The ringing sound at midnight…it’s very random

It never fails at 12 o’clock

the sound is not one you can block

I have a strange idea of where it comes from

when it jolts me awake my heart beats like a drum

it’s insane, I know it couldn’t possibly be true

but I think I’ve swallowed a watch and that this is my clue.

Sometimes when I yawn I hear a distant “tock”

and I honestly believe it is a mock

Im getting distressed, I don’t know how to overcome

this paranoia, it makes my mind feel numb.

When I told you, you laughed, we began to argue

It’s tearing the family apart, this issue.

If I could just get some sleep I know I’d drop like a rock

This realization has come as such a shock.

I would pay a hefty a ransom

to be released from this routine…it’s very random.

I don’t know, maybe I’ll just have to accept it, the time is due

*RING RING* sleep is put on hold as is an end to a peaceful rendezvous.

Thank YOU for reading! This is a true story and if you’re truly concerned…I found out that the watch belongs to my sister and is NOT inside me 😂 (although that doesn’t explain the “tock” sound I hear when I yawn 😢🤔). She works in a creche and one of the kids is obsessed with her watch and keeps setting alarms on it for midnight 😠 I wrote this poem whilst in a huff about it one night and as it’s still going on I thought I’d share it with you as it’s a very big part of my life at the moment (impactful on my beauty sleep and and all 🙄😂). I hope your sleep is better than mine 😭❤️

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