ASOS/H&M Haul 🛍️ + Isolation Photoshoot! 💃

Why hello there 😉 How are you keeping? ❤️ It’s been some time since I’ve put together a fashion/clothing post (so much that I had forgotten how to spell fashion which is a bit worrying 😂). I recently ordered some things from ASOS and H&M and I instantly knew that I wanted to put together a photoshoot to let you in on my style! With the help of my sister who is a dab hand at photography we made it happen 😄

My style is heavily influenced by my past self because I’ve realized that I wear what younger me saw present day me wearing 😵💫 (or maybe what I wanted to wear back then but was too shy about doing…#growth is all I can say 😂).

I’ve wanted to incorporate more colourful stuff into my wardrobe for a while now but I also want to keep it at what I like (staying half in my comfort zone but also venturing out of it to try out things that I want to wear but have been nervous to do so in the past). It is all quite versatile + can be worn in many different ways to create a nice selection of outfits for Summer that reflect my personality. Throughout this post I will let you in on my thought process behind each buy and I will also let you know where anything that is not a part of this haul is from but it’s very repetitive so there aren’t many extra pieces, mostly just what I got. I will only mention once where items that keep featuring in the photos are from as it’s very much the same 😂

I’m leaving out a few things I brought such as vests and essentials (…who am I kidding? It’s ALL essential 😏😂) and accessories that I am going to instead show you in my monthly favourites (which just so happens to be my next post on the 2nd of June!). I didn’t really commit to an overly impressive backdrop so we’ll let the clothes speak for themselves 😂 I’m happy with how it turned out! Some of the pictures are a bit dark as the sun was playing a trick on us at times 🙄🌞 This is quite a long post now so be prepared 😂 and feel free to let me know what my style is called as I honestly have NO idea 🤔 Here we go!

Wednesday’s Girl crop top with puff sleeves in ditsy floral – ASOS

This is my favourite colour and the material is so cooling to wear on these warm days that are infiltrating our lives in the lead up to Summer. Crop tops are a new thing for me as I never used to feel comfortable wearing them but there’s just so many more options with them that I like the look of so I’m taking that step! These mom jeans are from Penney’s/Primark and the Adidas trainers were a gift from my sister back when we had that night away in Dublin for my birthday HERE! 🎁

H&M Ankle length pull on trousers

I’ve worn these so many times since I got them! 🙌 They’re so comfortable and go with anything so were a smart purchase if I say so myself 😏😂. I got this vest in TK Maxx and it’s by Zenana Outfitters!

Tara Khorzad cami crop top in leopard heart velvet – ASOS

I actually ordered from ASOS twice and this being in my second order was probably the culprit behind me sending off for more stuff as I wanted it so much 😂 It is shorter than expected but the pattern and velvet texture more than makes up for that! These are a darker pair of mom jeans from Penney’s. I’ve only just realized that it looks like I’m unbuttoning my jeans in that second photo but I was actually just holding onto the buckles in an attempt to widen the range of poses no matter how questionable they may look 😂

H&M Bell-shaped Skirt + Platform sandals

The pattern of this is so Summery and I love the bright colours! I’ve only just started liking slip skirts as I can see myself wearing them now when I couldn’t picture it before. It’s a flowing, simple yet effective key piece.

I can’t remember the last time I wore platform sandals 🤔 I thought they’d be good to go around in as so often I wear flat shoes/slippers and that can’t be good for the heel of your foot. They fit well too which I was a bit dubious about beforehand. I think they’re really pretty!

Daisy Street cami mini dress in leopard print + ASOS design crop t-shirt in linen mix ASOS

I’m in LOVE with this dress! My sister has a similar one by a different brand which encouraged me to look for one too and I’m so glad that I did as I just know it’s going to be worn a lot. It’s got a skirt lining underneath (whatever you call those things) and it’s just so cute! The t-shirt that I styled it with can also be worn separately and it goes well with the grey ankle length trousers above! It’s going to be a lot of fun mixing and matching these clothes 🤣

H&M Wide trousers

I got these in both black and a dark marl grey! This was the outfit I actually started out in after an essential trip out to the doctors which I had been nervous about (what with all that is going on) so when it was all said and done I felt uplifted and in the mood to do a photo shoot (which I hadn’t really felt up to before) and try everything else on too! 😄😂 The striped bodysuit is an old buy from Penney’s and the jean jacket used to belong to my mum! I’m not sure what the brand of it is as it’s currently underneath a pile of clothes in my wardrobe that I’m steering clear of incase it all falls over 😂

