Thoughts of a Blogger! đŸ˜źđŸ’«

Hello my good people! I have gathered you here today for another thoughts based post (notice how I say “I” have? Your free will must have gone totally out of the window today 😬 but don’t worry, you can have it back once you’re finished reading 🙌😂). I absolutely love doing these types of posts and you can find a full list of past additions at the very end! *Tries very best to sound enticing* 😂

Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a blogger?……the majority of this blogs demographic are actually bloggers so you probably already know but let me tell you anyway 😅 (and maybe you can relate to some!). There’s no stopping me so just go with it and it’ll be over before you know it 😂. Step into my mind! Watch where you tred, it’s fairly messy in here:

‱ Did I actually just delete that post? 😐….I mean yeah it can still be retrieved from the trash folder but after that it’s kind of tainted like it doesn’t think what you did was a mistake and is upset about the whole ordeal 😂

‱ Isn’t it weird to think that there’s a person behind the blog post you’re reading?? đŸ˜” Like I know that’s how it works but I still feel strange when I chat to someone for a long time then maybe they create a YouTube channel or let us hear their voice someplace else and in a split second you now have a voice to put to those words and it just feels so surreal.

It’s like learning new things about a friend in a different order, like I know your thoughts before I can even see/hear you đŸ’«. It’s just easier to believe you’re all a collection of thoughts tbh 😂 as it can be a bit scary realizing there’s a actual person behind them and then you think, why are they giving me the time of day? All of a sudden it becomes real for some reason.

‱ I wish I’d written a blog post about that day for the memory 😩. I was only just starting to get over this one but then isolation started and it would have been nice to look back and remember certain events from before all this!

‱ Why do I feel the need to share a certain post so strongly every now and then? I think this feeling fizzes up when I’m writing something I believe has an important message and it just won’t leave my mind until it’s out there but that can be quite stressful when I’ve got other things to do/am nowhere near finished with it 😕.

‱ I like this place. It’s filled with people I’d actually choose to surround myself with in real life ✹

‱ Is this too controversial? I’ll leave it to dilute in the drafts folder for a bit 😅. I’m worried I’ll accidentally publish these posts so maybe they shouldn’t be in the drafts folder at all incase that happens? đŸ€”đŸ˜‚

‱ Oh joy! More spam and not the meaty kind either 😔😂. Sometimes it’s so difficult to tell what is spam and what isn’t until multiple versions of it appear in the folder and you’re like ooooohhhh okay, it’s not real 😅

‱ Its weird that the posts I worry about/don’t think will do well are the ones that are received the best 😂. Maybe that doubt is there because I enjoyed writing them so much but I’m unsure whether or not that’ll be reciprocated but that previous joy gets noticed by readers so it goes the opposite way!

‱ I genuinely think that the best way for me to keep up a series here is to not call it by that name or else it ends up housing hidden pressure to perform 😂

‱ Truly don’t understand how I’m good with sticking to my blogging schedule of posting every third day (and in the past every 2nd) but I’m rubbish at scheduling posts to automatically go up in the future. Actually maybe I’m good at schedules but not so great with planning them out for the long-term as things always come up that I’d rather share instead. I really want to work on scheduling ideas even if the plan for it is just in written format and they’re not technically scheduled to go up yet! I used to be great at it so I’m in with a chance đŸ€žđŸ˜‚

‱ Should I dedicate a post to that experience or just slap it on my monthly favourites? 😂

‱ When I can’t remember something I simply cannot settle until it comes back to me (or better still I’ll tell my sister as she’s the same and I’ll leave her to figure it out, I’m nice like that 😏😂). So when I lose track of what I think is a very good blog post idea I’ll drive myself crazy (in a dignified manner of course) trying to retrieve it. Always and I repeat ALWAYS take note of an idea when it comes to you! 🙌

‱ I will achieve my dreams and so will you (achieve your dreams that is, keep a wide berth from mine thank you very much! 😊😂).

‱ I’m quite tech savvy (if I do say so myself) so when a glitch comes along I’ll work it out in the end but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about an almighty bug coming my way one day and putting an end to this whole blogging thing (I dare not dream of it or else I’ll be adding fuel to the fire đŸ˜‚đŸ”„).

‱ It’s amazing to think that there are blogging friends out here that I’m yet to discover and maybe even meet one day in person! 😆💕

‱ *Doing literally anything else* I could be reading blog posts right now 😐. Just questioning life in general really 🌍😂

‱ Seriously though, what would I do without blogging in my life? I can’t remember what it feels like not to have this outlet ✹ That can be a bit scary at times but it only makes me want to have more of that balance so that I don’t wholly depend on this space and yet it doesn’t take away from my day to day life 🍃. For a long time I wanted to figure out how I felt and then half return to the state of mind I was at before I started my blog but taking all of that into account I was quite lost back then and needed something like this. I’ve found an element of what I wanted and am content with where I am right now đŸ’«.

‱ Our worlds collide when we meet in this community and yet we are so far apart……😭😂

‱ Word to the wise: follow your own blog so that it’s easier to tell if your post goes up in the WordPress reader as sometimes it doesn’t! I follow a few bloggers who’s posts I wouldn’t even know about if I hadn’t seen them advertised on social media as a glitch or time setting doesn’t let them show up so this is a must! 📣

‱ I want to comment but I also don’t wanna look like an over the top fangirl so accept my “like” as an early apology for future events whereupon I probably won’t be able to hold myself back from doing so 😊.

‱ I’ll probably give up blogging the day that emojis are discontinued because I can’t survive without them! I’d come across as far too angry without the validation a laugh emoji provides 😂 but then again there are always emoticons to fall back on!


‱ This place is like another world adjacent to our own and I love it so much 😂🌍 (this must be the first time I’ve used the world emoji twice in one post so yay to that for some reason 😂).

‱ I wish I had loads of blog posts typed out but instead they’re written down waiting to be typed out and some are just shells waiting to be filled in. I’ll meet halfway and be grateful for the fact that they exist at all as there was a long period of time where I had no ideas full stop 🙌😂.

‱ I can maybe write 20 words of a blog post and an hour’s already gone by đŸ˜Č WHERE does the time go?? I’m hoping this is just an Isolation thing but maybe it’s not and I’ll just have to get used to it. Us bloggers live by a different time span/frame, maybe we should just accept it ⌛…😭😂

I’ll leave it there! Thanks for reading 😉 Hope you enjoyed this post! If not then I’m sorry but you’re not getting that time back đŸ€· I already spent it 😂 on that note, have a fantastic day and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! ✹🍃💕

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