Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo 2019 ✨

Hi everyone! How are you today? ❤️ On the evening of the 16th of November I traveled to Dublin Zoo to meet up with a friend and see the Wild Lights! ✨ This show is held every year and sees the entire zoo be transformed into various scenes using spectacular lights + effects (this year it goes on until January 5th 🎫).

This year’s theme was fairytales and Irish mythology as well as there being live Chinese performers! LOADS of stories, myths and legends were interspersed around the vast area and it made for a fun time going around taking in the sights and snapping photos. As usual I’m using my blog to share this with you as well as to cement the memory as I know I’m going to want to look back on it 💫

I’m writing this post in a flu ridden state and would like to thank you for all of your comments helping with the pain in my last post 🙌 You guys are fantastic! As well as catching it off my sister (who was planning on coming with me to see the lights but wasn’t up to it), the experience out in the freezing cold that I am writing about today did NOT help how I’m feeling right now but nevertheless it is an amazing memory to have!

This post is more of a photo dump of some of the sights and I will add my thoughts here and there so as to break the monotony. Here it goes in the order I saw them! 🎉

Peter Pan

The very first scene we saw was Peter Pan and it got me excited for what was to come! ✨


I actually took this photo on the way out of the zoo as it was a lot less busy then. They were huge shoes!

We walked through a rainbow tunnel to get to…

The wizard of Oz

A sign led us towards the yellow brick road where Dorothy and her friend’s stood to attention 🦁 but first…

Glinda the good witch of the South appeared in a dome 🌟

The detail in the characters faces was incredible and I kept thinking they were going to come to life.


I couldn’t leave these cuties out! 🐻

Another World

Or at least I think that was the name of this part! Full of endangered & extinct animals plus a gigantic tree 🌲

The tree reminded me of animal crossing and I had to stretch my neck back to get the full view of it!

The Chinese performers were really good with shows starting every 15 minutes on from the last. They danced, balanced plates on poles as well as shocked everyone into thinking they would get hit by the Diablo part of the act! 😲😂

The jungle book

The Jungle book held a very adventurous air and the story was played out kind of like still motion.

Irish mythology

I recognized the Irish myths from school 😂 There were a lot more but I chose to save my phone battery for the nursery rhymes 😏

The salmon of knowledge brought back a load of memories and I found myself retelling the story as I witnessed it.

Ogham stones showcase an ancient form of writing and here in the zoo there was a long line of them that I absolutely loved walking past as it felt like I had traveled through time!

Christmas scene

I gravitated towards the Christmas scene as it held powerful festive vibes 😂

More Fairytales

The velveteen rabbit 🐇

The frog prince 🐸

the tortoise and the hare 🥇

Jack and the beanstalk 🌱 I instantly imagined going over the barriers and climbing up the beanstalk when no one was looking but I didn’t act on these thoughts 🙌😂

Thumbelina 💕

Alice in wonderland

The Cheshire cat showed us the way 💜

It felt like the white rabbit was going to jump out on us, he was very tall!

Down the rabbit hole which I didn’t want to leave as it was so irresistible 😍

Alice and Absolem 🦋

This had to be my favourite set up as it felt so real! Alice in wonderland is just one of those stories that gets me every time and because it was so cold that night I was more than willing to be welcomed to tea! ☕ I was carrying a hot chocolate for half the night but spilled the majority of it whilst taking photos 🙈😂

I thought I’d gotten a clearer photo of this but my phone deleted quite a few that it didn’t think I’d notice 🙄

Nursery Rhymes

Little Bo-Peep 🐑

The owl and the pussycat 🦉🐱

Hey Diddle Diddle 🐮🌙

This marvelous display was on the roof at the entrance/way out of the zoo.

Book tree!! ✨ You know I want one 😂

Overall it was fantastic night and I came away with a magical mammoth magnet + some gifts for my sister as I knew how much she’d wanted to go 🎁 Who knows? We might be back next year! (Actually there’s no might to it! If I can make it happen, we’ll be there! 😜).

Thank you for reading (or more so staring at my photos! 😂). Which one caught your eye the most? Have you ever been to a lights show? Take care and have a lovely day! ❤️



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