Autumnal Moodboard 2019!

Hi everyone! ❤️ How are you on this blustery day that might not be so cold where you are? (It doesn’t pay to make assumptions about these things as it could very well be the height of Summer where you are ☀️🤷😂). Today I’m going to share my Autumnal Moodboard with ya! 🍁

“It’s almost Winter” I hear you say 🤔 Well it’s always Autumn in my heart and I’m getting in there officially before it ends so there! 😂🍂 I enjoyed putting together my Summer moodboard HERE (which was my first ever one at all) so I thought this would be an even more fun idea seeing as I love Fall a lot (join the club Lucy, join the club).

I made it and accidentally clicked out of the design app and lost it 🤦 but luckily I still had all of the images used in the collage (calmness was restored 😌😂) so I put it together again with a different layout than I had planned but nonetheless I am pleased with it as it’s sending STRONG Autumn vibes my way. Feast your eyes on my creation:

I made sure it featured candles, hot drinks and golden leaves! Whilst on a search for a photo of a blanket I came across the tartan pattern and decided to add that instead as it reminds me of a blanket/throw and I added the sticker quote “pumpkin spice & everything nice” as it called out to me, “use me” it said, so I did……you mean to say this kind of stuff doesn’t happen to you when you see something that is just meant to be? A lil conversation between you and something that couldn’t possibly have free will to speak like that?? 😲 Just nod and say yes, I’ll live 😂

Thank YOU for checking out this post! What do you think of my Moodboard + what would be the most important thing you couldn’t leave out of an autumnal moodboard? Please tell me I added it!? 🙏 Let me know and have a cozy day! 💛



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