December Favourite’s 2019! ⛄

Hi everyone! ❤️ We are well into January so this post is a tad late but I’mma share it anyway (I always try my best to waste absolutely NOTHING in a digital sense too 😂). December is always a bittersweet month for me to say goodbye to in these favourite posts o’ mine because it signifies the end of a year and not only that this time round but a DECADE! 😮 Like how? While I’m contemplating this you guys can go ahead and see what made my month:

All things festive 🎄

I had a lovely Christmas despite not feeling festive as the house was flu ridden 😂 It was nice spending time with my family, joking around and getting to see their reaction to the gifts I got them (as well as receiving some great stuff myself! 😆😂).

My Advent calendar for the month (pictured above) was Monty Bojangles which are various flavoured cocoa dusted truffles and they were GOOD 🤤 I received some little boxes of these for Christmas as I enjoyed the calendar so much! Because I had the flu I missed out on opening the doors closest to the big day so as soon as I felt better I had a LOT of doors to open and chocolates to scoff 😋

I also enjoyed flicking through the TV guide and being in the know in terms of what was on to watch! 🍿I purchased both the RTE Guide (which is the Irish edition) and Radiotimes (UK channels) and aside from reading the interviews in both I mostly stuck to the Radiotimes. In our sitting room we have the UK channels and I was expecting to be in our kitchen for the Irish channels too (which is why I got the RTE Guide) as that is how it was when I had the flu but I spent more time in the sitting room with the Radiotimes. So much that I want to get it again as I feel empty not knowing what shows are going to be on 😱😂 but I can’t seem to find a new edition anywhere so for now I’m outside of the loop!

The iron giant movie

This movie is very hypnotic and old–timey. It’s a re-watchable, entertaining story with a hidden meaning about a robot that arrives on Earth and forms an unlikely friendship with a young boy.

O’Brien’s café’s Christmas sandwich

I had this when out shopping with a friend (who had the festive wrap edition) and it was simply scrumptious! Sadly all I can remember of what it consisted of was the cinnamon toast as it was a powerful flavour that led to me leaving a bit of it behind 😂

The little books of sloth & otter philosophy

These books are little pearls of wisdom and nice to flick through! I was first drawn to the sloth one (as they are my thing now, I’ve moved on from owls 🦉😂) because it motivates people to slow down and not feel like they have to rush to get things done in a certain space of time. The sloth is a slow creature and yet they aren’t lazy, they are incredibly smart in how they have it all figured out.

Barry M lipgloss

I’ve started wearing lipgloss (I may have mentioned it at the end of my return post! 👀) and I love how this one gives my lips a rosy glow and hydrates at the same time! It was only €1 as the box was supposed to have a lipliner too but it didn’t so the price was brought down which is good as I’m only interested in gloss at the moment! 👄

Twerk pong

This game contains a box that you tie around yourself and fill with ping pong balls and you compete against someone else by twerking (or in my case cheating by just shaking like a mad thing 😂) until the box is empty. My sister and I tried it and had so much fun and a lot of laughs. I’ve never been so out of breath and Toby the dog was scratching at the sitting room door trying to get in so that he could play with one of the ping pong balls, it was a crazy moment in time 😂

Aladdin gift set from Penney’s

I nabbed this for a fiver instead of €10! I’d had my eye on it before and I’m glad I waited to get it. I needed a new mug and this one is just perfect for my daily tea’s ☕ The set contains an Aladdin mug and a pair of nice thick socks 🤗…I’ve already lost them but I’m guessing they’re somewhere in my wardrobe 🙏😂

Presents from the lovely Christina over at the Sea of Words blog 🎁

Christina and I exchanged gifts this year and it was such a nice surprise to receive these beautiful presents from her!! It’s also amazing to think that what I sent is now over in the Netherlands and this lot has come over from there, it feels magical ✨😂 I will treasure these and make sure that I remember where the festive ornaments are for next Christmas! 🎄 Of course, the chocolate santa is long gone 🎅🏻😂

panettone selection

I tried panettone for the first time and it is very nice! My favourite has to be the chocolate drop ones you can get (I received a large one for Christmas that I cannot wait to slice). I also have a chocolate orange panettone that I need to remember not to forget as it’s fallen down the back of the cupboard in the kitchen 😂 Panettone has only just been introduced into my life and I’m already crazy about it!

Toasted Marshmallow hand soap + lotion

I saw these in Tkmaxx and went home considering whether or not they were worth the risk as I didn’t know what they smelt like, I later went back for them and they are gorgeous! The scent is subtle and yet it carries with you a gentle perfume. I’m certainly glad I got them and they’re such big bottles that they will last ages! 😍

Scorpio horoscope book

I’ve been looking at this everyday to check if it corresponds with my life 😂 Sometimes it does but other times I’m kinda digging for a connection. Regardless I’m glad I got it as it was only €1.50 and I got a free pen with it!

Thank you for reading! 😉 What were your favourites throughout December? I hope you’re having a lovely day! ❤️



  1. I will also share my December favourites this weekend haha never too late 😂 That sandwich looks so delicious 😍😋 I love to read about my horoscope and astrology. I’m so happy you liked my presents. I loved yours too!!! ❤️ The toasted marshmallow hand soap and lotion sounds amazing, need that haha. I’m sorry you had the flu with Christmas. I hope you are doing better now ❤️🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t wait to read it! The sandwich was too good, their season stuff is always delicious 😋 Thank you, I’m much better now but my family are coming down with the virus again 😂 hope you’re well ❤️xx

      Liked by 1 person

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