My Winter bucket list 2019/2020

Hi everyone! 💙 Today I am properly welcoming Winter in with some expectations I mean goals I have set for myself 😂 Seeing as it has been Winter for a while now I have actually already made a start on these goals (the festive ones now that Christmas is over 😭🎄). I wrote this post before Christmas so it still reflects all of the festive feels 🎅

I think I’m going back to being adventurous with my bucket list’s like I used to be because stuff is actually happening around me, memories are being made and it’s inspiring me to keep it up 😆

Like I said above, some of these goals were set before 2020 but I still wanted to include them in this post so they can all later be revisited together. If this list is anything to go by, Winter is going to be a special one to look back on (so far it has been!) and I’m very excited to share it with you:

Go to a Christmas market

I really, really, REALLY want to make this happen! You never know what you’re going to find at a Christmas market and I might also be lucky enough to go to one that gives out free mince pies + a hot drink 🤤 it’s all about the foodie treats with me 😂

Try/do new things + make memories

This was a goal I had in both Summer and Autumn and it happened both times so of course I’m continuing it!! There are a few things I want to start doing again which are still new to me like swimming (I went to one lesson last year I think so I know how to float and that’s about it 😂). I had a bad flareup after trying that but I know that if I can just battle through that my body has a better chance of getting used to the activity. There is also a local group that I’ve been planning on joining! I’ll let you know more about this if it happens 🤞💫

Tidy my room (for real this time!)

I need to tidy my room, it’s not even funny anymore it’s a complete mess 😂 I’m not gonna wait to make it a Spring clean I want it done so that spring will just be figuring out where the little things should go.

See a pantomime/theatre play

Last year I went to see Aladdin in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre and it was so funny and got me in the mood for Christmas quickfast so I definitely want to go see something again!

Watch a load of festive movies 🎥

The Christmas channel is up and running on the TV so I’mma take full advantage of it and watch a load of festive movies! 🍿

Paint the upstairs bathroom

At the moment the upstairs bathroom is a purple-pink and it’s been that way since we moved here so it’s certainly time for a change! I’ve gotten some tester pots for a light shade of blue but first I need to put a damp proof seal and then apply white paint so that the colour will show up clearer as opposed to just layering it on top of the purple-pink 🤔 We’ll see!

Stay warm 🌡️

Yes this is a serious goal! 😂 It’s absolutely FREEZING and what with my Raynaud’s which is triggered by a change in weather/drop in temperature I need to take care of myself and stay warm!

Thank YOU for reading! What are your goals for the new season? ❄️ Let me know and have a lovely day! 💙



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