March Favourite’s 2020!

Why, hello there! Am I glad to see you 😉 (feeling so tempted to put a question mark there but I’m not asking, I’m telling! 😂). I hope you’re well on this rather reminiscent day! Maybe it’s not a looking back kinda day for you and you’re actually looking forward? ✨ I tend to do a lot of time pursuing the former of the two but that’s not to say I don’t dream of what could be! 💫

March was a weird one and it didn’t go to plan for obvious reasons but that’s not to say it was bad! At the very beginning before “you know what” came along, I was just starting to get out and about discovering new places and then suddenly the page turned and the plot of the story took a sharp twist that I did NOT see coming (I want to put this novel down but it won’t let me! 😂).

Despite what I said above about getting out, things haven’t changed that much for me. I’ve just reverted back to how things are anyway when I’m unwell and spend ages confined to home. That’s not to say that I’m finding this whole thing easy though. Anyway, THIS is a happy post (grin and bare it Lucy, grin and bare it 😬😂) and I want to share the nice things that happened throughout the month so let’s get on with it! (Did I just read your mind? Bet I did 😂). Here are my March fav’s:

Secret Valley Wildlife Park & lunch at the Wildflower Cafe

Like I mentioned above, I got out before the Coronavirus really reached the country (or maybe it was here already but no one knew? I dunno) and this trip was a surprise for my sister concocted by my mum and I (is it bad that I can’t remember why? A lifetime has passed since then 😂). We had a fun time checking out all of the animals. This little monkey loved my sister’s phone and watched Coldplay’s: Adventure of a Lifetime music video 🐵

His little human-like eyes were glued to the screen and more than once he would scramble off to go grab some food to eat whilst he watched 🍿 There were Alpacas, Llamas, Big goats and baby goats (I’m sure they have their own name but I’m not in a researching mood 😂), they were too cute with their little horns starting to grow and one of them that had been born ten days prior kept following around the man who worked there.

There were a load of other animals too, a lot of them were asleep or I think in hibernation as it was very cold that day though. Look at this goat…the next picture is zoomed in to see the other goat behind him grinning like he/she hasn’t got a care in the world 😂

Afterwards we went to a nearby cafe called Wildflower and it was absolutely packed inside but we were hungry so decided to go in anyway. Maybe it’s the fact that I was with other people that were nervous but it helped my nerves, I felt like we were in it together and it made me get through it telling someone else how to do that too (I think I’ve finally learned something from my How to listen to your own advice post! 😂).

I had a carbonara and MY GOD it tasted good (I felt like shouting it from the rooftops and if there had have been a ladder I might have done so). I enjoyed the time spent with my family as at that point in time it wasn’t everyday that we got to do that and the moment just felt nice 💫

Jumani (the 1995 movie)

I can’t believe it took me this long to see this movie! I found it on TV and luckily I caught it from the beginning (because then I was encouraged to see it through to the end 😂). It’s such a jam-packed film and although the monkeys didn’t look real I did not care, it FELT real and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It will definitely be one of those movies that won’t get old (in my opinion anyway…wait…this is all my opinion 🙈😂) and I can see myself watching it again and again and aga…(so on so forth, I think you get the picture 😂).

Soap & Glory Tin-Tations gift set

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me raving about this! Soap & Glory are a brand that have been a long running favourite in our household so I was mighty happy to receive this for Christmas and even MORE happy when I broke it open last month (you know how I like to save things? Well, nothing is safe in isolation 😂).

I love each and every single product for different reasons (that all unite with the beautiful fragrance that they all contain! 🌸) but we all have a soft spot for one thing in particular when it comes to gift sets and mine has to be the hair mask.It brings out my curls that bit more and softens them, a little bit goes a long way so my hair won’t get needy in isolation that’s for sure! 😂 Should I write a review on it all? I feel like I have so many product reviews in the pipeline that by the time I actually get around to writing them the actual product is a distant memory 😂 But I do want to share my thoughts so we’ll see 👀

Lemon Loaf 🍋

I made this as a mother’s day treat and let’s just say it didn’t go to waste! In fact, I’ve been asked to make more! If I do that I might share the recipe alongside my whole thought process which usually strays from the task at hand 😂

Green tea & Bergamot diffuser 🍃

The last diffuser I had in my room (that I shared with you in my November Favourite’s 2019 post) stopped working even though I still had liquid left in it, is it possible for the reeds to become clogged is what I wanna know? I turned them over persistently but it just doesn’t seem to want to work anymore so I decided to put out a new one (I didn’t throw it away though, I’m keeping the old one out too incase it decides to change it’s ways and you know, WORK 😂.

This Green tea & bergamot diffuser was a gift from a friend and it’s already half empty. It’s really working and freshens up my bedroom which is great because all of the cooking smells travel up from the kitchen to my room even when the door is shut 🤢 (the foods good but if I wanted to smell it I’d go to the kitchen 🤷😂).

All of the stuff I’ve been up to in isolation

Luckily I wrote a blog post about it HERE so you’re spared of the full on rant if you’ve already read it 😂 There were a lot of things I am enjoying like walking my dogs, starting a bullet journal (which I will be sharing soon!) and reading as well as re-reading which counts as reading anyway but ssshhh too many READ words in one go 😂

Thoroughly Modern Milly

My sister is crazy about this film and now I can see why! I am yet to catch it all but that just goes to show how brilliant it is that it still ended up on this list! Julie Andrews is amazing in this and it’s such a captivating movie, well ahead of it’s time. RASPBERRIES (If you know, you know 😂).

Sunsets 😍

I don’t know if I’ve just been looking at them more lately, if the skies gotten clearer or if it’s the best time of year for it (the sun wasn’t really out here in Winter and that made me quite low which I wrote about HERE) but the sky has been scandalous lately! 👏😂 Staring out at the sunset has been such a beautiful way to round the day off! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten my Spring goal to get up early and see the sunrise. I actually did grace the world with my presence early one day but of course that was when the sun decided to play about a bit and not come out until later in the day at which point I had forgotten what I intended to do 🙄😂

The Chocolate Garden & Rathwood Department store

This is somewhere that I want to go back to when this is all over! You see, at the time I had a hot chocolate so I didn’t feel in the mood for any truffles but of course I’m me so I changed my mind later on (I’m in and out of moods like a whippet in a fast kinda way 😂) and I was so ANNOYED with myself for not picking out, I don’t know, a dozen maybe? 😂

After we went to the Chocolate Garden we had a look around the Rathwood Department store which was next to that and yet again, I got nothing because there was so much there and I was overwhelmed 🙈 I can’t really explain that store, it was full of loads of brand sections featuring clothes, kitchen accessories, books, furniture, food, you name it, it was probably there sending me into a frenzy.The place was in the middle of nowhere and yet it was full to the brim with people milling about making a day of it like us. There was a forest outside that we had a walk around but not for long as a mini train that was carrying people to the store (I think) was coming up in the distance so we turned back.

Oh and apparently there was a maze in the shape of the map of Ireland but we had no idea where to find it 😂

Peppermint + tea tree hand mask

Another tea item on the list (and “I don’t HATE it”, if you know what TV series that is from then I will tell you that I love you….*tumbleweed floats by at the prospect of this* 😂). To be honest I was unsure about whether or not I should include this, it was nice in the moment wearing the gloves but afterwards my hands felt like I’d been in the bath for too long 😧 Anywho! The experience was great whilst it lasted and all good things must come to an end!

Thank YOU for reading! How was your month? Did you find it as had to pick favourite’s as I did? I think April will definitely be an interesting list (I don’t know what I’ll do! 🤔). Take care and I hope you have a lovely April! 💕💕

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