Emerging with 2020 vision

Hi everyone! How have you been?? ❤️ I’m back from my break with a whole new year stretching out ahead of me, I’ve got 2020 vision!….not in reality what with my glasses and all that 🤓 but I had to make some sort of pun 🤷😂

Since my last past I no longer have the flu although I still have the leg pain and I am on strong meds to help fight it but I’m substituting in a therapy gel which I find helps as I don’t want to become reliant on the tablets as they make me very drowsy no matter how much they help.

As well as this being the reason as to why I took a break I also had my aunt staying over from England (she went home this morning). It’s always like we’re on holiday when she’s around so I decided to take heed of that and stay away from the blogosphere a little longer and I managed to write some posts whilst I was away which I am very pleased about! ✍️

On the 3rd of January my cat Skirtsey passed away. I wrote about her here back when she had her operation which gave her a new lease of life until it was time for her to leave. I’m grateful for that extra time we had with her. She was old so I’ve come to terms with it but I’m still quite upset as she was so special.
In the past I haven’t really considered myself to be a cat person but Skirtsey changed that as she loved a rough fuss like a dog 😂 I wish I could hold her once more, on the morning it happened I held her paws while my dad rocked her like a baby and she stared up at us almost saying thank you because she couldn’t move, it was very emotional as you can imagine. She left on her own terms upon arriving in the carpark at the vet to be put down and I think that says a lot about the soul that she was. She will never be forgotten. God I’m crying I have to stop 😭 This was a sad start to the year but I’m not going to let it set a standard, I choose to see it in a positive light in that Skirtsey is no longer in pain and her spirit is running around (or more so being chased around) the garden by our old dog Heidi ❤️

This morning we went and got our new cat, Bertha! I will be writing more about her very soon but what I will say is that she is very playful for a 10 year old cat, vocal (meowing every ten seconds) and gassy (she let off a stinker when we met her 😂). She’s a little fusspot 🤗

It doesn’t feel like a year let alone a decade has passed. I can only bring to mind a few powerfully significant moments that stood out for me in 2019 but I know that I have to look deeper to see a whole lot more. I will be sure to write about a lot of it when I revisit my resolutions before writing a new daunting yet oddly thrilling list for 2020 ✨

I lost faith in myself when I started on my blogging break as a lot of posts went to waste because of it and it kind of kicked my goals in the teeth so I’m going to work on building the mindset I had beforehand back up no matter how difficult that may be.

A lot frightens me about the year ahead, so far I have been saying I will face it head on but I’m realizing that sometimes this isn’t the best way to tackle things. I need to build up my confidence again as I was on a good track to doing so before and I want to do things that I know I’ll regret missing out on. I’m not going to force myself to acknowledge the past or beat myself up about it. I’m going to look forward to the future, what it has the potential to bring and appreciate what I’ve got. Of course I’ll bring you along on that journey 😂

I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate it of course!). Let me know how you’re doing in the comments! 💌 I wish you all a Happy New year 😘 (*pouts* because guess what? I wear lipgloss now! 😂 This is coming from a girl who thought she’d never wear makeup as it usually makes her feel uncomfortable but SHE has found a particular style/shade she likes and is a hella happy about it! 😆 It’s difficult speaking in the second or third person…whichever one it is! 😂 New year kinda new but just as annoying me 😂. Anywho! Thank you for reading and I will see you soon ❤️



  1. I’m sorry your cat passed away 😢. I’m here for you. I can understand that that hurt you. He will be forever in your heart. I’m glad you are feeling a bit better. How nice that you wear lipgloss now haha ❤️ I prefer that sometimes then mascara and all stuff because hurt my eyes. Taking make up off is such a struggle.

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