A message from a 21 year old using 21 words!

The thought crossed my mind to message you but then I realized that I don’t want to give you any ammo.

I think this kind of speaks for itself but of course I’m gonna go in deeper and chat about the whole thing πŸ˜‚ For starters, I meant message in two ways: What I am trying to portray to you and will explain in more detail below and the type that can be sent through text on a phone…I’m just confusing things by explaining this but there is method to my madness because I like to take notice of how different the two are πŸ’«

Recently after a virtual run-in with a particular person, I was feeling not so much upset in the end but more so motivated to look after my best interests and this grew from that. I wanted to share it here so as to acknowledge the fact that throughout isolation we are met with these feelings towards people whose attitudes have taken a turn for the worst when they find it hard to deal with how everything has changed.

They take it out on others and even though you know that it’s because they are finding it tough and that they don’t mean it personally it still hurts. And this hurt is intensified by the fact that you care about them and know that deep down they do care about you too.

They try to put you in your place when it sounds like you’re doing well even though you’re not finding it easy either and they know this because who is? I won’t give up on them because now would be the worst possible time to do that when they clearly need people who care about them the most. I’m just going to choose what I say wisely and it’s painful in itself to admit that as then I’m not being 100% transparent with them through fear of it later being thrown back in my face but whatever works.

Everyone is reacting to this in different ways but we should all meet on a solid ground and remember to be kind throughout this whole situation and thereafter or else what have we really learned from it at all? ✨

Thank you for reading! 😊 There’s nothing like a mini rant to help you see things more clearly πŸ™Œ Do you have a story about a conflicting emotion to suit the amount of words in your age like this? I’d love to hear it! (I basically just chose my age because that’s what it added up to πŸ€·πŸ˜‚). Take care and I hope you’re well and having a lovely day ❀️

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