An acrostic poem about Summer! ☼

Sunshine casts a golden glow

Understanding clouds approach with cooling rain

Murmurations form as birds flock to a nearby field

Memories are made in the shade with an awakened green thumb

Evenings draw to a close with a breeze that lifts and a sunset that calms

Reminds me of summers past and more that are yet to come!

Hey! 😄 How are you doing? 💕 I am inviting myself back into your life today so as to tell you that I have discovered something…..well I figured out the name of it at least! Acrostic poems came to my attention the other day whereupon the first letter of each line spells out a word or phrase (in this case!) and I’ve written them before but was fully unaware they went by that name so it’s nice to now be in the know and have another way of doing things! 😂.

This one is full of my fav stuff about the season! 🍃 I love it when a golden glow shines into my room, or anywhere for that matter and wish there could be more times when that side of things stays but rain is very welcome to cool down these hot days 😣🔥. I’ve always been enraptured by murmurations and I remember finding the name when I was watching a documentary about cancer research when I was younger and the scientist referred to a collection of tiny robots that intended to enter the body and eliminate tumours as a murmuration that worked as a group (or something like that) and it’s stuck with me ever since! I just love seeing birds flying in an almost magical formation like that and it’s always a treat to bear witness to 💫.

What with my new succulents 🌵, planting marigolds the other day and planning on starting a veg patch, gardening has been a constant lately (despite my succculents being houseplants 🤔😂). I’ll probably be starting the veg patch a bit too late what with Autumn around the corner but I’ll be focusing on stuff that grows all year round and hoping for the best! 🙌🌱 It’d be lovely to go on an morning/evening walk down the back of the garden to care for whatever needs tending to and I’m really looking forward to that 🤣.

Onto the next line of the poem! In the evenings the temperature drops and things start to noticably become calmer outdoors as the sun puts itself to bed 🌄 and it’s so beautiful watching things draw to a close. I’m still one for sitting on the windowsill whenever the sunset is about like I’ve told you many a time (like here within my MORE things I’ve been up to in isolation post) as it’s just so captivating 😍😂. The last line of the poem is very open ended and so it doesn’t really feel like an ending at all and I love that! ✨

I was going to add “TIME” to the end of it so as to make it summertime but I’m not sure if I like what I wrote for that as it’s a bit more moody compared to how happy go lucky I sounded in the beginning but I’ll show you it anyway:

Trees standing tall and strong, wise with age

I can’t stand the heat but I wouldn’t sacrifice the bright source it comes from

Moths will get in if you fail to shut the window when it gets dark and

Empty nests will soon be filled, not with the above but with silent beaks, done with tweeting for the day and now asleep.

………It’s a bit more random but there you go, it’s in your brain now too 😂. A lot of it goes without explanation but that line about moths reminds me of the other evening when I stupidly put on a light whilst the window was still open and dared to be shocked when one came flying right at me 🤷😂. I’m not one for moths (doubt anyone is) but I don’t even like their prettier counterparts, butterflies so whenever either get in or I’m around them outside I keep a wide berth or else a meltdown is sure to occur 🦋 (they’re pretty though, I’ll give them that 😂).

The amount of times a butterfly has flown into the house and I’ve gone running to the other end to get my dad so he can let it back out again is unreal! All I can think it stems down to is a childhood memory where I was in our old garden and something took a liking to swooping around me and it was TORTURE! I suppose over the years vision clouds the memory so I can’t actually remember whether or not it was a butterfly, a huge moth or even a bird (but I’m fine with the latter so perhaps over time I will be with the other two? 🤞😂). I mean I’ll go up to them when they’re still and marvel at how majestic they look but that’s about it, when the flying starts I’m gone! 🏃

On a nicer side of things, I’m putting up a couple birdhouses around the garden to drive them away from coming back to where they keep trying to build on our house (which I told you about in Sunday Musings // And a chat about a few things) as they can get pretty aggressive with that so it’s clear the trees aren’t enough for some of the more should we say posh birds? 😂. So whoever gets to those wooden contraptions first will be lucky things and hopefully nice and warm during the oncoming colder months! 🐦

I like the TIME part of the poem written above but I don’t want it to take away from the ending of the original one so they shall stay apart like star-crossed lovers that I (the evil separator, knows full well would work greatly together but where’s the fun in letting things go as planned when you have a say in the matter? 😂).

Expect to see the odd acrostic from me in the future as it was a fun way to pass the time and allowed me to reminisce about all the wonderful things summer brings! 😆

Thanks for reading! 😊 What’s your acrostic poem for the word: Summer? Be sure to let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear it! Also, I hope you have a great day and are able to enjoy the season you are in whatever that may be! 🌞💕

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