How to write a last minute blog post! πŸ’«

Hello!!! πŸ‘‹ I sound like I’m in a rush and that’s very fitting for today’s post! 😏 If there’s one thing I’m an expert (or maybe just experienced in) it’s writing last minute posts, not all the time but a good part of it so I’m sticking with what I know best and homing into how I make it work! Tbh this post you’re reading wasn’t exactly last minute (honesty is the best policy) and perhaps it should have been in order to drive the point home but shoulda coulda woulda but didn’t! Had to do this one well in advance what with my floristry course taking up a lot of my days πŸ’ and I’m glad I did because yesterday I was in such a state with a migraine flareup that may have occured because I knocked my head on the hood over our stove πŸ€•….I’m a safety hazard to myself even on days that could have been perfectly okay πŸ™„πŸ˜‚.

Now, there was a time when a lot of my posts were last minute 😌. I had the ideas but couldn’t bring myself to piece together the words for the body of each draft. I didn’t let it stop me because I wanted to write and in the end I would come up with completely different posts than what I had originally set out to do πŸ˜‚. I found the right thing for me and made it work last minute. Perhaps I should explain, my kind of last minute is most commonly the day before I intend to publish! πŸ“…

Recently I haven’t had to resort to that because planning has been in order but sometimes it can’t be avoided and things end up being last minute. You might ask, is it something you really want if its left that way? But for me it truly is because it’s my form of escapism from a hectic day and even though I’d much rather be prepared and ready well before having to resort to last minute posts, I find I’m a lot more likely to be productive and spontaneous in those moments so either way it goes, I’m a happy bean! πŸ˜‚ It’s always good to know how to cope both ways and I’m not saying that sometimes it doesn’t get on top of me but I wanna help others form a sort of versatility timewise too so here’s how to write a last minute post:…..🌟

Sometimes it just comes to you and is spur of the moment, these are the best occurences as the words just seem to explode neatly onto a page and it’s like you were meant to be writing them there and then 😍. Sometimes I’ll be going about my day looking forward to writing later on knowing full well that it’s going to be a last minute post, it adds a kind of excitement about what I’ll end up doing and where a spur of the moment mindset could take me.

Other times it’s not so easy to get that lucky but there’s always a way to make it work! This mostly happens for me at night when I have random bouts of productivity but occasionally it can find its way into daylight hours when the sun is rising and I have a burst of motivation about what the day may hold which finds its way into my writing 🌞.

Scribble thoughts throughout the day (unless you already know what the post is going to be).

These nuggets of wisdom can be great to look back on and are brilliant for sparking inspiration! ⚑

Let it be your form of therapy

Tired after a long day or have you been going with the flow and have decided that now is the time to do some blogging? Well associating it with you time is a great way to write from the heart and see where it takes you 🀣. Even if blogging is last minute I like to find a way of making it therapeutic! Especially if it tries to go the other way and you’ve been busy alongside worrying you might not get it done. Tone down that fear by regaining control of the situation, take it slow even if you feel time is running out. Tell yourself you have all the time in the world and don’t let it overpower you. Easier said than done I know but for something as fun as blogging, it actually should be easy if you think about it? This is your thing.

How I see it is: your life shouldn’t revolve around your blog, your blog should revolve around your life! So if something isn’t clicking right now it will later on when you go back to it. Don’t waste away your life spending a load of time trying to make it happen when it should work around you! ✨ Show your blog who’s boss basically πŸ˜‚.

Look at past ideas ⚑ including old posts you enjoyed writing!

I have a long and I mean LONG list of blog posts that are waiting to be written (some have been on the list since I started out, the poor things 😒 they’ll have their time πŸ˜‚) and sometimes when I realize I’m yet to write a post I’ll take a look at it and decide what to do. The majority of the time it’s not difficult as I had to really want to do them in the first place in order for them to make the list at all. That excitement is still there ✨. If I end up not choosing something from that list it’s probably because I have had a new idea that the day curated and I want to get out on paper + publish soon to hear your thoughts.

Find a half written post in your journal/drafts!

You’ll be surprised how many there are + what you’ve forgotten about! Finding something that’s mostly written can feel amazing when you’re at a loose on what to share as it’s like it was meant to be! Sometimes I’ll find a fully typed out post and get so confused as to why it never made it up but then I’ve just got to remember how I go in and out of phases and something must have taken its place (guilt creeps in for the left behind post then πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚).

