice to switch things up in life. Go wild and live on the edge 😎😂) and doodles of all kinds of things relating to the season crept in. I also kept to writing the titles in cursive as I wanted some elegance in there 😂.

First things first (don’t sing it 🎶) I showcased the month by surrounding it by a giant leaf! It looks a lot like the Fatsia leaves I received for my floristry course (there are loads left over of those so please throw any leaf themed craft ideas my way! Don’t want them going to waste 🙌🌿) and I used loads of different felt tip liners and markers to add various shades + patterns to it too.

I then wrote out the theme name on one side of the page, first writing it in pencil then colouring in a bit before finishing off by outlining the words in grey (like I did for the majority of the headings). The other half of the page is a long strip of torn brown craft paper and it felt so good glueing it down as it was measured out to fit that side of the page 🙌😍 (I haven’t used a pritt stick in years! The smell brought back memories of primary school….not that I was intentionally sniffing glue or anything 😌).

Moving on (as hard as it is to do so) we have what has to be my favourite page out of them all! The one where I shared a poem I will carry with me throughout the month (I’m so glad I live in a world where there are October’s) and I also just let my creativity go loose here! 🤣 I was trying to think of objects that capture the season and once I started I couldn’t stop. I had to even out the page until before I knew it I had filled all the space up! 😂🚀

Since only just properly acknowledging Anne of the Green Gables through Anne with an E this year (I can’t wait to read the books and am aware some mega fans would rather I’d done the reading part first well shoulda, coulda, woulda but didn’t 😝) I instantly knew that as soon as this month rolled around I’d be including that quote as it’s floating around everywhere ✨.

For my gratitude page I kept it simple and went back to how I had it in my August spread! Last months one was a bit different as I did way too many lines so there were loads leftover and I also didn’t like the bold colours I used so this is much more down my alley! I stuck in some pieces of paper to draw stuff on like a hot beverage ☕, a pie and a witches hat (you know it’ll go overboard when I start adding more 😂).

Mood Tracker time! 😶 I kept to the exact same layout as last month because I found that really worked well for me after altering it on from August. Back then there was no line to include why I felt the way I did so I couldn’t take anything forward with me as to why I’d felt particular emotions and I didn’t see the point in that so this is the way forward! 🌠 Each day I draw an emoticon in a box and explain a bit about it before turning over the page….(metaphorically speaking as I don’t actually have to turn to get to the next one 😂).

My blogging schedule is next up and it’s very fitting as it reminds me of my recent book haul featuring the reads that will surround the colder months! ❄️🤗📚 I put the title on a shelf and beneath that glued in a block of book spines which I’d wardened off beforehand into separate novels by pencil and then I started to fill in the post titles themselves on snippets of crisp white paper! ✏️ But that’s for my eyes only 👀😏.

Now we actually are turning over the page! (We’re making this as real as possible 😂). And my take on a brain dump this time round is the infamous Scrap Heap! 😍 My mum told me it looks like a giraffe 😂. To do this I got a sheet of the craft paper and starting at the corner I tore + glued down, then I tore the next part but placed it at a short distance away from the first + glued down and so on!

Because I planned out this whole spread by scribbling it all down on a sheet of paper within little page-like designated squares I had a general idea of how I wanted each page to look and this one turned out way better than I had hoped! 😄 I’m looking forward to filling in each scrap with mindless rambles 💭.

Last but never and I mean NEVER least (even though I almost forgot I wanted to do it) is a new page, my bucket list! I know this isn’t primarily for October (it’s my Autumn bucket list which you can read there!) I wanted to add it in so as to have a reminder of what I’d like to do as I’m a forgetful thing.

As I was writing out the first line I got sidetracked (nosy more like as I was listening in on a conversation 😌😂) and made a spelling mistake but instead of getting all het up about having to glue another piece of paper over the brown craft sheet I just drew a leaf over where I’d gone wrong! 🍁 And then it encouraged me to put a pumpkin in too 🎃 alongside a blanket in the corner. I’mma for sure doodle more (rhyme time 😛) but that covered up typo (or writo? 😂) so I’m chuffed with it!

I’m thinking of adding some spooky pages, just something to acknowledge that it’s the month of Halloween so if I do that I’ll be sure to post it over on Instagram! I got these stickers the other day and I thought it’d be cool to arrange a to-do list for the spooky event itself filled with fun ideas 👻. Hopefully I don’t forget or else those stickers won’t be used till next year! 🤦😂

And with that she disappeared….not into thin air though, that would be weird. Thanks for checking out this post! 😉 Do you keep a bullet journal? (I make it sound like we are the keepers of the bullet journal ⚡😂). What’s your theme for the month? Feelin’ autumnal? 🍂 Tell me 👂 and with that I bid you good day *tips imaginary hat then realizes doesn’t have to tell you it’s imaginary….tips REAL hat* 🤠 Take care ✨💞

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