What I’ve been up to in isolation!

Hey you! Passing person 👋 come marvel at how long I can ramble for without stopping to take a breath 😂 Now that I’ve caught your attention, stay a while! *Discreetly hands out biscuits as a bribe 🍪*. I’m writing this in the evening looking back at a long day which was only eventful because I made it that way (oh these times that we live in! 😂) and it gave me the idea for this post. I was going to just share ideas for what you can do whilst you’re in isolation but then I thought I’d go one step further and let you in on what I’ve been up to as that way it’s kinda like a day in the life as well (I switched tactics so that for the foreseeable moment you can focus on ME basically 😂).

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna go all ranty on you about the current situation we’re in (I already did that in our chat about the Coronavirus and the only thing I currently want to add to that is that as of last night Ireland is now in lockdown), this post will hopefully take your mind off it all so that we are focusing on what we can do in order to get through this time 💪 Lego!

I have been…

Taking Ruby for walks (almost every day!) 🐕

I’ve missed the odd day when I’ve had a bad flare-up of my chronic pain but other than that the routine has stuck and this absolutely amazes me as before it never would have 🙌😂 It’s kinda become the new norm and even Ruby the Labrador knows that it’s our thing now and although we’ve always been close I’ve noticed that she listens to what I say a lot more closely now and does as she’s told because she understands a walk is at stake 😂

It’s a break for both of us from being stuck in the house and I feel like when I don’t do it I get all sluggish. My body has definitely gotten used to the extra exercise 😂 This morning my sister and I took Toby our cavachon for a walk and then later in the afternoon I brought Ruby out. Quite frankly, all I can feel of my legs right now is sheer pain 😂 Soon I’ll be going on the trampoline when the weather fully swaps over to Spring which should be fun as long as I remember to pace and not go overboard! (Literally 😂 fun fact: I once fell off a trampoline, one second I was on it and the next thing I know I was lying in the grass 😬😂).

Reading books of course! 📚 What more do you want from me?? 😂

Finally us bookworms won’t be looked down on for our stash of neverending books, WE are the smart ones and have something to read for the rest of our time in isolation 😂 *Lays down and does a book-angel in a heap of books*. I’ve rediscovered a lot of my past obsessions and am getting mad about them all over again ✨ If there’s anything we’ll come out of this with it’s whole host of possible book reviews 👍😂

Meditating 🤸 (my phone is too old for the proper emoji 🙄😂).

The other day I was feeling really tense and so my sister set up a calming space in the sitting room with yoga mats, candles and mugs of green tea 💚 We meditated, focusing on our breathing and my God it helped how I was feeling. My mind is very numb a lot of the time (brain fog for sale, I got loads I wanna give away! 😂) so it didn’t take much for me to enter that headspace where you just focus on your breathing and we plan on doing it a lot more as it felt so beneficial!

Baking 🍞 and cooking meals (but the latter of the two is a normal occurence so no changes there 😂)

Baking is so therapeutic! 💫 I made a lemon loaf for my mum as one of her mother’s day presents and she loved it 🍋 It’s been so long since I just put all of my attention into following a recipe as I usually just make it up as I go along but seeing it all come together and knowing that I had made it happen made my day! In fact, whilst I was busy in the kitchen I noticed that it didn’t feel like we were in isolation, it felt like a normal day where everyone was just away getting there own stuff done ✨

Playing boardgames 🎲

It took a while but my sister and I are grasping the concept of Dungeons & Dragons 😂 It is one of the many games we have escaped into (alongside Cluedo and The Game of Life) and we’ve later come out of the room being told a lot of laughter could be heard because we were having so much fun! 😆 We probably need more players because the game is very difficult with one hero and the dungeon master (i.e. me!) but nevertheless we’ve already made some lasting memories through playing it that I can’t help but grin about 😂

Writing lists because they keep me sane and help me to feel like I’m in control!

I have been writing a bucket list of all of the places I want to go when this is over 🌍 I’ve kept the list achievable in that all of the places are close by (so I don’t know why I put that world emoji there 😂). Every evening I will try to make a to do list for the next day so that I follow some form of routine and have less of a chance of getting bored. I’ve pinned a lot of lists to a board in my room so that I don’t forget about them too as I’m a forgetful thing! 😂

I FINALLY started a bullet journal

It’s been a long time coming guys 😂 I’m forever commenting on people’s posts about their journals and how I want to start one + being in awe of how awesome theirs looks. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve figured: if not now, when? (I like that! Hence the highlight 😂). I’ve shared a sneak peak of it already today on Instagram here and VERY soon and I might even make a blog post to compliment that and go through my whole thought process on the theme I chose!

Spring cleaning 🍃

My wardrobe is finally seeing the light after so long of everything just being stuffed in there 😂 My room is also sprucing up as I know that having a cleaner space will help my mind cope with being in it a lot more. There is still a long way to go but I’m not stressing over it, I’ve made it into a fun pastime because I keep finding a lot of things I had forgotten about 😂 which leads me on to my next point…

Working my way through products I had forgotten I own

Hauls, Christmas presents, birthday gifts, you name it, I’ve found it! 😂 I’m sharing a lot of it over on my insta stories as I like the idea of doing those mini reviews before it is showcased here on my blog.

