April Favourite’s 2020!

Why hello there! How are you? ❤️ Ready for a surprisingly packed post? Hold on…am I even ready for this? 😲 (How can I ask you to be prepared when I’m not? 😂). For a month in isolation (majority of which was spent feeling unwell) I’m surprised by the amount of favourites I gathered 😵 I think there has been less in months where we haven’t been in quarantine 😬😂

That’s not to say I’ve been being super productive because like I just said, I haven’t been feeling up to much but I did get a few notches on my belt before that all started so without further ado I would like to show it all to you! Most of it has already been plastered all over my Instagram but a lot of my blog fam (yes that’s you we can change it if you don’t like it 🤷😂) haven’t seen any of it yet so it’s only right that I talk about it today so you’re not left out of the lucy loop 💫 (do we wanna be in it anyway? THAT is the question 😂).

I feel like its important to add this PS: None of the following things in this post feel like they happened in April because the month seemed to drag and yet at the same time the days went so fast and before I new it each day I was back in bed trying to sleep but not feeling tired at all 😵 Isolation is WEIRD 😂 Anywho! On with the post…….

My first bullet journal spread!

We’ll start with this because when I actually remembered to write in it throughout the month it did kind of stay by my side (mentally speaking, for the most part it was up in my room wondering why I had even bothered 😂) so it was a highlight for sure. You can have a nosy at it HERE if you like! My theme was “Late to the party” and I had a great amount of fun with it 🎉

Glow oxygen bubbling Facemask

This is something I didn’t think I would be adding to the list because I’ll admit it at first made my face hurt (so we’re off to a great start 😂) but afterwards I realized that my skin was very clear sooooo pain before gain right? 😌😂 I like bubbling facemasks as I’m always captivated by how it could possibly work 😯 Oh and that photo was taken on a DARK day 🙌

Aladdin movie

My sister got a trial for Disney+ and so I got to see the new Aladdin movie! (Well it was new to me 😂). I was unsure about it until the genie appeared and then it started to get funny and I found that I was really enjoying it! Plus aside from “Friend Like Me” I never used to like Aladdin songs but now I do and I’ve been going around humming “Prince Ali” 😂

Building card towers

Now THIS is what I’m talking about when I say it doesn’t feel like some of these things occured in April! It feels like I did this months ago 😲 Building card towers is such a calming activity (…until it all falls down anyway because then I get angry 😂). I hadn’t built one in ages but one afternoon when my mum and I were bored I remembered how fun it used to be and luckily I could also remember where my cards were 😂 It’s certainly a skill that doesn’t leave you to create tall ones (if it can be called a skill at all 🤔), and I think I have a knack for it (it’s nice to discover you’re good at SOMETHING 🙌😂).

Homemade pizza 🍕

I hadn’t had pizza in months and this kick-started the love I have for them all over again! You wouldn’t even have known these homemade pizzas didn’t have cheese on them, they tasted like they were one and the same! 😋

Google arts & culture

I’ve taken a lot of virtual tours on this and ventured through art galleries as well as got to see famous landscapes that I hope to visit one day 🙌💫 I’m planning on writing a blog post that includes Google arts & culture very soon but you’ll just have to wait and see what it’s about! What I will say is that at this point in time it has something for everyone 👀

Easter eggs + chocolates!

I was super happy (and grateful of course!) for the selection of chocolates I was given for Easter. I’m still working my way through them but sadly the salted caramel fudge KitKat I received is a distant memory 😂 It was so yummy and came with three bar versions too which I’m glad my past self spaced out and saved but it doesn’t feel like it now that they’re all gone! 😕

What’s your favourite chocolate brand? I think mine is a combination of KitKat, Terry’s Chocolate Orange and more recently Snickers! 🍫

It’s so difficult to stop looking at those photos 🤤😂

Arm art 🎨

I painted my arm using facepaints and really liked how it turned out ✨ My arm became a canvas and I tried to harness a sunrise from my own imagination (because it’s not like I’m gonna be up to see it with my own eyes 🤷😂). I can’t tell you how excited I am to do more 🙌 Years ago my sister painted a rainbow onto my arm using eyeshadow to test out the colours and I tried out some other, smaller designs at the time but I never went full throttle and did something like this so I’m really happy that I finally have! 🌈

Soap & Glory shampoo + radiance boosting vitamin C face sheet mask!

