Blogging lists that help me stay organized! ✨ Letting you in on my secrets 😮

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re well ❤️ For as long as I can remember I have had a thing about writing lists, in fact…it feels like I have one for everything 😂 They are relaxing to compile as well as a source of structure in daily life. Recently I realized that there are quite a lot of blogging lists I have written and swear by keeping so I thought I’d share them with you! You never know, you might find them useful too 🤷

I love to have everything organized, maybe that’s why I took a shine to book-keeping and accounts as it feels SO GOOD to have everything planned and neatly laid out infront of you. The first step towards getting stuff done is realizing that you’ve got to do it at all and writing it down sets that in stone. Plus it makes me feel like I’m in control even when the list is as long as my arm 😂 I know this post won’t be for everyone but having a list works for me. I have a list for:

What post is to be uploaded on a particular day

This list is either blank a lot of the time because I’m so bloody indecisive or it doesn’t get followed but I like to have it so that I can at least try to follow some semblance of order 😂 I’ve started to include it in my new bullet journal which (don’t worry I haven’t forgotten!) I will be bombarding you with photos of it within the next couple of weeks (you see how all over the place my schedule is? 😂).

All of the posts ready to be published = what is in my drafts folder

This list is what keeps my blog ticking because even if I don’t know when I’m posting something at least it’s there for me when and if I need it! 🤷 In isolation I’ve fallen into a habit of typing posts out at the last minute even though they’ve been written down in my notebook for ages, this is mostly because I’m making an effort not to be on my phone a lot but I’m also working on how to use my time effectively so fingers crossed I can make a change in this area ⏱️ It helps to know what I have to work with so that if I decide at the last minute that I’m not ready to shared something yet I can substitute something else in from the list.

In this way a lot of the thought process behind my blog is in written form as I see things a lot clearer when they are let out in that way, it’s like people say about journals: if you write down your thoughts your mind can process/come to terms with them and things begin to make a lot more sense.

ideas! ✨

This is a long list that I choose some options from to add to my drafts folder. Not all of my ideas will make it because some of them are just things I want to take note of and could branch out from later on. Whether or not I’ll write every idea into a post is another story but it’s nice to have them as I used to run out of inspiration a LOT. Nowadays I have a better…you could say system where there’s always something to write about it’s just whether or not I’m in the mood to do so 😂 I have a random list of ideas and a main one that is for series type posts like TBR’s, moodboards, favourites (which are lists in themselves!) and “having” coffee chats ☕. These types of ideas don’t run out after one post and that is the joy of them 😂.

What to add to my drafts folder

Not to be confused with what is actually in my drafts folder, these are ideas that made it onto the next level 😂 They are thoughts that I have decided I definitely want to publish and are written down before they make it into the drafts so that the folder itself isn’t overflowing and for the most part only has things that will go up very soon. I’m trying to empty out the drafts folder so that it only holds posts that will for sure make it out there (as there are a load of old ideas that I’m unsure of but don’t want to say goodbye to yet although I’m pretty sure they are harboring glitches in the app 😬😂). Once they’re gone I will have a folder full of posts that I’m 100% positive about!

Awards/tags I have been nominated for

I’m rubbish at getting around to doing tags/awards, it’s not that I don’t appreciate being nominated for them because I really do! It’s just that I can’t help but want to save them for when I want to write an easy-going post and a lot of the time I have other ideas that make it to the finish line first that I get so excited about sharing so tags often take the backseat but I might just make it a habit to put some time aside for them as they are fun to do and you can learn a lot about a person from them!

All of my uploaded posts since the beginning of time 😂

I love having a list of all my blog posts (I’m currently at 475!) because if anything were to go wrong and they were to be deleted I’d know which ones were gone (after studying the list meticulously of course! 😂). Every evening that I upload a post I write it down and it’s nice having those labels on the memories that I can look back on 💫

Posts that I need to design an image for

This is actually the same list as all of the posts that are in my drafts folder but I put a tick beside the ones I have created an image for (saves me writing them out all over again 👍😂). With a lot of posts that have been in my drafts folder for months I might change my mind about the design I was going for at the time + create a new one which can sometimes mess up the whole thing but it all works out in the end when I can finally share a post with you!

And now you know everything! 😂 Thank YOU for reading! Any fellow list lovers out there? Do you find they help with blogging? Any lists that have changed your life? 😮 Let me know in the comments below and I hope you have a lovely day! 💕

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