Monki Nelly safari animal print mini shirt dress in brown – ASOS

Okay so this wasn’t supposed to be as baggy as it is but I still like it as it will be nice to throw on and feel like I’ve made an effort with my choice 😂 The animal pattern reminds me of Dave Mckeans art in Mirrormask by Neil gaiman which I’m absolutely crazy about!! ✨

H&M Puff-sleeved blouse

This black floral top is so pretty when tucked in. The jeans look darker but they’re actually the same ones that I’m wearing with the leopard print crop top above! Toby tried to get in on the photo, he wanted to come out of the kitchen to see what we were doing and when we let him into the hallway be wanted to leave again, I don’t understand that boy sometimes 😂.

Collusion denim crop top in camel – ASOS

Considering that this was what I was looking forward to the most it was such a mistake not getting a smaller size 😔 (I’m still learning about this whole online shopping stuff and should have measured myself for everything that I was unsure about and not just randomly one or two as those that I didn’t do it were of course the things that turned out wrong 😂). But I’m not going to return it! Instead I hope it will encourage me to break out my sewing machine which I haven’t used in years. I find that if I fold back the material it fits much better so I’m going to see what I can do! 👏*Rubs hands together menacingly*👏😂

H&M Puff-sleeved mesh top

I fell in love with this as soon as I found it and it looks exactly like I pictured it would 😭 (that is a rare occurrence, I thought that something had to go wrong but nope! 😂). It’s a spotted light powder shade and can also be worn off the shoulder like I’ve shown above but I think that looks too bare (somebody needs to accessorize! 🙌😂). It’s too beautiful for words and I can’t wait to see what else in my wardrobe it goes with 😍

Wednesday’s Girl midi dress with tie front in smudge floral print – ASOS

This is actually a v-neck dress but I wore it with a black bra because for some reason I’ve always wanted to wear a dress that appears to have a vest underneath (but it was far too warm for a vest that day!). It’s really comfy and I’m looking forward to when we can go back out and I’ll be able to style it with a jean jacket! 🌇

H&M Crocheted lace bodysuit in old rose

This looks see through but the top half actually has a skin tone lining. It’s a bit different from what I expected but I can’t complain because I don’t really remember what exactly I was expecting 🙄 I just know that it wasn’t this 😂 Maybe a softer material or more closely woven details (I don’t know if that’s possible though…perhaps after a couple washes? 😂). Regardless, I like it and will wear the life out of it!

Tommy Jeans all over logo crop top – ASOS

I’m currently OBSESSED with this and it fits perfectly! The colour of it is described as being twilight navy and the material is breathable + stretchy (it kind of feels like a swimsuit) and it is advertised as being bio cool with a moisture wicking technology made from plants that cools you down…I’m not familiar with those terms but I FEEL it so it must be true ❄️😂. They had matching leggings for it that end at your knee that I’m really considering getting, I wouldn’t wear the two together as for me that would be too much but I feel like it would be nice to just lounge around in.

Lost Ink structured crop top with lace trim – ASOS

Yet another thing that I wish I’d gone a size lower in and the annoying thing is that I was actually considering doing so at the time, should’ve taken the risk! 🙁 But all is not lost, I plan on attempting to sew this one too by folding it where in the photo I’m holding the material at the back (I’ve convinced myself that it’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity…let’s see how long that mindset lasts 😂). At least nothing came too small, I’d rather it be baggier than tight as I have a better chance at being able to alter it 🙌

Wednesday’s Girl midi skirt in smudged floral – ASOS

It’s becoming apparent that I like this brand! 😂 I feel like this is such a unique skirt, originally I was planning on pairing it with a black t-shirt tucked in but when I couldn’t find one in my wardrobe (which is a MESS) I decided to improvise with a black vest which I really thought would go but it didn’t 😕 So my sister said a white vest (from Penney’s of course!) would look much nicer and it does! (Never underestimate the value of a second opinion, especially when it’s from the photographer 😌😂).

Thank you for checking this post out! I’m very pleased with all of my choices 😆 Do you like any of these items? Doesn’t my sister take a good photo! 📸 How would you describe your style? Should I do more posts like this? I won’t be ordering for a while until I find something I really like but I could maybe do a lookbook or something 🤷 Let me know in the comments below and I hope you have a great day! Take care ✨💕

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