Narwhal Cookies! 🌊🐳

Hello blogging fam! 👋

Stop what you’re doing, I have something VERY important to tell you…..are you ready?…..I made narwhal cookies 😮…wait, what do you mean you could tell by the title of the post? 🤔 Whatever, I totally surprised you! (Just let me have this and I’ll shut up 😂).

Incase you don’t know, Narwhals are whales that have a large tusk upon their heads and they look so darn magical! ✨ They are basically the closest thing to water based unicorns 🦄😂 and have slowly taken over the obsession I had with sloths for sure! (Although I’m quite crazy about most animals!).

Last month I came across a cute narwhal cookie decorating kit by Bakery Bling and I thought it looked a hella fun so it was in my basket faster than you can say “why is she telling me this?” and here we are today! 😂

The cookies themselves were a bit soft as they were a month out of date 🙄 but this was all mainly for the purpose of getting creative so we’ll let it slide! I thought I’d show you how it all went so here goes everything:

To start off I arranged all of the ingredients out. I had: the cookies themselves all shaped like narwhals, icing, eye/mouth/blush pieces and loads of blue crystals 💎 (I am aware that this is a diamond emoji but it’ll have to pass as a crystal for the purpose of this post 😂).

I then piped on the icing, going around the edges first so it would be easier to fill in the rest. After that I used a knife to smooth it out (it took me getting to the end of doing this on all of the cookies that I realized I was supposed to leave a patch for their bellies…shoulda, coulda, woulda but didn’t! 😂). I slowly applied the facial features which really made it start to take shape. One of them had 3 eyes as there was an extra 👁️😂

Sprinkling on the blue crystals was a messy job but it had to be done! For the most part they stuck to the cookies because of the glue like icing but it was turning to rock fast which was a problem that could only be resolved by hurrying up! 😂

And ta da ✨ Narwhal cookies complete! Some were missing their tails because the box had previously been bashed about a bit but I think they turned out pretty neat!

*PS. I used my Canon SX430 IS camera to take all of the photos in this post just incase you want to know as it came out pretty clear!*

Thank YOU for checking out this post! 😉 Have you ever made animal cookies before? Let me know and I hope you have a wonderful day! 💕

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