Looking back at the 1st of January! 😲

Greetings, friend! ✨ (I was gonna say “friends” but then I thought I’d address you personally instead as I figured why not? We’re at that stage in our relationship now 🤷😂). Today’s post is kinda new to me as well because I forgot I wrote it so we’re going on a little trip down memory lane together. I found a short diary entry of how the 1st of January went for me in my last blogging journal and it really took me back to that day (I think back then I was planning on doing a day in the life post but then time just passed and it got left behind). I reckon this post had given up hope of ever leaving my notebook 💫 (but they all go through stages of disbelief sometimes 😂).

Isolation wasn’t even a consideration back then, all that I could think of was a fresh year stretching out ahead of me. The 1st of January was a bit of downtime after the day/evening before welcoming in the new year so we were all pretty tired 😂. I was kind of in holiday mode back then what with my aunt staying over as that’s how it feels when she is around 💫.

I didn’t know that my cat Skirtsey would die in a few days time or that we’d welcome a new edition to our family (Bertha) the next week so even though it’s not a long list due to the fact that I was away spending time with family and didn’t write much that day + ended up losing track of a few things I intended to add, it is still very surreal for me. Let’s jump right into it, word for word, here it is…..

A slight lay in, nothing to kick myself in the leg about,

I grabbed my notebook and wrote a poem, the first one in ages….the first of many.

As per usual breakfast is a difficult affair, I never know what to have.

I don’t know what the day holds, plans are still to be made,

I make a mental note of what there is to do.

I am to ask everyone what their goal for the new year is

and be a part of the decision that unravels what the bulk of the day will entail.

I update my whiteboard calendar to January,

the month is already starting to feel fresh and not like a drag.

I rushed to watch the snail and the whale 🐋

before we left to go shopping in TK Maxx

early so as not to miss Doctor Who.

This all just feels so strange 😵 It’s like it happened yesterday but it’s missing a huge chunk of what’s going on right now so I’m aware it occured in the past. I left it at a random note and know that there are loads of gaps not saying what I fully got up to that day because writing gets left to the end of the day when I have family over as I’m caught up in the daily nuances of things.

Why am I borderline guilty that I had a slight lay in when we were up until the early hours counting down in the new year? “Slight” is good in my books right now 🙌😂. I wish I could find that poem, I just turned the page in my notebook and there is a poem there called Alive: an object based poem but I don’t think it’s the one I wrote in that moment…it probably is and I’m just overthinking it.

Breakfast never got any easier, it’s the bane of my existence 😂. I had every intention to keep filling in my whiteboard calendar but now it just sits there, I really should pick that habit back up as it felt very productive having all of my plans written down.

According to my January favourites post, that month turned out to be a bad one health wise but other than that it was good. That part where I say it doesn’t feel like a drag continued even though my cat, Skirtsey, passed as it all happened so fast and we understood that she was old. I remember being really upset that day and then the rest kind of fades into a blur but aside from moments of sadness seeping in I think I coped fairly well with the help of the idea that we would be rehoming a new cat, Bertha! She was the one we went to meet and who we left with as it was love at first sight 😍😂

I remember feeling very relaxed watching The Snail and the Whale, even though I missed the first part as I just love detailed animation like that and get fully captivated by it in that moment ✨. Last but by no means least (as I cannot remember Doctor Who, my sister’s the fan there!) I miss TK Maxx 😭 It’s reopened but I’m yet to make my grand debut 💃🛍️😂.

Can you remember what you got up to on the 1st of January? (The only photo I can find on my phone is of me holding Toby my dog and giving him a hug 🤗). If you’re unsure can your camera roll help you? Mine is forever notifying me of photos taken a year or so ago but I have to scroll back if I want to look at a certain month as I guess it doesn’t take into account monthiversaries 🤔😂. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and have a wonderful day! 💛

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