My Blogging Props! ♡

Hi everyone!

How are you? ❤️ Let me just start off by saying thank you so much for all of the lovely comments on my last post: what I am up to in isolation! It’s ironic how on the day I shared it I had a really bad migraine so I didn’t get to do any of it but nevertheless! 😂 I’m not quite back on track yet as I’m still coming out of it but I can’t wait to get into doing everything on the list again! It was nice to hear what you’re all up to because I’m as nosy as a person can be! In fact….that was my plan: if I tell them what I’m doing, then they MUST tell me how they’re whiling the time away too, right? 😏😂

Back to the post at hand! Every now and then I will use a prop on my blog or socials and I want to incorporate them a hell of a lot more like I used to! 📸 They are a collection of things that add something extra to a photo and capture your attention, making you want to delve deeper into what is being shown to you.

I don’t know when I stopped using them religiously but I do remember I enjoyed putting together a layout and I want to experience that same joy again when it comes to taking photos. The first step to doing this is identifying what props I actually have and that is where this post comes into play! (You’re basically witnessing me help myself 😂).

Maybe this will give you some ideas of what to use as a prop too? Who knows! 🤷 This post is mainly a compilation of photos so sit back, relax and enjoy the show 🍿 Here is my prop list:

Something inspirational: Quote cards 💫

Quotes are a helpful beacon throughout difficult times and I love seeing them pop up in the background of photos about something else. These quote cards were a gift from my mum and every now and then I will swap them around so that a new burst of positivity is on show. Sharing something inspirational is always a good idea as then the viewer is leaving having been given something and we all like free stuff! 💫😂

Something pretty: Background boards

I have a solid collection of these notepads that host a wide range of backdrop opportunities! Each page has a different pattern and I love switching things up. You will mostly see these when I’m sharing a favourites post and I will lay every item out on-top of them as I don’t know about you but it’s so hard to find a place where I can put an object and take a photo so these come in handy for that! ✨

Something we can all fangirl over: Books 📚

Who doesn’t love a good book? They are what I take the most pictures of tbh 😂 and for a good reason too, they make me happy! Seeing books in photos is always guaranteed to be total eye candy 🍬 The majority of the books in the photo above are from my Book haul that beats all incase you’re in the mood for a bookish chat! (I always am 😂). Magazines are also a good prop now that I think about it!

Something bright: Fairy lights

I was so happy when I started using my fairy lights again, they kind of have a habit of disappearing from here in Spring/Summer because I used to think they only looked good in the colder seasons but I’m going to stop myself right there! ✋ Fairy lights never loose their beauty (well unless the battery runs out 😂) and should be appreciated all year round!

Something cozy: Throws, duvet, carpet (that’s right! I use my carpet as a backdrop 😂)

Fluffy throws are my go-to thing to display in blog posts and my duvet/carpet are always on show as it just makes things easier to use them as a background on days when I don’t feel like going to much effort 🙈 Aha! My laziness is revealed! 😂

Something you can’t help but read: Lightboxes/Peg Boards

My lightbox/Peg board collection is slowly but surely making a reappearance and I can’t tell you how long I’ve spent searching for letters and then realizing the sentence I have chosen has too many T’s or A’s and there aren’t enough to go around 😂 I once did a series on Twitter for Christmas where I shared a festive song lyrics everyday and you can see a photo of each one here if you’re interested! (I’m in the mood for Christmas so I thought I’d just throw that in there incase you are too, I’m covering all boundaries 😂).

Something calm: Candles

I have a load of candles that I haven’t lit yet because they smell so nice and I don’t want to waste them so they are perfect to use in photos! 😂 There’s nothing better than sitting in a room with a candle slowly heating up the room and casting a golden glow everywhere, this is what I am reminded of whenever I see a candle featuring in a picture and if anything it grounds me and I am able to immerse myself fully in what I’m reading.

Something unique: Random objects

Stuff like this blue bottle that I can’t bring myself to get rid of. It’s from when my sister took me to Dublin for my 20th birthday here and reminds me of the amazing time we had together. My room is full of trinkets and ornaments that I have gathered over the years (a lot of them are in my Spring room decor post) and sometimes I’ll write a post and they will come in handy getting the message across! (That’s what I like to believe about all of the things I hoard 😂). Another random prop that I love and know I will be showing you a lot are my magical storage boxes! 🌟

I got them in Homesense last August (and I shared them in my favourites for that month) but have only just gotten round to putting them out in my room 🙈 I’m definitely making more of an effort to clean my bedroom up and make it suit my present self better now that we are in isolation and I’m in there a hell of a lot more 😂 I’m going to fill the boxes with a load of random objects and I’m hoping it will become that safe space that I always talk about putting stuff in (but I forget later) so that this time I will actually remember where everything is! 🙌 You know what? I’ll probably still have no idea 😂

Thank YOU for checking this post out! 😉 Do you use blogging props? What is your opinion of them? Are there any I’ve left out? Let me know in the comments below and have a lovely day! 💕

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  1. I loved this! 😍 I always have a bit of a boring background for pictures haha 😂 I use also my duvet for it or blanket. I love the magical store boxes, so beautiful! I also have loads of stuff in my room. Fairy lights is always a good choice 💕

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  2. okay so i actually cheated and read this post in my emails or something because i was so intrigued and excited to learn about your blogging process! i love all the props, and it’s such a cute vibe! thank you for sharing and i love love the pegboards you use and the decor. it’s just so cosy and quirky!

    Liked by 1 person

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