Braveness in Blogging! πŸŒΉ

Hi everyone!

This is something I wrote a little bit about back in 2017 on Twitter that I thought would be nice to share with you all 🐦 I compiled a list of all the brave things we bloggers do ✨ (most of the points can also be applied to YouTubers as well!). Sometimes you just need to be reminded of the stuff that you might not have noticed were achievements so today we are going to go through some brave acts that you may or may not have done in your blogging lifetime.

Feel free to leave any more that you can think of in the comments and we can create a long list that brings a load of happy memories! ✨ Here goes everything, it is brave to:

…Start a blog

It is a big step putting yourself out there and allowing yourself to be judged. The way I would recommend to get into blogging is to just jump in headfirst as that is what I did and I survived πŸ˜‚ You learn as you go along and no amount of preparation is going to change that so don’t put it off by saying you’re not ready, just do it if you want to!

…write a personal post

This can take a lot out of you. For me there is a huge buildup behind posting something personal as a lot more than just typing goes into it. You have to actually want to share it first and that in itself is a notable feat before thinking about how to do it, then actually going ahead with it and all that this entails before putting it out there and waiting for it to be reciprocated 🀞

…allow your posts to receive comments

By doing this you are leaving yourself open to receiving not only good messages but also bad ones and that is a very huge step especially when you’re writing from the heart and any glance in the wrong direction can really bring you down. Knowing this could happen and still doing it is incredible and should always be acknowledged πŸ’Œ

…comment on someone elses blog

I used to be nervous about coming across as a crazed fan when commenting on another bloggers post but that feeling has sorted itself out over time. When I want to comment and let someone know that I’ve enjoyed their post, I will!

…share your blog with someone you know

I did this straight away with my family and they were very supportive of what I am doing but sadly this isn’t the case for everyone. Let it be known that it is also okay not to want to tell anyone about your blog, you’re allowed to keep it to yourself if that is what you want to do. Whatever keeps you going strong is what is important ✨

…Be the real you

Random I know as how could you be anyone else? 😡 But it is brave to show everyone your true self as it’s easy to mask over the facts and make everything seem perfect in your safe space when in reality it is anything but. To show this side takes guts and again it is up to you if you choose to do it and if you do then don’t ignore the achievement as it is a mighty one. It takes a lot off of your shoulders to admit you’re going through a tough time as talking about it can only help yourself and others too, that is what being real is, showing the good as well as the bad.

…allow yourself to be changed

Confidence is a good example of this one! It is awfully brave to acknowledge a change in yourself, accept it as a good thing and welcome it with open arms. I’ve grown a lot since I started blogging, so much that old posts feel so distant and yet they hold such lovely memories πŸ’•

…go to a bloggers event

I enjoy bloggers events and being surrounded by like-minded peeps! Don’t get me wrong, they make me very anxious but I always come away feeling like I’ve had a good time and that’s worth the nerves.

…stand up for what you believe in within a post

Voicing your opinion keeps you sane! πŸ™Œ There might be someone out there with a similar perspective who is waiting for someone else to share it so start off that chain of events and don’t feel alone in your thoughts.

…go self-hosted

This is on the cards for the future when I use up all of the free space on WordPress but luckily that isn’t for a while as the idea of going self-hosted stresses me out! As much as it worries me though I know I will make it happen one day as the idea of ever having to give up blogging hurts a hell of a lot more πŸ˜‚

…take a blogging break

I used to think that taking a break was a bad thing until I actually took one myself and it felt so GOOD (I even wrote I post on all that I learnt about taking them here that is worth a read if you’re considering going on one yourself). It really put things into perspective and I no longer feel bad about going away as I come back ten times stronger! πŸ’ͺ

And on that note! πŸ˜‚ Thank YOU for reading! Now it’s your turn to get involved, leave your thoughts in the comments and I hope you have a wonderful day! πŸ’•

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  1. I miss the interactions that use to exist here but I thought maybe I took too long of a break. But I’m trying to look at it in the same way (if I put in more effort and find new people, the interactions will start again).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like a lot of people that used to be on here are coming back so hopefully you won’t feel lonely for too long ✨ I’m here if you ever want to chat! Yes, it will definitely all fall into place πŸ’•


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