Getting artsy 🎨

I’m gathering all of my painting tools so that soon one afternoon I will unleash my creative side….take cover! 💥😂 I haven’t done this for a long time because I always feel like I’ll make a mistake so I don’t try at all and that’s just plain wrong. I plan on just enjoying myself and getting lost in an activity that I used to treasure ✨

I’ve been relaxing and I REFUSE to make myself feel guilty about that

It’s weird that I feel like I’ve been more busy whilst in isolation but at the same time I have had my fair share of just lounging around too because I don’t want to overdo it and sometimes you just need to stop and give yourself a breather without having anything on the agenda 👍 It’s OKAY to not be busy! Whenever I feel myself getting bored I’ll think of what I want to do but sometimes I’m not bored, I just want to sit there and do nothing if only for a while if that makes any sense at all? 🙈

Keeping tabs on the outside world 🌍

I’ve been avoiding creeping into my comfort zone too! I hear all the news that I feel like I need to in order to keep up to date with things even if a lot of it is daunting and the strength of those who are out there risking their lives in order to care for others should never be forgotten 👏

Not putting my hair in its usual bun

A bun is my signature style but I know how much of a strain that puts my scalp under so I’ve made an effort to either wear my hair down or in a low pony tail and I’ve stuck to it! Where I felt like my hairline was receding it’s now starting to grow back too which is fabulous! 😁

Going on my hoverboard

I get so engrossed in going backwards and forwards on my hoverboard. It seriously is like being on a bike in that it’s difficult to forget how to do it after a break although it is hard to get off it without toppling over too 🤷😂

Watching movies and surviving on reality TV 📺

I’m still getting in my daily dose of the Real Housewives don’t you worry about that! 😂 I’ve also been watching cooking channels and getting inspiration for recipes that I want to try out! 🍲

Keeping in touch with family and friends 💕

Is it strange that I feel like I’m more in touch with everyone whilst we’re in isolation? 🤔😂 The majority of our lives have all slowed down so that we are all on a similar wavelength and this is something that I hope stays long after the virus has been defeated 🙌

Writing my novel & other stories

Inspiration is luckily at an all time high at the moment and I’m taking full advantage of it! ✍️ I’ve set off on a new venture that I will hopefully be able to share with you one day as well 👀

Drinking loadsa herbal tea 😋

I love me some herbal tea 🤗 I’ve started having a mug every morning (either peppermint or chamomile) and then later in the day I might have berry or matcha 💚 Just the thought of it has my mind wandering to the cupboard that houses them all and I’m mentally making myself one 😂

Making sure I get dressed everyday

It’s a struggle to get changed on the best of days so how was isolation gonna be any different? 😂 It helps that I go for walks and I can’t do that in my PJ’s for sure 🙌 Of course I’m not going to force myself on days that I don’t feel well but it always sets the right scene for the day if I do it.

Colouring 🖍️

I went on a HUGE hunt for my Crayola twistables and eventually I found them 😅 No search was needed for my colouring books as I have them hidden in a “secret” compartment in my desk (it’s not a real secret because I tell everyone but I like the sound of it anyway 😂). I find that when I am colouring my mind is fully in it and I’m not thinking of anything else so it’s a worthwhile escape, especially before I go to sleep! 😴

Trying my absolute hardest to remember what day it is 😬

Is it Monday? Is it Thursday? I don’t know but a part of me always make a point of figuring it out in order to keep up with my blogging schedule of posting every third day 🙌😂 I have a big whiteboard in my room that has sectioned calendar squares and I haven’t updated it since the beginning of the year so I think I’m gonna do that and put a main task for each day!

Learning new things

I’ve been Checking out online courses and keeping my mind busy with facts! The online courses are something that I always do but I have definitely noticed that I’ve found myself looking for nuggets of information to take on so that I feel like I’m learning something new everyday. I want to master a wooden knitting doll I have that is really fiddly to use (maybe it’s faulty as I’m TRYING but it’s not working 😂) and I attempted Diablo yesterday but it’s so confusing, either way I really want to master it so I might put aside the topsy turvy instructions and just watch a YouTube video of how to do it instead 😂

Reading & writing LOADS of blog posts…

It just takes me some time to type them out as one extra thing I’m doing is making sure I’m not on my phone all of the time. Ideas that I’ve had for ages are flourishing and finally coming together 😄 and I’m loving all of the posts that have been popping up in my feed, there’s nothing better than discovering a good post and having the time to sit back, read it (with a mug of the herbal stuff 😂) and fingers crossed find the words to explain how much I liked it!

Thank YOU for reading! 😉 I’d be lying if I said I was finding this whole thing easy, especially with not being able to hug my family 🤗 but I’m trying my best to keep positive and I hope that projects itself onto this blog! ✨ What have you been up to? I’m intrigued to know 💫 I hope you’re having a lovely day, take care 💕

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  1. Such an amazing list of things to do! ❤️ When I don’t go outside I just don’t dress myself haha staying in pyjamas is much better though 😂. I also love the talks I have with my friends now and hope to video call more people. It feels more genuine and deep. I always make to do lists. They keep my mind sane. Reading and meditation too. I also need to do a spring clean haha 😂 but too lazy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! 💕 Yeah, video calls with friends/family are so much more enjoyable than phone calls. I’m so up and down with spring cleaning but things are slowly coming along 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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