*ahem* PEN HAUL!! 😍

Hi everyone! ❤️ How are you on this fine day? 😂 This time last week I only had one dying pen to my name so I decided to finally cross the most important thing on my shopping list off and go to The Works especially for them! (Of course I came away with a few other things whilst in there but that’s besides the point, this is a pen haul 😏😂).

In the end I got 5 pens which might not sound like a lot but they were quite pricey individually (they were worth it though as they were a lot prettier than the ones that came in packs and good looking pens are worth it as you just know they’re going to give you inspiration! ✨😂). Since buying these guys I’M FULL OF IT (and not in an egotistical way, we’re still talking about inspiration here 👍😂). Here they are in all of their glory:

This was the first pen I picked up and what drew me to it (pun intended) was that the pattern looked like lightening so I thought it would spark some inspiration! ⚡ I’m on a roll today with da puns 😂 This was a Scribblicious brand pen (which I’ve never heard of before but thought I’d write that here in case anyone else wants to get it 🤷).

After looking at some rose gold mermaid pens which would have been quite painful to write with as they were an odd shape (and that was not the kind of writing experience I’m going for) I came across this fellow Scribblicious panda pen! 🐼 It was in a box with a pug pen, a llama pen and a pig pen but I liked the panda the most so I got it! I didn’t even realize it’s both a black pen and a red in it so that’s an unexpected two for the price of one aswell 😄😂

In the tray next to that was a cheetah pen and I thought it would bring out a bit of sassiness in my writing (is it that or sassyness? Even though I can’t spell it I still believe it can do it 😂).

Next I came across this wonderful specimen of a pen which was also Scribblicious 😍 I think it’s my favourite one out of the lot as it’s just magical. My one incorporates blue splatters of paint but there was also green and pink available there (they were a little bit scratched though and won’t worth…wait for it…€4.50 😳 I know I know that’s not a good price for a singular pen but I LOVE it and it would have been wrong to leave it behind (I’d say even if I had left it behind it would still be there at that price 🙈😂). I think it costed that bit more as it writes much clearer than the others!

Last but by no means least is this sloth print pen 😯 It’s sooo cute! I’d say out of them all the ink doesn’t come out as well as it could with this one (but they all work thank goodness as I didn’t think to test them in the shop 😂).

And that’s that! 💃 Thank you for reading! 😄 It wasn’t the hugest of hauls but I got what I wanted and am very pleased with it all. Have you got a favourite pen that you swear by and don’t like sharing with others? I’m awfully protective of my pens 😂 Take care and have a lovely day! ❤️



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