Important things to do when you’re “stuck” inside! ✨

Hello! I’ve been expecting you 👀 How are things? ❤️ The other day I was in a helpful mood and the idea for this post sprang to mind: important things to do when you’re “stuck” inside! Why the quotation marks? Well because the new saying is that we’re not stuck inside, we’re safe inside! 💫

Stuck is a debilitating word, especially when there are ways to enable you to feel free. This is a tough time for everyone in some way or another so I’m hoping that at least one of the following things listed below gets you thinking. Let it be known that it’s a-okay if you don’t feel up to doing some of these things as long as you stick to the essentials. Whilst you’re “stuck” inside it is important to:


Whether they are underneath the same roof as you or at the other end of the phone, keep in touch with loved ones and reach out to those that could be lonely. It always helps to have a chat 🙌 People that you think are okay could be putting on a brave face so check in from time to time and remind them that they are not in this alone 💫

Have an outlet

Keep on doing the stuff you love like reading, playing an instrument or baking to name but a few! Not even to keep busy because you don’t have to always be productive, I mean it so as to keep sane because it certainly has helped me in that sense! 😂 It would be nice to come out of this the other side having learnt something new and that could even be the fact that it’s okay to go with the flow and do what you feel at any particular time. Just the other day I wrote a post all about what I’ve been up to in isolation so be sure to give that a read if you’re bored! ✨

Act like you already have the virus…

In a sense that then you’re more likely to be cautious of the actions to take in order to prevent the spread of it.

Take care of yourself

Whilst you’re doing your part to protect others it is essential not to abandon yourself. You can think you’re doing fine and then a wave of emotions can just hit you out of nowhere, this is one of the many forms of our new normal. Don’t beat yourself up about how you’re coping, be gentle and acknowledge how well you’ve done so far.

Don’t feel like you absolutely have to come out of this the other side with a load of knowledge on your shoulders through keeping “productive”. If you can keep busy then that’s great but if you can’t then that’s okay too, this is a whole new ground to navigate and just getting up each day is an achievement. Tbh as long as you’re keeping hydrated and getting enough sleep (ironic coming from a night owl I know 😂) you’re being productive in my eyes because above all, your health is a priority that shouldn’t be surpassed by something you think is more important!

Keep track of what day it is 📅

It’s so easy to forget but it adds some semblance of reality to our lives and routine to be aware of what day it is (even if it doesn’t feel like that day at all! 😂). They all just seem to pass us by but at the end of the week, I don’t know about you, I’d like to look back and be able to differentiate each day and know that I actually lived through it 😂 I’ve lost track of how many days I’ve been in isolation, a month or so anyway, it’s all blurred into one long day that sleep doesn’t seem to want to separate 😂

Appreciate what you’ve got

I know it’s the last thing anyone wants to hear and it doesn’t really change how we are reacting/adjusting to this but we are so lucky and it has to be acknowledged! I have a loving family and although we have our differences at times I don’t know what I’d do without them. A roof is over over my head so that I am able to isolate, there is safety within these four walls which not everyone has (I’m glad to hear that here in Ireland there have been guidelines put in place for those that are not safe right now with the people that they live with & a helpline is available) and food + water (which doesn’t seem to compare to the rest of the list but sure I wouldn’t have survived this long without them! 🤷😂).

These are amongst the things that not everyone is fortunate enough to have and I am grateful for. Don’t let anyone tell you to appreciate what you’ve got as a way of saying your worries are not valid because they truly are 🙌 Only accept it in the context that it can be grounding at times and a good thing to do to take notice of the little things that are in fact big fry 🍟😂

Learn something new

I have a terrible habit of not sticking with things I start (my blog is a mahoosive game changer for me in that sense 😂). So far for me, learning new things is continuously up and down but I still try and thats something at least! At the moment I’m taking a few online courses (The main one I’m sticking to is philosophy ✍️) I’m not sure if it will better my job prospects in the future but I enjoy it all the same and knowledge is knowledge 😂

Keep tabs on the outside world…

…but not to the extent that it overwhelms you! Remind yourself that it is still there and you will return to it goddamnit! 😂 Be aware of what is going on but if it starts to affect you for the worst then switch off whatever you were reading or watching and swap over to something else in an effort to give your mind a break. Know that good news is out there too, it just so often gets overshadowed by the bad stuff.

