How to listen to your own advice! πŸ’­

Hello there! πŸ’– Welcome back to my blog! You’ve arrived at the perfect time, take my word for it (although I would be saying that! πŸ˜‚). Today’s post is all about how to listen to your own advice. I’m no expert but the amount of times I have given advice and can relate to a certain situation but don’t listen to myself is unreal so I think this post is long overdue and well needed! πŸ˜‚

Now before I jump into the post I want to say that of course you should listen to those that have your best interests at heart and take their advice into consideration but don’t ignore that extra nugget of wisdom you can provide for yourself! That is what this post is all about!

β€’ Acknowledge the fact that you can help yourself

Don’t put yourself down before you’ve even heard yourself out (in fact, don’t ever put yourself down!). Perhaps think about why you didn’t think you could be of help before and change that mentality by opening your eyes to what you have to offer yourself. This moment of realization can feel incredible!

β€’ Write a list of what you can/should do and really think it through

Go through all of your options and read deeply into each one to make the right decision for you! Take your time with this one, there is no rush (unless you’re on a deadline πŸ€” in which case DO NOT take your sweet time πŸ˜‚).

β€’ Ask yourself what advice you would give to someone you love (as you should love yourself too)

This is usually what I do! πŸ™‹ We give away the best advice to those we care for so why not keep it/take it in as shouldn’t we care for ourselves as well?? 🀷 The answer to that question is a capital .

β€’ Map out whether or not your advice is the right route to take by going through the pro’s & con’s

This is a great way to figure out an answer and put yourself on the right path towards where you want to be! Include your advice to yourself within a list of things other people are telling you, it’ll make things a hell of a lot simpler when it’s all there in front of you and not just floating in your mind making you stressed.

β€’ Know that your opinion is valid and you have the ability to propel yourself to a better place

What you have to say is just as (if not more πŸ˜‰) important than what you’re hearing around you. YOU know what you want! especially if you haven’t voiced it before, in which case you’re the only one who knows what you want so why wouldn’t you give yourself the chance to help bring your goals closer to where you are today?

And there we are! I hope you enjoyed this post and find it helpful at one point or another. Can you think of any other ways/reasons why you should listen to your own advice? Let me know in the comments below and have a wonderful day! ❀️

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  1. Uiydhaodhowjs. I’m going to scream.
    I’m basically an advice machine to myself. But hardly ever listen. Whoops!
    I. Love. Your. Posts.
    The. End.

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  2. Hey girl. I love this post I think it’s wonderful. I went to your site in The browser and I was having an issue pulling it up so I could reblog it. I’ve tried to access it through the browser 10 times today. Still tho it’s an awesome post. I like the way you broke it down on how we should be mindful and take our own advice.

    Liked by 1 person

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