Confessions of a night owl! ðŸŒ™

Hi everyone!

How are you today? ❤️ It’s no secret that I am a night owl, I’m my best self in the night and bursting at the seams with inspiration which is good in that moment but not so much the next morning when I can’t drag myself out of bed! 😂 I’m working on it though! Today I thought I’d share some thoughts that cross my mind when I’m wide awake in the middle of the night. This post will be like my Thinking is easier than sleeping post which was a hella fun to write so if you enjoy this then go ahead and read that! I hope this makes you laugh, these are the confessions of a night owl 🦉:

• *Gets in bed at 10pm* I’ll just read for half an hour *finishes and puts down book at 3am and tries to convince oneself that it’s not a big deal*

• Out comes the aromatherapy essence which makes me tired but never actually sends me off to sleep now that I think about it 🤔

• *Light goes off* oh I have an idea! *Light goes on and I write down the idea…light goes off* oh I have another idea *light goes on* I write it down (the light in my head is evidently always on 💡😂). Sometimes I switch the light on and forget the idea but you can’t have everything! 🤷

• 1am isn’t that late because you can still get in 8 hours of sleep and wake up around 9 right?

• What on earth is that ringing sound? (You can find out more about that here 😂).

• Sleeping is weird, why is the aim to lose consciousness??

• Why can’t nighttime positivity seep into the day? I feel so good about myself when I’m overtired and delirious 😂

• If I can fall asleep within ten minutes then I’ll have a better chance of getting the full eight hours in and still wake up early…..I forgot anticipation keeps me awake too 😕

• Okay, so my phone is out of reach in the drawer…what do I do now?

• It’s times like now I could do with a mini fridge 🤤

• *A car drives by* I wonder where they’re going! Do they wish they were in bed? Am I ungrateful lying here awake??

• *Spends the night wide awake thinking about the previous day convinced it will send me off to sleep but it actually just has me worrying about the stuff that I could have done better*

• I won’t regret staying awake this late…..oh but you will when your eyes are as heavy as bricks tomorrow 😂

• How did I forget to get changed for bed?? 🙃

• I need to go to the toilet but there is a guitar case in the hallway that oddly resembles a person…even though I know what it really is I’m too scared to go out there.

• I wonder what so & so is doing right now 🤔 (they’re most likely asleep Lucy, seeing as its the middle of the night)….I bet they’re living through their dreams then….I wonder what they’re dreaming of? ✨….(and on and on and on 😂).

• If I went and stood in-front of that mirror would someone pull me in?….Now I can’t stop looking at the mirror waiting for someone to step out 😬 (On a serious note does anyone else try to catch their reflection out in the mirror? I always try to see if it fully copies me for some reason 🙈😂).

• Why does everything in my room look ten times more interesting at night? 😂

• Beds are like chargers for humans.

• Perhaps I should write a to do list for tomorrow?….if I don’t sleep I won’t be doing anything tomorrow 😂

And that’s that! Thank YOU for reading! I forgot how fun these types of posts are to write 😂 Are you a night owl or the complete opposite? What would you prefer to be? Let me know in the comments below and I hope you have a lovely day ❤️

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