Get dressed

I’ve had more pajama days than I have had anything else but Sometimes no matter how long it takes me to decide to do so I will just get dressed if only to motivate myself 😂 Lately I’ve been really unwell with painful flare-ups in my legs alongside an infection so whenever I can I’ve been changing out of pajamas into a fresh pair each day, not only to keep clean but to break the monotony a bit and feel good about myself as it is tough to do so when you’re sick and it feels like your body is constantly against you 😓 (wow, things just got deep real fast 😂).

Write to do lists

Lists add structure to a day by giving you something to strive towards and they also allow us to feel more in control (which is very important right now with a lot of peoples lives being turned upside down). I’m in a bit of a canoodle and a conundrum because I want to have daily goals but sometimes when I write things down they never happen purely because I put them out there 😂 Yesterday I achieved today’s goal so maybe I should switch things up or do a weekly to do list that doesn’t limit me to a day 🤔 Speaking of lists, my last blog post was all about the blogging lists that I keep and find really helpful!

Wash. Your. Hands. 👏

Never heard this said so much and rightfully so as it must be kept at the forefront of our minds as we can’t become complacent and forget!

Form a routine

Similar to the point about lists, it is important to adjust or form a new routine in order to cope and attempt to move onwards. I’m still trying to make this one work and I don’t know if it ever will as I didn’t really have a routine beforehand (everything I did was really haphazard 😂), maybe this will be the time for me to finally create a routine that sticks? Although knowing me, by the time I get used to it this will all be over 😂

Find positivity where you can

Life is a beautiful thing and the selfless acts we see each day by people around the world helping others proves that. This will all be over one day and we will come out of it the other side stronger than ever 💪 Choose to focus on the good whenever possible even though it can be so easy to just succumb to the situation, put up a fight! We’ve been through things before (and although they may have gone under a completely different heading) we will get through this too. Sometimes in order to get past things we must battle through when there is no other way around, it can seem like it will never end but before you know it you’ll be looking back wondering where the time went (just like how 2019 went by like Speedy Gonzales without a trace 😂).

STAY INSIDE (if it is possible to do so!)

Yes I’m shouting because it’s something that has to be done (unless you’re following further guidelines for essential reasons, you’re in your garden or practicing isolation whilst out for daily exercise – here in Ireland you’re allowed no more than 2km from your home). A lot of people are smart and don’t need to be told but unless it’s essential then you really should stay inside or self-isolate close by. The amount of people ignoring this and taking advantage of the weather by gathering in crowds is pretty unbelievable so I thought this needed to be said. If you’re able to get out for a walk then check out my post on how to have the perfect stroll to make the most of it! 🍃

Think about what you are going to do when this is all over 🌍

Try to remember that although we are in the middle of this and it feels neverending, this chapter WILL come to a close. Until then all we can do is play our part and in doing that we are not helping to spread the virus! Don’t disconnect to the extent that you cannot humor yourself with the idea of where you want to go when this is all over. Write a bucket list and get excited about it because before you know it this will all be over and you will get to actually do some of it (if not ALL of it!) 🍃

Thank you for reading! 😉 What are your thoughts? Anything I’ve left out? Let me know and I hope you have a lovely day ❤️❤️

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  1. Such an amazing post! Very helpful 😍 I get an idea for a blog post noe reading your post which is to make a bucketlist when all of this is over. Thank you for the inspiration. I also never have a routine and don’t stick to anything only my blog haha 😂 I’m like you. I’m gemini and I get bored easily. I love to write, read, do yoga and go for walks. I also write to do lists because they help me cope. I also lost track of the day 😂 I feel you. I hope you feel better soon lovely ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thanks! ❤️ That’s brilliant! I’m unsure whether or not I should share my bucket list as then I won’t know what to write for my Summer one on here 😂🌞 I wonder how blogging does that to us? It’s a real commitment 🙌✨ Also, the days are going by so fast! I forgot to look at my watch this morning and all of a sudden it was like 2 o’clock 😓 I really appreciate that, hope you’re okay too 🤗💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

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