Saying Goodbye: A 6 Word Story! 👋

It’s okay, goodbye is not forever…

Wanna know what’s powerful?
What it takes to say goodbye to something or someone you care about. I think this 6 word story can be taken in loads of different ways which is wonderful as singularly I can pick out a few but as a whole the various meanings could go on forever! 💫 Whether they be novelty or heartfelt perceptions, let’s shed a light on them.

Saying goodbye isn’t forever, unless we’re talking about my favourite skincare brand which is being discontinued 🙄😢. Those words would even descend as far as grief in the other direction on a more serious level (no longer talking about that brand which is obviously miniscule in comparison 😌). A loss of life in more than one way when you stop to consider how much has altered what with all that’s gone on lately. I suppose we didn’t really get a chance to say goodbye to our previous livelihood but that’s because it will surely return one day.

…That level of importance just depends what is getting to you right now…..and your skin later 😕 (Ahhh forget about the bloody brand! 😌). Long story short, it probably is forever for material things (so farewell to them!) but not for what really matters as those things would never have entered and impacted our lives had they not meant to be there.

We say goodbye a lot, for the most part on what seems to be a smaller extent (or maybe not but secretly NEVER depending on your outlook 😂). A simple gesture but when you pay attention to it you can sense the strength and underlying extremity of what is truly going on + where or why you are saying it….Maybe just to pop to the shops but still! 😯😂

“Goodbye” should never be taken lightly as it could be the very last association that goes on between things, options (sometimes you gotta keep em open) and souls. I’m more likely to look towards goodbyes that are yet to be spoken, the ones that I dread. Through want of trying to make those words easier when they happen to arrive (or perhaps we won’t be given the privilege of even having them) I find comfort in the knowledge that in some shape or form it won’t be forever. It Pierce’s through the clouded vision at times and lets me know that things are going to be okay, no matter what.

Thank you for reading! 😊 What is your perception of this 6 word story? Is goodbye forever? Would you take it in a fiction or nonfiction way? Let me know in the comments below and I hope you’re having a really nice day Take care 💕

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