October Favourite’s 2019

Hi everyone! I hope you’re well ❤️ In the month that leaves started falling from the trees and jumpers made their grand entrance your girl kept herself busy! (I’ve always wanted to say that and I don’t know why but it felt GOOD 😂). In the beginning I wasn’t happy with this because I had the flu but as soon as that was gone I got into the swing of things! (I’m hoping that I don’t catch it again as it seems to be going around the house once more 😷).

I got back into taking my driving lessons after going back to my old migraine medication (I couldn’t drive on the new ones and they weren’t working anyway 🤷) and they’re going well once I remember to take my jacket off as the rustle of the material is a HUGE distraction (when we pulled over to practice reversing around a corner I was like “hold on, I’ll just take my jacket off” and just like that things started to get better! 🤣). Anywho you’re not here to hear about that, you’re here for my monthly favourites and boy have I got a good bunch to write about this month! 😂 Let’s get to it!

Going pumpkin picking! 🎃

My sister and I traveled out to Ballycross Apple Farm with a friend and made a day of going pumpkin picking! There were hundreds to choose from, the fields were quite empty (well the part we went to was anyway but apparently there was another field that tractor rides were going out to) as loads had been picked for the indoor & outdoor stalls and it was fun deciding on which ones to buy as well as visiting all of the animals on the farm 🐰🐷🐴🐐🐑. There were lots of horses and donkeys, chickens, ducks, a rooster (which was very loud 😂), an emu (look at her sitting by the ducks above!), goats, sheep, rabbits and a big pig. They were all very friendly and loved being petted.

My sister got loads of pumpkins and apples as well as one of each bottle of drink available for us all to try at home (mainly because it was so muddy that the car probably wouldn’t handle a journey back 😂). I bought 3 little baby pumpkins (that I call pipsqueak pumpkins) and a bottle of elderflower juice which was lovely 😋 Don’t worry guys, no pumpkins are going to go to waste as we’re popping the insides in the freezer so that when my aunt visits later in the year and brings saltfish my dad can make some of that family dish I used to rant about (no offense but you guys are missing out…if you eat fish anyway! 😂).

Also, I had a friend over at the end of the month and we both carved two of them: In the photo above, mine is the one on the right and hers is the upside-down bat on the left 🦇

New toiletry bag

I needed a new toiletry bag to put everything that I use in the mornings in and I got this one by Jo & Jo Australia! My old one was a faded Minnie mouse bag (from being out in direct line of the sun…I don’t take care of my things very well 😂) so I’m happy with my new one and it seems to be waterproof which is brilliant as it sits by the bath.


My sister and I went back to that Lotus restaurant I wrote about last month HERE and I had Malaysian satay beef (it was as good as it sounds…if that’s your kind of thing as well 😂). In an effort to try every satay dish from my favourite places I later tried satay beef from my local Chinese too (it was a takeaway though so no fancy photo, I just wolfed it down 😂).

And last but by no means least (basically only going last because it happened at the end of October 😂) we went to Eddie Rockets (A 50s style diner) and I had a Reece’s peanut butter cup milkshake with a selection plate filled with onion rings, sweet potato fries and tater tots 😋 it was very busy in there so I didn’t feel comfortable taking a photo of it (especially with some rude people staring at us…they didn’t order anything so I’m guessing they just went in there to be nosy).

Winning a Stellar Magazine Instagram competition!

I collect Stellar magazine every month and after entering their Instagram competition and forgetting about it (as I didn’t think I’d win!) I opened up their next issue and found my photo in there!! I was a bit confused as there was a typo mistake so they had my name underneath someone else’s photo but I got in touch with them and claimed my prize.

Now you’re gonna laugh…back when I entered the competition I didn’t pay attention to what the prize would be (maybe I thought it was a foundation I could give to my sister 🤔) but the prize was…tanning lotion…I have a tanned shade of skin so it won’t show up on me and more to the point: I don’t wear makeup 🤷😂 I’ve given it to my mum who I think is saving it for next Summer (I hope so anyway as I don’t want it to go to waste seeing as it’s €24.99 to buy Bellamianta luxury tanning in Boots! 😂 Can you use tanning lotion as a foundation? Maybe my sister would want it, I’ll have to ask). Moral of the story: check what you’re going to win before you enter the competition! But I’m pleased anyway as it was a nice surprise 😄

My new ochre gloves 🍂

For someone who has Raynaud’s I’m not very good at taking care of myself seeing as I didn’t have any gloves before I got these 🙈😂 I don’t know what happened to the pair I wore earlier this year when it was FREEZING (I’m hoping it doesn’t get that cold again as much as I love this weather ❄️).

Everything from my pen haul! 🖊️

And I mean everything! (All 5 of them to be exact. Everything sounds like so much more 😂). You can read all about it here!

Hot drinks

The Belgian hot chocolate & Seville orange swirl stick from Dunne’s is to die for! I wasn’t expecting it to take over from the flavour of the soya milk I had it with but it well and truly did making for a relaxing mug of hot cocoa! 🤗😂 I also got Costa’s praline hot chocolate twice! It is too good although I’ll admit the last dregs of it aren’t nice as they’re the gribbly bits of the praline that is on top in the beginning (the cookie in the background of the photo didn’t make it into my favourites as I didn’t think it tasted of anything…maybe because I had the flu 😂).

Morning sunshine + Mr Melter bath bombs!

