Surviving the evenings until Summer

Hi everyone!

Evenings have been very difficult for me lately. For a while my mood was low early on in the day and then as time went by it would plummet that bit more in the evenings. Luckily the mornings have gotten easier but the evenings are still a struggle. This numb feeling in my mind just takes over and I know it is since I passed out (I mentioned about that here), I think I’m still in shock from being blind for a while and it’s going to take some time to recover from being consciously in the dark alongside some other bad symptoms.

It kinda feels like I’m still in the dark and anytime the days are brighter I am slowly lifted out of it again. I know for sure that the dreary weather we are having is NOT helping! Whenever the sun comes out I am more like myself again so that explains how when the sun disappears I feel lost.

I was also incredibly happy when it snowed the other day…I think it’s just nice seeing a change as opposed to blank skies and rain all the time. I cannot wait for longer daylight hours as I feel like they will help a great deal in improving my mood. I often moan about Summer when it arrives because of the unbearable heat but at least it doesn’t make me feel down like this 😂 Don’t get me wrong I love Winter, that is why this is so weird but at the moment something about it isn’t clicking into place internally. Hopefully with Spring things will become easier.

I have gathered a list of things that make the evening that bit more bearable, a survival kit of sorts:

Lucozade: We decided to buy some Lucozade after someone who witnessed my bad flareup recommended it. If I feel my mood drop fast I can catch it by drinking Lucozade and I’ll feel better. It’s really strange. Maybe it’s to do with a drop in sugar levels, either way if it keeps up I will have to go and see my doctor if anything to get it down on record.

Himalayan rock salt lamp: This is a random one but we recently got a Himalayan rock salt lamp and every evening we’ll switch it on. I do feel a beneficial difference whenever I am around it. Even if that is my mind wanting begging to feel a change at least it’s happening 🤷😂

Heating/hot water bottle: I thought that maybe if my surroundings don’t feel like winter and I’m kept warm then I might feel better and it does help a little bit. It’s good to keep warm in this weather anyway but I like to think I’m tricking my mind/body into believing it’s actually Summer 😂

Being out in the sun whenever possible ☀️

Almost every day that I don’t have a migraine flare-up I will take the dogs for a walk and absorb some vitamin D from the sun 😂

A distraction: I do seep in and out of feeling like this so whenever I am okay I will try to hold onto the feeling by doing/focusing on something else. Laughter is a good distraction as if I can still joke then I know it’s not taking me over and I’m still here trying to fight it.

Thank YOU for reading! 💕 From what you’ve read above do you have any tips on how to cope with an intense mood change? It’s been going on for a while now but because the mornings are starting to feel better I have hope that I can deal with the evenings too so any help is greatly appreciated. I hope you have a lovely day ✨

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