Just to let WordPress bloggers know! 🚨 *Important*

Hi everyone! ❤️ This post is just a little announcement for WordPress bloggers that I hope informs those of you that aren’t already aware of a problem going around concerning the app! For some of us on here there is a glitch in the WordPress app since the last update that means that although in your overall settings you might allow comments, the posts that we upload via the app don’t have the comments bar anymore.

This was happening to me and I think it’s happening to some of the blogs I’m subscribed to as I can’t comment on their posts so I hope you read on!! If it wasn’t for my blogging friend Christina letting me know that she couldn’t comment the other day I would have been none the wiser, continued and never been able to interact with you guys again 😧 (well until it was fixed anyway, I’m being a tad dramatic there 😂). I hate to think of others missing out on the community here too so I thought the best possible thing to do would be to write this post.

To check if this glitch is happening with your app take a look at your most recent posts and see if the comment bar is there, if it isn’t then here is what you can do to make the option appear again (until WordPress fix the disconnect between the app and the overall settings as they are currently working on doing so 😄):

Sign into admin (to get to the non app site version of WordPress) and go into the individual posts in your published folder that aren’t allowing comments and into their settings. Underneath “more options” you will be able to tick the box that allows comments from there! Whilst your still signed in, you might as well switch the option on in each of your draft posts too (but I am pretty sure it switches itself back off after a while so you’re better off signing in and switching it on after you’ve published a post if you want the comment form to be there) and that should do the trick!

Thank you for reading! 😉 I hope this helps those of you who are experiencing this difficulty. Have a great day! ❤️

PS. Because of this glitch I didn’t get to hear of your thoughts on my how to remember + stick to a routine post so I’d absolutely love to hear from you over on that! 😊

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    1. I just added your name to the post! 😂❤️ Oh no that’s annoying to know that it’s still affecting different blogs 😤 definitely! Also thanks for recommending having an onion in my room to clear my sinuses, I slept very well last night because of it 🤣 apparently my room really stinks now but I can’t smell so it’s fine 😂

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  1. I was wondering what was going on! I had seen a couple blogs where I couldn’t comment. I actually typically post on my laptop and not in the app, but will usually read blog posts on my phone. This so much for sharing this! ❤

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    1. I’m glad this post let you know about it! 😊 Hopefully it gets fixed soon as I keep forgetting to switch comments on after I post 😂 Thank you so much for reading ❤️


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