We were running low on shampoo so I went on a hunt for some in my room and found a small soap & glory one and it smelt gorgeous!! I had forgotten how Soap & Glory have a number of signature scents and not just one but you can unite them all and recognize that they come from the same brand 😍 I think the tube has 2/3 goes in it so of course knowing me I’ve been saving it ever since that first use 🙈😂

This facemask had white flower, lotus flower, cherry blossom and rooibos tea extract in it and came in the Tin-Tations set that I mentioned in my March Favourite’s! There was so much liquid in the pack that I didn’t want to waste so my arms got a mask too (as it was the type where you could rub in residue). It left my skin feeling so smooth and awake, all I can say to highlight how much I loved it is that it’s going to be a neverending addition to my shopping list that won’t even get crossed off when I buy more because I don’t think you can ever have enough of a good thing! 😂

Banana loaf

This is all that our kitchen has smelt of over the last month or so, I made one and my mum has since made a dozen more 😂…I finally jumped on the bandwagon and made a banana loaf! 🍌 You can check out the recipe HERE! The loaf turned out really yummy and was the perfect addition to my breakfast with a mug of tea 😋

Tattoo of fish 🐠

I came across loads of tattoos in the box that had all of my facepaint stuff so my sister and I tried them out. I chose a koi fish and it didn’t stay on for long (mainly because I couldn’t stop rubbing it) but I did like it (oh why do we destroy the things we love? 😂).

Ruby’s new bed 😴

Ruby our Labrador deserved a new bed so I got her a huge orthopedic one from Petstop as she has trouble with her joints and now she can just sink into it! She absolutely adores it (a level up from love 😂) and it’s tough to draw her away from it. In the photo above I placed a treat in front of her whilst she was asleep so when she woke up she got a surprise ✨😂


This was a true story on ITV about a couple who cheated their way to a million pounds on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. It was so good! (We also watched clips of the original episode on YouTube which were interesting!). There was an episode a night for three days and within that timespan it was all I could think about 😂 It’s strange to think it happened but then again since they have maintained their innocence you kinda want to give them the benefit of the doubt, especially when you are given an insight into both sides of the story leading up to and including being in court. If you haven’t seen it already then what are you waiting for!? It shouldn’t be missed!


It’s been so easy to get lost inside a good magazine lately, any form of escapism is welcome right now 😂 I’ve steered clear of news-type stuff as I hear about that anyway, I just wanted a relaxing read that won’t stress me out. I’ve enjoyed flicking through them all especially Stellar!

This edition of Stellar was mostly about being in isolation and it featured a quiz, a competition colouring page and prizewinning crossword so it kept me busy 🙌😂

My Isolation Haiku!

I’m very pleased with how this haiku turned out because as short as 3 line poem is they are actually quite difficult to write 😂 but this one just flew out of me and I appreciate all of the lovely comments you guys had about it 💕


And last but by no means least there is something that has held our attention since maybe halfway through the month…Hayu! It’s like Netflix but it is full of reality TV shows. It’s so easy for a couple of hours to go down the drain whilst you’re captivated by it and as I haven’t been able to get around much with the pain it’s been nice to have new things to watch as opposed to repeats on TV. Is there anything you think I need to watch on it? 🍿So far I’ve enjoyed “The Shah’s of Sunset”, new episodes of my favourite “Real Housewives” and “Player gets played” which is easy to get obsessed with but I can’t tell if they’re acting on it or not and pretending it’s reality 🤔 I suppose we’ll never know! 😂

Thank YOU for reading 😉 Did you have any favourites for April (I was gonna say May but we’re still in early days here 😂). Stay safe, take care & have a lovely day (just leaving you with a little to-do list there! 😂)💕

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  1. Great post as always! ❤️ I also love to read magazines especially about slowing down, psychology and mental health. I do the quizzes too and hope to win prizes haha. One prize is €1000 to travel around. Banana loaf looks so good and omg give me that homemade pizza 😍🍕 So delicious. The chocolate you got for Easter looks delicious too. I love Kitkat, Bounty and Mars and Twix. I still have to watch the new Aladdin movie. Sounds great! I’m glad you had a great April despite lockdown

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Those magazines are brilliant as you come away feeling like you’ve learned something ✨ That sounds like a great prize! The pizza was sooooo good 🙌 Twix are yummy. Thanks, hope you’re doing well ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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