Don’t force it! πŸ‘Ž

Sometimes I type a post out better on the day the post is meant to go up! (That’s even MORE las minute than what I tend to go for πŸ˜‚). Having to do this is rare and usually means I haven’t been well enough to stare at my phone screen in the previous day’s but to know that it works means less stress about not getting anything up and published. Knowing when you’re productive and inspiration finds you can really help! πŸ™Œ

If it’s gotten to the point when a post has to be written out last minute and it’s not going well you should question whether or not your schedule is working for you and/or if the stress is worth it (in which case do not give up, I repeat DO NOT GIVE UP. Maybe a break is in order and they’re the best for building yourself back up again ✨ More on that if you keep reading!).

For me, I enjoy a certain element of stress as it wakes me up to what I’ve got to do πŸ˜‚ and I share more about that further down. It’s all about knowing what you can deal with and if a post doesn’t come out the other side then that is okay. Never write for the sake of it, only do it if you want to. If it feels like you are forcing it then perhaps it will help to see it as time to yourself where you’re choosing to write (like that therapeutic part above!). Switch direction and maybe write about what’s on your mind as opposed to trying to put something in there (ooooh that’s a good one, I need to remember that for myself in moments like these πŸ˜‚).

Redefine last minute

When you heard last minute, what did you think? Some people believe it can only mean within the last hour or so before the post has to be published but my kinda last minute is the evening before. If you can think about it differently it might give you more time to actually get it done 🀷.

Train your mind into thinking “I want to get this done now because it’s late” when it’s nowhere near being late in reality. This way through early stages of acknowledgement you have a better change of making it happen in time!!

Don’t rely on pressure but know that it’s not all bad

….there was no way I couldn’t make that sound cruel πŸ˜‚. Of course it’s not the same for everyone and if you know that pressure is bad for you then don’t travel towards it. Even if I have posts finished/completed in my drafts folder, sometimes I’ll pretend I don’t and let the last minute pressure seep in so that I’ll write more! (I can be so mean to myself but whatever it takes to get the job done πŸ€·πŸ˜‚).

Remember that last minute doesn’t mean it should be rushed πŸ’₯

As that’s a wasted experience when you could have enjoyed yourself! πŸ™„ If you’re rushing then is it really for you or is it just to have something to put up? (Yeah I share posts to be of help to others but at the end of the day I write for myself or else I wouldn’t even be here πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‚). It’s easy to get the wrong idea about a last minute post and we all have different definitions of last minute so it might not even need the guilt that can be placed on it.

You’re not going to be pleased with something that you didn’t put your all into so why not keep it back and continue to work on it until it’s ready? It’s easy to become tied down to a schedule like our lives depend on it but in the nicest way possible, no one will pass out because you were “late” to upload πŸ˜‚. It’s something that I always needed to remind myself back when I started out on this journey but it’s true! Work at your own pace and try not to add any unnecessary pressure or expectations because to be a blogger is a choice and it should be enjoyed or else why do it? πŸ’«

And most importantly: Take breaks!

Small or BIG! I said this above but a break isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually really good for you and you can come back feeling so refreshed and ready to get the ball rolling again. Take small breaks and go get a cup of tea + switch your attention to something else before returning to writing OR alternatively take a break from aspects of your blog for a couple of days (Check out my post on the benefits of blogging breaks!).

There’s often a worry associated with going away, it can be hard to come back sometimes can’t it? Not in a “do I want to do this anymore?” type of way but more so a “what do I write NOW? I’m no better than I was before I left” way πŸ€”.

Well, a break away from blogging should be viewed as time off from the schedule/posting mindset, it doesn’t have to mean you cannot continue to write! 🀦 Check in with friends and keep trying with drafts every now and then whilst you’re away minus the due date stress as it’s often easier to form ideas without that looming over you. Go off and live your life so that there’s stuff you want to share and write about. That way you won’t stop feeling like a blogger and it will be easier to return and return you will! πŸ€˜πŸ˜‚…..that wasn’t exactly a “last minute post” tip but whatever!

Thank YOU for reading! You’ve left it a bit last minute haven’t you? 😝 These tips were mostly reliant on you already having ideas for posts but ah well πŸ˜‚. Have I changed your perspective on last minute posts? πŸ™ Have you got any tips for last minute posts? Let me know in the comments below and I hope you have a super cozy day! πŸ‚ I’m planning on doing some crafts and working on my bullet journal ✍️what about you? Take care βœ¨πŸ’ž

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