I used both of these bath bombs on separate occasions (you ain’t gonna catch me wasting them in one go 😂) and they were both wonderful! I preferred the Morning Sunshine bomb as it turned the bath water yellow and Mr Melter didn’t change the colour but left a nice subtle scent in the air 🌸

Sweaters! (As the weather is perfect for them 😆❄️).

The top sweater is Stradivarius and on the back of it there is the front design mirrored within a cube and the second sweater says “be kind to yourself” and was from New Look. I’ve already worn the New Look one and it was super comfortable! I’m saving the first one for the day that I run out of ironed clothes (which will be very soon as I last ironed a LONG time ago 😂).

Green smoothie from The Bagel Bar

I wanted to get a smoothie that might possibly help conquer my flu at the beginning of the month and so I chanced going to The Bagel Bar and they had one! (I actually went back for it a second time too but it wasn’t blended as nicely). It had spinach, avocado, banana and apple juice and that first time drinking it was love at first sip 😂

New look striped leggings

These take high-waisted to whole other dimension! 😂 I’ve wanted a pair of leggings with a mustard stripe down the side for ages and I found them! 😵 They didn’t have them in the adult sizes so I checked the teen section and they fit!! 😲 THIS OPENS UP A WHOLE NEW RANGE OF POSSIBILITIES. How did I only just figure out I fit into the teen section (perhaps even a comfier fit than my normal clothes too 😂). For some reason I think this would only work with New Look or clothes ordered from stores online though as I can’t for the life of me think of any other places close by that have a teen clothing part. Regardless I am pleased with this discovery, youngens get all the good stuff (well I’m young but you know what I mean, I hope so anyway 😂). All of the teen t-shirts in new look seem to be cropped though so I’m not bothered about them, only the trousers and I’m a hella happy with these 😍

Popsalot Brazilian cashew caramel corn 🍿

Before I started having trouble with my jaw at the end of the month I was able to eat this popcorn on a movie night and it was delicious! The cashew added a unique twist to the caramel and I’m glad I decided to buy them now (as I was slightly dubious about my decision but was proved wrong in the long run!).

Glenart Outdoors Paranoia haunted experience! 👹🤡

This was my first experience and I loved every second of it!! I went with my mum and my sister and I found it jumpy at some parts but not at all scary (maybe because I was on my period so I’d witnessed scarier things 🙄😂). The theme was Asylum, you could hear people screaming their heads off in the distance as they got frightened and my sister kept asking me why I wasn’t scared (and come to think of it I overheard her call me crazy at one point 😂). She was their main target as her screams were so loud and you should have seen her face when one of the zombies cottoned on to the fact that her name is Kate, he kept calling for her (she wondered how he knew and it was because mum had been saying “calm down Kate” 😂).

I can’t handle scary movies but I enjoyed the adrenaline rush of this because deep down I knew it wasn’t real (with movies I can’t be convinced of that 😬) and my sister found the experience VERY scary but can deal with horror movies (we had a very in depth conversation about this 😂).

There were times when we didn’t think we could go on like after running from a man with a chainsaw through a forest, we should have just walked fast because it hurt our mum (who has had a kidney transplant) but we stopped to get our breath and made sure she was okay to continue. She was in front, I was in the middle and my sister was at the back so I was being pulled (and my sore arms let me know about it for days on end after 😂) and and when we came to a time when you had to crawl my sister and I had to go it alone (ME IN FRONT! 😲) and it was so much fun going through the tunnel into the rest of the haunted buildings. A good few times they tried to take my beanie hat and I was having none of it (it may only be a hat from Penney’s but their beanie prices have risen so I got mine whilst it was still good and I’ll be damned if I have to pay extortionate prices for a new one! 😂).

Aside from people in costumes jumping out, the few that I can put a name to were Slendrina themed possessed girls (one of which helped my sister when she didn’t know if she could go on) and Pennywise. The only criticism I’d have was at the end there were chains that you had to walk through to get out and you didn’t know it until they touched you but they sent little electric bolts that felt like pops through you, HOW THE HELL IS THAT SAFE? 😨 I know it wasn’t THAT dangerous but there should still have been a warning like there was for everything else 😂

I’d love to do it again, minus the stretching of my arms + electric popping of course 😂 so it’s going on my bucket list for next year at the same place and I can’t wait to find out what the theme will be then! I can’t believe I enjoyed going through a haunted forest + asylum but I suppose it proves it’s never too late to learn something new about yourself! 😂

Thank you for reading! 😉 What were your monthly favourites? Let me know in the comments below and have a lovely day ❤️ ps. It’s my 21st birthday tomorrow and I’m so excited 😆🎂 I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes! 🎉



  1. Sounds like you had an amazing month! ❤️ I’m sorry you had the flu. I hope you are doing better now too. That haunted experience sounds so scary. I don’t think I could do that being sensitive and suffering from anxiety. I also don’t like scary movies. Give me a fairy tale and Disney world 😍🧚‍♀️ You also ate a lot of delicious food!!! Hot chocolate looks so good 😋 I want that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can feel myself getting better now and it’s a great relief as it felt neverending 😂 I found it more fun than scary but can understand why my sister was so scared by it as they were quite horrible in targeting her but I suppose that means we got our money’s worth out of them 😂 YES Disney movies are lovely! I can’t wait till my taste buds kick in again and I can indulge in more hot chocolate!! ☕ Thank you for reading 😊❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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